How Much Should a Wedding Band Ring Cost?

How Much Should a Wedding Band Ring Cost?

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Weddings can be expensive. A lot of people take out loans for their weddings to pay for the rentals and locations, having to budget everything in. But one unexpectedly expensive item that can cause a hitch in your budget is the wedding bands for the bride and groom. Exactly how expensive are these rings? And what can make them vary in price?

Wedding bands can be very expensive, with the national average being around $4000 dollars for a matching bridal pair. Individual styles can be cheaper, but may still average at about $1500 for the bride's ring and $600 for the groom's wedding band. These prices all depend on the type of material used in making the rings, if there are any embellishments or add ons of any kind on the ring and if you choose to get them engraved.

What kind of add-ons can you possibly do with your rings, and what can you have them made from? How do the materials affect how much you'll pay for your wedding bands? It can be a stressful job looking into this but keep reading as we have done it for you.

Why are Wedding Rings so Expensive?

Weddings, in general, are a pretty substantial investment, with many people taking out loans to be able to afford their perfect weddings. This requires a lot of budgeting and planning, as well as for deciding between your needs and wants. One of the biggest decisions is choosing wedding bands. They will be with you for the rest of your married life and will be a firm everyday reminder of your commitment and your very special day. This is reflected in your wedding band choice.

Your average pair of bride and groom wedding bands can ring in anywhere around $4000 dollars altogether. You do have the choice to buy them individually, and then it may be a lot cheaper, especially with some of the new, unique options to choose from, like rubber rings and wooden rings.

There are many different varying price ranges you could choose from for materials, from platinum, which is the most expensive and pristine material you could use to get your ring made from, to tungsten or Zirconium, which are much more resilient and inexpensive but aren't as pretty as some of the other options.

If you want a little more than a plain band, you may consider maybe some gem embellishments or engravings. There's a whole world of things you can do with your rings, making them as unique as you and your partner are. The possibilities are endless if you have the budget, and you deserve to have the wedding you want, down to the little details.

What Are Wedding Bands Made of?

Wedding bands come in many different materials to choose from, from metals to wood.


According to Wedding Rings Direct, platinum is the most popular choice for wedding bands currently, due to its's color, sheen, rarity and the fact that it is a hypoallergenic metal. Other metals you can choose from are Palladium, known for being a cheaper alternative to platinum, white,  yellow, and rose gold, silver, titanium, zirconium, tungsten, and steel.

Rubber Rings

There are, however some more unique options on the market now as well, such as rubber rings, which are commonly used by members of the military or people who work in heavy labor jobs. These rings are safer in situations where the rings could get caught on an obstacle and case a finger injury.


Wooden rings, usually made of teakwood or a similarly strong wood to have a rustic yet, chic look. These options tend to be much less expensive, and despite mainly being marketed to the groom, there are some beautiful versions for the unique bride-to-be as well.

Wedding Band Add-Ons

Wedding bands are usually simple and not quite as extravagant as engagement rings are, however, there are many different things you could do to set your wedding ring apart from the crowd. You could get a matching ring to your engagement ring, maybe something that your engagement ring sits down inside. You can have diamonds or other gems embedded in your ring, both on the inside and outside.

Matching Sets

Matching wedding bands and engagement rings are incredibly gorgeous, but they can be a bit expensive and difficult to find depending on how long it's been since the engagement ring was purchased. Matching engagement and wedding band sets can average at about $1500 for the set. Getting gems embedded in your wedding band can greatly vary price-wise depending on the type of gem and the cut and style.

Unique Add-Ons

Maybe you're looking for something a little more endearing and unique? You could always get each other's fingerprints engraved in your rings, or have a small saying written into the inside of the band for your significant other to see when they take off the ring. You may even consider getting your rings handcrafted, so they would have some beautiful imperfections that make your rings 100% unique to you and your partner and that also symbolizes the uniqueness of your shared love.

Depending on if you get your rings machine engraved or hand-engraved, it could be a small investment, or it could be a bit more expensive. Machine engraving can cost anywhere from $25-$30 per ring, whereas hand engraving is a bit pricier, ranging in at about $75-$100 on average per ring.

Your Wedding is an Important Day

Weddings may be a pretty stressful event to plan, seeing as it is a very important day- some would say the most important day of your life. You have so many things to plan, the location, the ceremony and how it will be done, who to invite and who to pretend you messed up the addresses to. One of those decisions, and it may be one of the longest-lasting ones, is the wedding bands. There are so many details to think about while deciding on your rings, but hopefully, we were able to make your life a lot easier by breaking down some of your options so you don't have to. May you find the perfect wedding ring pair to last your marriage a lifetime!

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