What Color Lipstick to Wear With a Black Dress

Black dresses have become a staple in closets all over the world due to their versatility and practicality. These stunning pieces come in all shapes and sizes and can make anyone look classy. One way to support a little black dress is to pair it with the perfect lipstick. With a black dress, your lipstick choice can change the feel of your outfit. We've checked with style experts and have compiled this handy guide so that you can decide which lipstick color looks best.

Almost any color of lipstick can be paired with a black dress, depending on what type of look you're going for. If you want a classy, elegant appearance, go with the following colors:

  • Ruby red
  • Light pink
  • Plum
  • Nude

Or, if you want something playful and fun, use the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Fuchsia

Your black dress makes you look excellent, so we're here to help you make it even better with your lipstick color. Please keep reading for a discussion on whether or not your lipstick should match your dress, how to pick out a lipstick color, and examples of the best colors to match with your dress. Here we go!

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Best Lipstick Colors With A Black Dress

Ruby Red

Perhaps the most popular color of lipstick, red is a classy look with a black dress. It's understated, doesn't clash with the dress, and can complement a variety of accessories. Pair it with a gold handbag and black shoes for a romantic look. Or, match it with ruby shoes to make the colors pop.

Ruby red is a good halfway point between classy and fun. It can go well with an intricately designed dress, or with a simple, casual outfit. A glossy lipstick like this one provides some flash and glam to your look.

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Or, use a matte red finish for an authentic, long-lasting look.

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Light Pink

Pink can be either vibrant or subtle. If you're attempting a classy look, a subtle pink is best. Similar to red, pink is fun without being crazy. Use it with a smokey eye makeup look to direct attention elsewhere. Or, make it the main attraction with a subtle dress. This color's flexibility is a major benefit.

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Plum, generally used to describe a dark purple, is a classy option for lipstick. It conveys a sense of mystery and darkness that can be very attractive. Pairing plum with a black dress can give your look a spark of color without drawing attention to yourself. It is also a common shoe color, so it's simple to combine with accessories.

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This lipstick below has silver included with the plum for some extra shimmer.

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If you're wearing an elegant black dress or have a bold piece of jewelry, you might want to tone down your makeup. A nude color is perfect for this. It can tighten up your lips without distracting from your statement piece. Another benefit of this understated tone is that it can complement almost any accessory colors.

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Blue, though sometimes paired with an elegant outfit, most commonly fits as a bright contrast to a black dress. If you're going out with friends, sometimes a bright blue lipstick can help liven up the outfit. As always, make sure your lipstick doesn't detract from the rest of the outfit.

Below are two different tones of blue. Both are fun and can be added to similar colors of nail polish or jewelry.

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Fuchsia is a bright pink color that will pop against your black dress. If you're looking for a vibrant tone that draws the eye, fuchsia might be perfect. Pair it with a brightly-colored set of nails and a handbag to complete a fun look.

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Should your lipstick match your dress?

When trying to match lipstick to your dress color, you basically have two options: match it almost exactly or contrast it in style. Both of these are legitimate options that we'll discuss below. As always, make sure your makeup --including your lipstick -- flows well with the rest of your outfit and look.

How do you match lipstick color to a dress color?

The first option is to match the lipstick as closely to the dress as possible. This is a fantastic option for simple, solid-print dresses since it won't clash with patterns. Red and pink tones are the simplest to match, which is critical because if you opt for the matching method, it should match almost exactly. Otherwise, you're in danger of clashing if the tones are slightly off.

Remember that if you're going to wear a lipstick color that matches your dress, the rest of the makeup should balance it out. If the dress is bold and, thus, the lipstick is bold, tone down the rest of your look.

How do you contrast lipstick color with a dress color?

The other option is to contrast the style of the lipstick with your dress. Whether your dress is bold and colorful or subtle and soft, pick out a lipstick that looks the opposite. For instance, a simple dress with a soft tone can be paired with a bold lipstick color like the ones below. Make sure the lipstick doesn't clash with the dress but rather contrasts with it completely.

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Alternatively, some dresses are boldly colored and deserve attention. Those with colorful patterns will attract enough attention, and sometimes it's best to let the dress do the talking. Balance your lipstick with the dress. A simple nude gloss will help your appearance look complete without overwhelming the dress.

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What makeup should you wear with a black dress?

Black dresses of a variety of styles have been popular for decades. One reason is its flexibility: black can be paired with a vast number of makeup styles, jewelry pieces, and shoe styles. So, just like lipstick, the makeup you choose to wear with your black dress is up to you and depends on what type of look you're aiming to create.

Keep in mind that your makeup should cooperate with itself. If you're going to wear bold eye makeup, for instance, keep your lips subtle. The idea is to balance things out across your face. Too much dramatic makeup can be overwhelming and busy.

A fancy black dress deserves a classy makeup look. If the dress is elegant enough, you really don't need much makeup to complete the look. Keep things simple: black eyeliner or mascara, nude lip gloss, and subtle blush. This is also true if you're wearing bold jewelry. Don't let your makeup fight for attention with a sparkling necklace or earrings.

If your dress is casual, that's a great opportunity to show off some playful makeup. Try some bright, colorful eye shadow like a light blue or violet. Or, apply some dramatic blush for a cute look.

A classic look to complement your black dress is the smoky eye. The smoky eye is a makeup style that includes colors on the scale from gray to black, which fits perfectly with the dress color.

In Closing

A cute black dress deserves the perfect lipstick color. Are you going for a classy look? Then pair your dress with ruby red, light pink, plum, or nude lipstick. Or, if you want a fun, exciting, vibrant look, use blue or fuchsia lipstick.

When picking out lipstick for an outfit, make sure to either match the color to the outfit almost exactly or to contrast it in tone. Your goal should be a balanced look, including your makeup. Use that rule of thumb to determine how dramatically to apply makeup. Whatever you choose, make sure it makes you feel good about yourself. Good luck!

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