What Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Pants [7 Suggestions]

Some days it's hard to pick out an outfit, and you'd like a list to tell you which shoes you should wear with your straight-leg pants? Well, no worries, we've put one together for you here! We've researched the best pairings of shoes and straight-legged pants and have examples to show you.

The best shoes to wear with straight-leg pants are:

  1. Pumps
  2. Canvas Sneakers
  3. Oxfords
  4. Ballet Flats
  5. Mules
  6. Ankle Boots
  7. Kitten Heels

Let's take a look at the examples we've found and talk about why they work with straight-leg pants. We'll also answer a question about straight-leg jeans, where this cut should fall on your legs, and whether or not pants should be on the inside or outside of boots.

An elegant woman wearing high heels, What Shoes to Wear With Straight Leg Pants [7 Suggestions]

Best Types Of Shoes To Go With Straight-Leg Pants

These seven styles of shoes are perfectly suited to wear with straight-leg pants. Let's look at each style and see why.


Elegant woman wearing pumps holding shopping bags and walking at shopping mall

Straight-leg pants are typically the kind of pants we wear to work or pair with a suit jacket. So it makes sense that we would choose to wear a classic pump with them. The straight line of the pants is crisp against the elegant silhouette of a beautiful high-heeled shoe.

We love this classic pump from Calvin Klein. Its sleek silhouette and elegant heel will really show off the long leg of a straight leg pant. Available in many other colors in addition to this nude tone. Click here for this on Amazon.

Canvas Sneakers

Girl teenager legs wearing sneakers sitting talking together

If you want a more casual look with your straight-leg pants, why not consider a casual canvas sneaker? Whether you love Vans, Converse, Toms, or some other brand, there are tons of super cute and super stylish canvas sneakers on the market. They even come in varying heel heights, so consider a stacked sneaker if you like a bit of height. It's a classic look you can't go wrong with.

This blush pink stacked sole sneaker from Converse is perfect to pair with your straight-leg jeans or slacks. Click here for this on Amazon.


Close-up shot of a modern, elegant pair of men's leather shoes

The opposite of the pump as a business shoe is the oxford flat. It's every bit as elegant and classy as a pump but features a flat heel and a more masculine look. With its slightly pointed toe and closed box, this shoe works perfectly with straight-leg pants. You can choose a slip-on or a tie variety both will work.

This tie closure Hush Puppy oxford features tasseled shoelaces and feminine perforations in the toe box. Also available in black and denim blue. Click here for this on Amazon.

Ballet Flats

Close up of the feet of a teenaged girl wearing flat shoes with a buckle against brick paving stones

Ballet flats are a feminine flat that works well with straight-leg pants and jeans. These diminutive and beautiful shoes came from the tradition of dance but have been adapted for everyday style. They are another great addition for the workday pairing with straight-leg pants or running around town in straight-leg jeans.

These Vionic ballet flats, shown here in snakeskin, come in a huge number of colors. You can have a pair for every pair of pants you own. Click here for this on Amazon.


Young stylish woman wearing denim jeans and floral mules with a bow detail in front

Mules are a great cross between a boot, a sandal, a pump, and an oxford. They have closed toes but an open heel. Your foot simply slides into them. They can have varying heel heights, but we tend to like a lower heel height of around an inch to two inches to pair with straight-leg pants.

Here's a great mule from Calvin Klein that has the styling to see both the boot and pump influence. It's a sexy summer look to pair with straight-leg slacks and jeans. Click here for this on Amazon.

Ankle Boots

Female wearing ankle boots standing next to the forest mushrooms

Ankle boots are great to wear with straight-leg pants because you don't need to worry about whether or not you should tuck in or not tuck in your pants, as the boots stop at the ankle. They're perfect for winter when you want a bit more coverage but still maybe want some heel to elongate your leg in your straight-leg pants or jeans.

We like this elegant Cole Hahn stretch ankle boot. It fits slim on your ankle so that your straight leg jeans won't bunch or gather when they hit the boot. Click here for this style on Amazon.

Kitten Heels

Woman's feet in black stockings and kitten heels on wooden floor

Kitten heels are a cross between a flat and a true pump. They are ultra-feminine and feature the tiniest of lift in their 1" or so heel. They come in pump and mule varieties and work great with straight-leg jeans. If you want a proper exclamation point at your feet, then choose a kitten heel to pair with straight-leg pants.

Here's a lovely black patent kitten heel with a slingback style from Sam Edelman. Available in a wide range of additional colors, this is a really cute shoe. Click here for this on Amazon.

What's The Difference Between Straight Leg And Bootcut Jeans?

This is a difference in the cut and tape of the legs. Straight leg jeans stay the same silhouette from where they drop from the hip, all the way down to the ankle. Bootcut jeans flare when they hit the knee and become wider as they go down. The reason for this is in the name. Bootcut jeans are made to fit easily over a pair of western boots. They are not as flared as a true bell bottom or flared jeans, though.

Where Should Straight Leg Jeans Hit On The Legs?

Straight leg jeans are not as fitted as a skinny jean and don't hug your legs. You'll feel them against your skin, but they won't be tight. As for length, a true straight leg jean will stop below the ankle but just above the start of the foot. They are longer than Capri or skinny pants but don't cuff like boyfriend jeans.

Do Jeans Go Inside Or Outside Boots?

Legs in denim pants and leather boot on staircase

This really depends on the jean or the type of boot and your gender expression. If you're wearing men's jeans and presenting a masculine look, wear your jeans outside of your boots. No self-respecting cowboy ever tucks his jeans into his western boots.

Fashion model wearing jeans and brown boots with zipper

For feminine jeans and boots, there are fewer rules. Skinny jeans would be impossible to wear outside of your boots. There's just not enough fabric to slip over them. With straight leg jeans, you can go either way depending upon the look. Maybe you want to show off a gorgeous pair of tall boots (see our post here: "25 Types of Boots for Women [A Fashion Guide]"). If that's the case, tuck in your jeans. But you can just as easily let the jean fall outside of the boot.

The Right Shoe For Your Straight-Leg Pants

You may already have the right shoe in your closet. But maybe you've got new ideas after seeing our examples. We don't mind enabling you on a shopping trip, because like you, we love shoes and think it's awesome to have style choices when you're putting together your fit for the day.

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