Which Hand Do You Wear A Birthstone Ring On?

A birthstone ring is a beautiful and personal piece of jewelry. If you have recently acquired a birthstone ring, you may wonder which hand and which finger you should wear it on. Don't worry - we have done the research and put together lots of helpful information about wearing birthstone rings and more!

A birthstone ring is most commonly worn on the right hand. However, astrologists recommend that men wear it on the right hand and women on the left. The hand and finger you wear a birthstone ring on can vary based on the gemstone's astrological meaning and energy. Of course, it is also important to consider your personal preference and style!

Does this sound complicated? Never fear; we will spell it all out for you in this post. Read on to learn about how to wear a birthstone ring, the meaning of different gemstones, and the fingers you wear them on. We'll share helpful tips to help you express your authentic self and attract positive energy into your life.

Different colored birthstone rings on a dark gray background, Which Hand Do You Wear A Birthstone Ring On?

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How To Wear A Birthstone Ring

Birthstone rings are often worn on the right hand. This makes them different from engagement and wedding bands, which are worn on the left hand. Of course, you can wear your ring on whichever finger feels and looks best to you.

Astrologists believe natural gemstones carry energies that transfer to the person who wears them. Wearing a birthstone ring on a certain hand or finger can manipulate the energies of the gemstone. Gemstones can enhance certain qualities in the wearer or attract things from the outer world to the wearer.

Each month corresponds to a birthstone gem:

January: Garnet February: Amethyst March: Aquamarine April: Diamond May: Emerald June: Pearl or Alexandrite July: Ruby August: Peridot September: Sapphire October: Tourmaline or Opal November: Topaz or Citrine December: Tanzanite, Zircon, or Turquoise

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Significance Of Right Hand Vs. Left Hand

In astrology, the right hand is related to the conscious mind. It also has yang (masculine) energy, which is active and giving. Wearing a gemstone ring on your right hand will send the stone's energies out into the world.

The left hand relates to the subconscious mind, including suppressed desires and instincts. It also has yin (feminine) energy, which is passive and receptive. Wearing a gemstone ring on your left hand will apply the stone's energies to your subconscious mind.

Men can wear gemstone rings on the right (or dominant) hand to enhance their masculine energy. Similarly, women can wear gemstone rings on the left hand to enhance their feminine energy. You can also use gemstone rings to play with energies. For example, a woman might wear a gemstone ring on her right hand when doing something traditionally masculine, such as asking for a raise.

Significance Of Each Finger

According to astrologists, the five fingers represent the five basic elements of nature. Each of these elements relates to different areas of life. When you wear a birthstone ring (or any gemstone ring), its energy will focus on the area of your life associated with the finger it is on.

Index Finger (Air)

The index finger relates to Air, which is associated with the ego, ambition, and power. The planet Jupiter also relates to the index finger, and it symbolizes leadership, wisdom, confidence, and spirituality. Wearing a ring on this finger may advance your career and attract success, good fortune, and growth opportunities.

Yellow sapphire and red coral particularly suit the index finger:

A golden ring with a yellow sapphire ruby

A vintage styled ring

Middle Finger (Ether)

The middle finger relates to Ether, which is associated with our personal sense of responsibility. The planet Saturn also relates to the middle finger, and it symbolizes law, justice, propriety, and introspection. Wearing a ring on this finger may enhance your sense of responsibility and discipline and become more attuned to your inner self.

Blue sapphire particularly suits the middle finger:

A gorgeous expensive blue sapphire ring

Ring Finger (Earth)

The ring finger relates to Earth, which is associated with creativity, art, emotions, love, and beauty. (The love association explains why wedding and engagement bands are worn on the ring finger!) The Sun also relates to the ring finger, and it symbolizes active energy, leadership, and intelligence. Wearing a ring on this finger may enhance creativity and strengthen pledges.

Ruby and diamond particularly suit the ring finger:

A luxurious ruby ring

Little Finger (Water)

The little finger relates to Water, which is associated with social life and the external world. The planet Mercury also relates to the little finger, and it symbolizes power, communication, and professionalism. Wearing a ring on this finger may attract new ideas and improve your communication with the external world.

Emerald and pearl particularly suit the little finger:

An emerald pear shaped ring encrusted with diamonds on the sides


A gorgeous and expensive silver ring with pearl

Thumb (Fire)

The thumb relates to Fire, which is associated with an individual's will. Venus and Mars also relate to the thumb, and they symbolize self-esteem and personality. The thumb represents a person's entire personality, so wearing a ring on your thumb makes a strong statement about your identity and self-esteem.

Garnet and ruby particularly suit the thumb:

A square ruby with a gold plated ring

A gorgeous ruby ring encrusted with diamonds on the side

Is It Bad Luck To Wear Other Birthstones?

It is a myth that wearing a birthstone other than your own is bad luck. This myth is most often told about opals, the October birthstone. In 19th century Australia, the growing opal business posed a threat to the diamond industry. Diamond merchants started spreading a story that it was unlucky for people not born in October to wear opals, and the myth grew from there.

Don't worry about attracting bad luck because of the gems you wear! Wear the gems that suit you best and those that carry the energy you want to bring into your life. You can also simply wear the gems that best match your outfit.

How Do You Wear Multiple Rings?

True gem lovers may want to wear more than one ring at a time. We recommend that you consult an astrologist about combining the energetic impact of multiple gems.

As for style, consider your aesthetic first. Are you a minimalist? If so, consider wearing a small number of rings that are similar to one another. For example, the gemstones might all be the same color, or they may all be the same color and type of metal. However, if you are a maximalist, have fun playing around with different colors, metals, gem cuts, or ring textures.

Also, consider the rest of your outfit, including other jewelry and accessories. Do all of the pieces tell a unified story that reflects your own personal style? If you are new to combining rings, start out by finding a common thread to unify the look. For example, you can pair a ring with others of the same color or made of the same metal.

There is no wrong way to wear rings, so feel free to do so according to your needs and preferences. Here are some ideas for how to wear multiple rings:

A woman showing different jewelries on her fingers

A woman showing different rings on her hand

What Finger Are You Supposed To Wear A Mother's Ring On?

A mother's ring is a gift given to a mother by her children as a message of love and appreciation. Mother's rings are usually worn on the right-hand ring finger. You wear a wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger to symbolize the bond of marital love. Similarly, a mother's ring symbolizes the bond of maternal love.

However, you can wear this ring on any finger you choose. Mother's rings have only been around since 1959, so the rules are not strongly established.

A mother's ring usually has each of her children's birthstones embedded in the band. It may also include the mother's birthstone. These rings often have an engraving on the outer or inner band. The engraving may feature the children's names, the children's dates of birth, or a message such as "Thank you" or "I love you."

This ring includes spaces for three names and an engraving on the inner band. Click here to see it on Amazon.

Gemstone Energies Are Yours to Play With!

Birthstone rings express your personal style any way you wear them. We've discussed the astrological significance of the gems, hands, and fingers. This can help you use gems to attract the things you want into your life and enhance your best qualities. But remember that rings are also decorative and fun! Wear your rings in a way that makes you feel beautiful and confident, and that beauty and confidence will shine through.

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