Women’s Shirt: Tucked Or Untucked?

Young woman wearing jeans and black tshirt, Women's Shirt: Tucked Or Untucked?Each woman has her own unique style. A woman can choose to be in fashion, wearing the latest trend or making her own statement. She can also choose to wear what’s comfortable or what suits her body shape best. There aren't any real rules to follow these days. But when it comes to shirts, there are some guidelines. Should women’s shirts be tucked or untucked?

Women’s shirts can be worn tucked or untucked. Deciding which way to go depends on the style of the shirt. There are some shirts that are designed to be untucked and others that can go either way. Whether to tuck or not also depends on the rest of your outfit.

To tuck or not to tuck is a fashion dilemma. Keep reading as we guide you through this puzzle with tips and advice.

Types Of Shirt Tucks

Tucking in your shirt sounds easy enough. But there are three basic ways to tuck: 1) full tuck, 2) front tuck, and 3) side tuck.

The Full Tuck

Young woman standing with hands in pockets wearing plain white tshirt

Tucking your shirt in completely is a tailored look. Gather the material and tuck all around your waist into your skirt or pants. The full tuck is the most professional look. Your outfit will look neat and intentionally pulled together.

High-waisted pants or skirts highlight your curves. This style calls for a full tuck. Low-waisted pants or skirts shouldn’t be worn with a fully tucked in shirt. Make sure the material of your top isn’t too bulky. You are trying to create a polished look with the full tuck.

Another style tip is to consider for tucking in is the cut of your pants. If your bottoms flare, have a bootcut or are a relaxed fit, you should tuck in your shirt.

The Front Tuck or Half tuck

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Take about three inches of fabric from the middle front bottom of your shirt and tuck it into your pants or skirt. The front tuck is less formal than the full tuck so make sure it’s a little loose. Bonus style trick: your waist is defined. The front tuck helps to elongate your legs and frame by drawing eyes to your waist.

Front tucked shirts are popular with jeans but work well with pants or a skirt as well. The slimness of your skinny jeans or leggings will be balanced by a half-tucked shirt. Make sure your shirt isn’t too long or too bulky to tuck. You are trying to create a sleek look that shows off your waist.

One Side or Side-Tuck

This type of tuck is like the front or half tuck shirt. The difference is that you take fabric from either side of your shirt rather than the front. Once you’ve gathered the material tuck the front panel of your shirt from either side into your pants, skirt or shorts just above your hipbone. Make sure the back panel hangs loose. You want your shirt to purposely look a bit messy.

This look is ideal for a blouse with ruffles or a button-down shirt. Pair slimmer fitting bottoms to finish your ensemble.

Should You Tuck Your Shirt Into Your Skirt?

Tucking your shirt into your skirt will create a very polished and elegant look. But, it’s not a rule. You don’t have to tuck your top in.

Here are two examples of tucking into skirts:

Pencil: This sleek, form-fitting skirt is ideally matched with a tucked-in top. Your silhouette will look longer.

Maxi: These long and looser fitting skirts need a bit of structure to pull your look together. Unless you are wearing a shirt that isn’t meant to be tucked, it’s best to use a full, side or half-tuck with a maxi.

Should You Tuck In Your Shirt With Jeans?

Attractive young woman wearing yellow shirt and jeans

The answer to this question is yes and no. The real question is: when should you tuck your shirt into your jeans?

As follows are some styles of jeans and when to tuck or not:


These jeans are slim and hug your body. They need balance and a flowy tucked shirt is a perfect match.

Our advice: Tuck.


Falling just below or well below your belly button this style accentuates your hips. A tuck will throw off your look. And, depending upon the style of your top, it might not stay tucked.

Our advice: Don’t tuck.


Hitting your natural waistline, these jeans are versatile. A variety of tops can be worn. Whether you pair your jeans with a simple t-shirt or a form-fitting tank or button-down shirt you can tuck. Not only can you tuck but you can full tuck, front tuck or side tuck.

Our advice: Either. You decide.


Finally, back in style, high rise jeans hit around the belly button or higher on your waist. These jeans are ideal for crop tops but work with so many other styles as well. Like the mid-rise jeans, these jeans can be worn with shirts that tuck or don’t tuck.

Our advice: Either. You decide.

Relaxed or Boyfriend

Generally, these jeans are a baggy fit. A front or side tucked shirt is a stylish way to pull your ensemble together. A looser fitting or oversized untucked shirt can come across as sloppy. A simple side or front tuck will show that you have a waist without sacrificing a comfy look.

Our advice: Tuck.

Boot cut

Flaring out slightly from your knees to your ankles, these jeans are designed for boots of course. This style of jeans can pair with tucked and untucked shirts. They’re a great complement to a layered look. Tuck a cami into your jeans and layer with a blazer. Or leave that tank top untucked and add a cropped jacket.

Our advice: Either. You decide.

Wide Leg or Flared

This style is like the old school bell bottoms. The pant legs flare out from the knee on down to your feet. Like with skinny jeans, wide legs need balance. A baggy untucked shirt is a messy look. Unless your top has a band at the bottom or long side slits, it’s best to tuck.

Our advice: Tuck.

Is An Untucked Shirt Unprofessional?

Girl wearing plain white t-shirt and jeans

Pulling off an untucked shirt in a professional or business casual environment is possible. There are a few tricks to follow to make sure you don’t look disheveled.

The Tails

Make sure the shirttails aren’t too long. Tails shouldn’t hang on your frame. A moderate length of the tail that hits just above your bottom is appropriate to leave untucked.

Layer it

Wear a cute t-shirt or cami as a base layer under a button-down shirt. The shirt on top will perform like a blazer or sweater creating a neat and coordinated look.

Belt it

Adding an accessory like a belt to your untucked shirt is not only chic but professional. A bonus style trick: belts create an hourglass shape for your figure.

How Do You Tuck In A Shirt Without Bunching It?

Your goal to get that shirt tucked without bunching starts with a full tuck. Put your shirt on first. With your bottoms unzipped or unbuttoned, begin tucking your top in from the front. Work your way around your waist while pushing the material as far down as it will go. Smooth out any bumps or lumps until you have tucked in evenly all-around your middle. Feel free to push the shirt panels into your undergarments for a more secure tuck. Then, zip, button or buckle your bottoms.

Be mindful of the fabric your shirt was designed with. Too much material from a loose-fitting top or from a bulky knit sweater just might not be meant for a tuck.

Leave Your Shirt Untucked

Some shirts are not designed to be tucked in. These include shirts that have a hem or band at the bottom. As well as shirts with side slits or long tails.

Here is a list of shirts to leave untucked:


A peplum top is designed with gathered fabric that is attached to the bottom of the shirt and meant to flare at your waist. The poufy look is quite flattering for many women but not ideal for tucking in. Your overall look should be sleek. Peplums should be paired with a pencil skirt or tapered pants to balance the fabric hanging looser around your hips.

Side Slits

Tops that have been designed with slits on each side are not supposed to be tucked in. Styles vary, including sheer flowy fabrics and heavier knit materials. And, the top length varies as well. Side slits might be long, starting at your bustline and finishing at your knees.  Or, slits can be a few inches at the bottom of your top, hitting around your hips. Either way, shirts with side slits are meant to hang over your slacks, jeans, leggings, shorts or skirt.

Long Shirttails

A long-tailed shirt is designed to flow over your choice of bottoms. The tail of your shirt might just be a bit longer than the front of your shirt. Or it might be a dramatic tail that flows to your ankles. No matter the length, the design is meant to stay untucked.

To Tuck Your Shirt Or Not To Tuck?

We hope you’ve learned more about how and when to tuck in your shirt or not. There are times you should tuck in and times where you don’t need to but can. You’ll find it’s mostly a matter of fashion and style.

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