34 Gorgeous All-White Dress Outfits

Dresses are an absolute wardrobe staple. Whether it's a casual occasion or a formal one, a dress is always acceptable attire! There are many styles of dresses, too, so the sky is the limit when it comes to finding one you love to wear. White dresses are particularly stylish, whimsical, and comfortable to wear.  

A gorgeous woman wearing an all white dress and a hat while standing on a grassy field, 34 Gorgeous All-White Dress Outfits

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Wearing a white dress does come with its own unique challenges though. For one, it may be more difficult to keep your white dress clean and spot-free. Since white is such a blank canvas, you'll have to pay special attention to accessories and other ways to spruce it up. 

If you love the color white for a dress but can't quite figure out how to wear it, there's no need to fret. We put together a list of 34 all white dress outfit ideas! Simply follow along to feel inspired and put together your very own outfit. So, without further ado, let's get to it, shall we?

1. High-Low Dress

A beautiful woman wearing an above the knee dress isolated on a white background

A high-low dress is one that has a longer hem in the back. It's the perfect type of dress to show off your shoes. Classic ivory pumps make this look a little more formal.

2. Boho Wrap And Straw Hat

A gorgeous woman wearing an all white dress and a hat while standing on a grassy field

Give your white dress the boho makeover with the help of a crochet-style shawl and a straw hat. Chunky, eccentric jewelry completes the look. 

Straw Cowboy Hat

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3. Green Straw Hat

A gorgeous young woman wearing an all white dress and sitting on a chair

Since white is such a bright neutral color, any color of accessory is sure to stand out. That's why this green straw hat does just the trick. It makes for an excellent summertime accessory since it looks stylish and will help keep you cool.

4. Satin Midi Dress

This midi dress is made with a romantic combination of lace and satin. It has great movement to it which emphasizes its charm. Stud earrings and white heels finish off the outfit.

5. Tea-Length Eyelet Dress

Tea-length dresses fall just a few inches above the ankles, making it formal but not too formal. The eyelet fabric is actually a type of lace with precisely sized and placed holes that form an elegant pattern. Nude heels are the ideal shoe companion. 

6. Sea Breeze Accents

What better way to highlight your adorable white eyelet summer dress than with some sea breeze blue accessories? This small purse and fabric band around the straw hat are sweet and simple. 

7. Laidback Boho

A linen boho babydoll dress is all about promoting a relaxed, easygoing look. Throw on some strappy wedge heels and a simple necklace. 

8. Playful Tassel Earrings

A bright white wrap dress is already a party in and of itself, but one way to make it even more fun is with the addition of some white tassel earrings. This look is fun and flirty!

Tassel Earrings

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9. Bold Sunnies

Big, black-rimmed statement sunnies make a white babydoll dress so much chicer. Pair the look with a designer handbag and some leopard-print sandals for a total outfit upgrade. 

10. Snakeskin Purse

While too much snakeskin can be overpowering for an outfit, this small clutch-sized purse is the perfect amount. A snakeskin handbag is a fabulous way to liven up your white dress.  

Snakeskin Pattern Box Bag

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11. Summery T-Shirt Dress

A t-shirt dress exudes the comforts and care-free feelings that come with summertime. Continue the vibe with a straw purse, nude shoes, and simple gold jewelry. 

12. Ribbed White Mini Dress

A ribbed white mini dress is slinky and perfect for warm summer days. Throw on some white sneakers, layered gold necklaces, and classy sunglasses. 

13. Silk Scarf Hair-Tie

There's never a bad time to wear a full-length, round-neck vest dress. Tie up your hair in a messy bun with the help of a silk patterned scarf. 

14. String Of Pearls

A long string of pearls wrapped around your neck is a completely sophisticated touch. Strappy stiletto heels make the outfit appear even more formal. 

15. Interesting Purse Shape

One way to really accessorize your flowy white dress is with a purse that has an interesting shape. The cylindrical straw purse is just the right touch for creating a confident look.

16. Unique Outfit

If you're not afraid to dress in a unique white dress outfit, then you should consider wearing some bulky tennis shoes. Not only do they make a bold fashion statement, but they're also super comfortable to walk around in.

17. Braided Hairstyle

Have you considered the fact that your hairstyle alone can become the perfect accessory to your white dress? A messy fishtail braid gives off a relaxed look.

18. Ivory Ruffled Dress

This long, ivory ruffled dress has a sort of old-school look that has a modern twist. The removable belt is adjustable in order to best fit the waist. Nude heels and a clutch are tasteful accessories. 

19. Beachy Style

A beachy style is all about looking relaxed yet put together. This airy white dress puts off that exact feeling. Black and gold-studded strappy sandals keep the outfit looking fashion-forward. 

20. Peplum High-Low Dress

Dazzle in this unique peplum high-low white dress. The fabric is smooth and flattering for anyone and will provide the ultimate amount of comfort. 

21. Sheer Linen Dress

This light dress makes it possible to achieve a bold makeup look; the dress is fashionable and cute, and it will certainly highlight the other features that make you beautiful. 

22. Professional Vibe

This gorgeous white dress gives off professional vibes while still being casual enough to wear for more laid back events. The brown leather belt and purse provide the perfect amount of contrast to make the dress really pop.

23. Flowy White Dress

A dress like this one is perfect for a day in the sun. It's a cute casual dress that isn't too elegant or formal. It's also open and flowy, making it ideal for the outdoors. 

24. Wrap Dress

Who says a white dress can't be sleek and modern but also professional? This dress accomplishes it all. While the wrap design and fabric have that professional vibe, the black shoes tone it down with a casual feel. 

25. Pretty In Pink Headband

Make your white dress even more cutesy with a soft pink headband. The pearls on the headband are extra classy.

Pink Velvet And Pearls Headband

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26. Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylors are a mood. Whether your dress is casual or more formal, Chuck Taylors provide balance to the outfit. They offer a sporty vibe regardless of the dress style. 

27. Denim Jacket

A denim jacket will never go out of style. This is one of the most classic outfits: a nearly-bodycon white dress with a distressed denim jacket. Accessorize the outfit and you're ready for a day or evening out.

28. Matching White Handbag

Wear a collection of white items with your white dress. This white handbag may share the same color as the dress, but it offers a sense of diversity in the look of the outfit.  

29. Belted Dress

For a sophisticated look, loop a belt around your natural waistline. It's a body-flattering look that can instantly turn your drab dress into something eye-catching. 

30. Baby Blue Purse

There's no doubt that this lacey dress is all kinds of timeless femininity. A baby blue purse adds just enough soft color while keeping the outfit looking sweet and romantic. 

31. Tan Accessories

Accent a crisp white dress with tan accessories such as the thin waistline belt, strappy wedge sandals, and a cross-body bag. Dangly earrings show off personality. 

32. Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are extremely versatile shoewear. Whether it's jeans or an adorable white dress, they're guaranteed to give the outfit an upgraded, spunky look. 

33. Bomber Jacket And Animal Print

A bomber jacket is rugged and tough-looking while animal print booties are feminine and chic. Wearing these two items with your white dress makes for a showstopping use of clothing juxtaposition. 

Leopard Print Booties

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34. Off-The-Shoulder Dress

This long sleeve, off the shoulder, full-length dress is absolutely dreamy. A straw sun hat and short heels make it even better.

In Closing

Let us know in the comment section below which white outfit idea you decide to wear! Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other great style guides:

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