11 Gorgeous Statement Necklaces for a Black Dress

Gorgeous woman wearing statement necklace and black dress

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The perfect way to spice up any dress outfit is to use a statement necklace. Adding a bold piece of jewelry can help you present whatever look you're going for. Statement necklaces are designed to garner attention by being flashy, colorful, large, shimmery, or a combination of these. Often, they can make or break an outfit.

A statement piece like a necklace on this list can be the perfect way to dress up your outfit or dress it down. When you wear a black dress, it can sometimes send a message that you are reserved or restrained, but displaying a splashy accessory on your neck can help reveal your true colors.

We've compiled this list to help you find the necklace that suits your style and pairs perfectly with the little black dress you have stashed in your closet. We have colorful options as well as glamorous and chic. Feeling rebellious? We have some options for you, too. Without further ado, let's get into it.

1. BriLove Statement Necklace

This classy accessory adds glimmer to any black dress. One bonus about this option is that it comes with matching earrings. The sparkle and shine of this first option are great for those who are looking to dress up and hit a big night on the town.

The shape and length are flattering when paired with dresses that have a lower neckline. Don't worry, this necklace comes in a wide array of colors so it can be as much of a statement as you want it to be.

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2. Jane Stone Dinosaur Necklace

This necklace definitely makes a statement - a statement of that you're a free spirit and aren't too old for dinosaurs.

It's cool, goes well with any black dress, and is a conversation starter. It is nickel-free and lead-free, making it friendly for those with more sensitive skin.

Over a thousand reviews rave over this item because it looks even better in person!

If you are looking for an edgier or playful accessory, this is the piece to add to your collection now.

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3. Holylove Collar Statement Necklace

Designed as a choker necklace, this accessory brings attention to your neck and upper body in the best way. It's is a great piece if you are going for a glamor look, especially when worn with a sleeveless black dress.

This particular necklace comes in a gold finish as well.

The choker itself is adjustable, so it can fit your neck just right without being o tight it hurts. With such good praise, this piece is something that should already be in your shopping cart.

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4. Kaymen Fashion Jewellery Chunky Choker

Another option for those who love chokers, this accessory is crafted for the bead lovers. There are six colors to choose from, all with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

These necklaces are handmade with a ton of effort and love! That being said, they are still very affordable.

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5. Thkmeet Statement Pendent

While this accessory is by no means subtle, this necklace is not too flashy or colorful. This makes it great for those who want to spice up an outfit without drawing in too much attention.

The geometric patterns bring something to the table that little black dresses miss: shape. It's a little bit on the edgier side, but we assure you, it still looks refined.

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6. Faramine Tribal Necklace

Variety in color is something that this necklace offers to your black dress. It's youthful and beautiful while remaining mature enough that the pieces of your outfit come together in a sophisticated manner.

The "chain" is acrylic so that it won't bother sensitive skin. You can also buy matching earrings to complete the look.

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7. Niumike Lily Flower Necklace

Something feminine but sophisticated? We have an option for you too! This necklace contains flowers that look like succulents made of resin. It will attract attention in all the right ways. This item also comes in pink color.

One of the best things about this one is the price. It is very affordable. This necklace is considered collar length, so it is best suited for dresses that have a lower neckline.

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8. Seni Jewelry Bib Necklace

A piece that is perfect for those who want a classy, no-fuss look. While it garners attention, this necklace is not excessively bright, heavy, colorful, or extreme.

You can select a silver or rose gold option to best suit your fancy.

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9. Jane Stone Chunky Necklace

Looking to add a bit more color to your outfit? A chunky necklace like this one is a perfect way to convey your vivacious spirit, all while wearing a black dress. It comes in three other colors as well.

This is the perfect option for the bold. This item is a bit on the heavier side, but customers vouch that the weight is very worth it.

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10. Regalia Pearl Necklace

This is a classic statement necklace that needs to be in your jewelry box right now. But no judgments if it's not already there. This necklace is offered at a great deal and has great reviews.

The pearl-like beads are made to look as though they are floating. It's sophisticated and is great for work or classy events, as well as for day to day activities.

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11. Orazio Choker Set

This set has metallic accessories galore! The amazing thing about buying this necklace is all the bonus items you get! Included in this purchase are matching earrings and a cuff bracelet. This necklace is a choker and comes as a "one size fits all" with an adjustable back.

You can find this set in gold as well as rose gold, whichever one suits you better.

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Something for Everyone

When it comes to adding a little something to that black dress in your closet, there is something for everyone.

A lot of what goes into picking something out is a personal preference. But, knowing your skin sensitivity level, length preference, color preference, and what material you want certainly helps.

We hope we've assisted you in discovering what statement necklaces are about and the best one for you. Some can help dress up your outfit while others make your dress more casual.

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