Are Leggings Appropriate For Work? [And Are They Business Casual?]

We all know that leggings are a wardrobe must-have for working out, running errands, and lounging around the house. But, are they appropriate for work, and are they considered business casual? We have looked into the questions at hand and found the best possible answers to your inquiries. Keep reading to find out if you should add leggings to your workday attire.

Whether or not you should wear leggings to work largely depends on the company itself. Many companies state that leggings and other form-fitting pants are prohibited in their employee handbook. However, in many office settings, leggings can be appropriate for work and business casual, as long as you wear them correctly. 

If your workplace gives the go-ahead on wearing leggings, you may still be conflicted on exactly how you should wear them. Next, we'll look at some essential do's and don'ts of leggings in the office and view some appropriate styles that'll keep you comfortable and classy.

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What Are The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Leggings At Work?


  • Do wear solid prints. Black is an optimal color choice because it goes with anything in your wardrobe. Avoiding busy patterns and bright colors will lend a more professional look.
  • Do wear long, flowy blouses. Pairing a long blouse that hits at or below the hips is the ideal choice to wear with tight leggings.
  • Do wear underneath a dress or skirt. Leggings look great worn underneath a knee-length dress or skirt.
  • Do wear the proper footwear. Sneakers with leggings at work are a no-go. Instead, wear high heels, ballet flats, or boots to make your outfit shine.
  • Do wear a blazer, jacket, or cardigan. Wearing a sleeveless top with leggings can work with the right coverup.


  • Don't pick the wrong material. Make sure your leggings aren't see-through before leaving the house. Opaque leggings are more appropriate for the workplace.
  • Don't show excess skin. It's best to save your short tops for your morning run. Shirts should always cover your midriff and rear when paired with leggings.
  • Don't forget to accessorize. Long, layered necklaces, dangling earrings, or a posh scarf add a polished look to your outfit.

What Are Some Appropriate Styles For Work?

Shirtdress and Ankle Booties

Mixing a breezy shirtdress in a bright red color contrasts nicely with black leggings and brown ankle booties.

Fashionable woman wearing long red vintage dress, black leggings and brown high heels boots

 Open Cardigan and Fun Print Shoes

Fun leopard print high heels accentuate this outfit's neutral brown, black, and white hues. The long, gold necklace is the perfect accessory for this look.

Faux Leather Leggings and Sweaterdress

Sweater dresses are an excellent addition to your winter wardrobe. Pair them with faux leather leggings, black boots, and a wide belt for a warm and fashionable outfit.

Beautiful fashion model with a perfect pose and expression outdoor in the snow.

Navy Blazer and Eye-Catching Necklace

The layered silver necklace is the focal point for this look. Adding a navy blazer adds professionalism to the white shirt and ruched leg leggings.

Plaid and Ballet Flats

You can't go wrong with classic black and white plaid. This look is completed with a long, open cardigan and ballet flats.

Flowy Blouse and Pink Loafers

This look is simple yet classy. The bell sleeves on the blouse add femininity, while the pink loafers add a fun pop of color to the overall outfit.

Is It Ok To Wear Leggings As Pants?

Group of women wearing leggings

Leggings lovers rejoice because they can indeed be worn as pants! Gone are the days of only wearing leggings as workout apparel. Many companies have realized how much people love the comfort of wearing leggings every day and have upped their game to bring you many figure-flattering styles. Let's take a look!

Ponte Knit Leggings

Ponte knit is a sturdy and heavy fabric that is both comfortable and work-appropriate.

Click here to see these Ponte knit leggings on Amazon.

Ruched Leggings

Ruched-leg leggings have a pleasing, scrunched look and are a great way to draw attention to your shoes.

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Faux Leather Leggings

Faux leather leggings are both edgy and sophisticated. Pair them with a nice blouse for a day at the office or a night on the town.

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Jeggings combine the best of both worlds: jeans with leggings. If your workplace allows jeans, jeggings are a super comfortable option and can quickly go from casual to dressy.

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Split-Hem Leggings

Split-hem leggings are another great option for showing off your footwear. The split located at the bottom of the legs is unique and eye-catching.

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Where Do You Wear Leggings?

Beautiful woman with a silver fashion bag

Leggings can be worn virtually anywhere. They are perfect for your workout routine, shopping at the mall, going to the movies, and of course, a day at the office. Leggings are incredibly versatile because they come in so many colors, fabrics, and styles. They work for women of all ages and can flatter any figure.

Is It Appropriate To Wear Leggings To A Job Interview?

Leggings can undoubtedly be dressed up for work, but should they be worn to a job interview? It's probably in your best interest not to wear leggings when trying to land a job. Job interviews are all about making a lasting first impression, and as the saying goes, dress to impress. Once you land the job, it will be acceptable to dress up your leggings, but there should always be a bit of formality when meeting your potential future employer.

What Is Not Business Casual Attire?

Cheerful young women looking at camera, white background

Business casual attire is a delicate balance between relaxed and formal. Depending on the company, the term business casual can vary. For example, business casual attire for an art gallery would likely be more laid back than a finance industry. Generally speaking, some things should not be considered business casual. These include:

  • Ripped jeans
  • Wrinkled or stained clothing
  • Flip flops
  • Sneakers
  • Backless shirts
  • Shorts
  • Clothing with bold, printed logos
  • Too many bright or clashing colors
  • Ill-fitting tops and bottoms
  • Sundresses

What's The Takeaway?

We have established that leggings are appropriate for work and can be part of your business casual attire. The key to making leggings work in the office is to pair them with nice blouses, footwear, outerwear, and accessories. So, the next time you put together a workday outfit, grab a pair of leggings and wear them with confidence!

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