Are Rain Boots Comfortable To Walk In?

The best part of a dreary rain-filled day is finally breaking out your favorite pair of rainboots. You know that pair you impulsed bought because you wanted to look cute walking through the rain. The pair to show everyone rain cannot put a damper on your sense of style. But, as you slip on your brand new pair of boots you are so excited about, you begin to wonder if they are going to be comfortable. You know they will keep your feet dry, but are your feet going to be sore tonight when you get home? 

Woman holding an umbrella and walking on the rain with her rain boots, Are Rain Boots Comfortable To Walk In?

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There are many different types of rainboots. Some are much more comfortable than others. Rainboots with supportive soles and interior lining are the most comfortable to walk in. They will keep your feet dry and warm while providing comfort to your arches. 

Whether you want to buy a new pair of rainboots or already own a pair, you probably have more questions. We want to help answer all of them. Lucky for you, we can. We have done the research and are happy to provide you with more information on this topic. Keep reading to learn more about rain boots. 

What Are Rain Boots?

Rain boots are any waterproof closed-toed boot. Traditionally they were calf-length and made out of leather. However, once rubber was introduced as a popular material, leather was no longer used. The original rain boots were most popular in the farming industry because there was finally a way for agricultural workers to have dry feet all day. But trust us, those farmers weren't walking around in polka dot boots like yours as they mucked through muddy fields. 

Over time, everyday people realized how great it is to have dry feet in the rain. Thus, the rain boot was popularized into the fashion industry. Now there is an endless amount of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from. If you are curious about other types of boots, check out our post, "What are Boots Made of?"

Here are a few examples of the different kinds of rain boots:

Hunter Women's Original Tall Rain Boot 

This is the classic style for rain boots. The full calf coverage provides the most protection from the elements. This company offers this boot in so many different colors. You are sure to find a pair to match any of your outfits.

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Joules Women's Wellibob Rain Boot

Chelsea style rain boots are a great choice if you don't want such a tall boot. They are still just as waterproof, but with less coverage. They are perfect on those misty days when you still need to walk outside. These Joules boots are super cute and come in so many different patterns.

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Sperry Women's Saltwater Rain Boot

This style of rain boot doesn't offer complete waterproof protection, but it is still a very fashionable choice. It guards your feet from wet sidewalks and small puddles, which makes it perfect for those post-rain shower walks.

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All of these rain boot styles can be comfortable to walk in. Look for supportive soles when you buy your pair. Compare similar kinds to each other to see and feel the differences. If the soles are thin and flimsy, they will most likely be uncomfortable. Fleece-lined boots with curved soles will be the most comfortable. 

Are Hunter Rain Boots Comfortable To Walk In?

Hunter boots are one of the most popular kinds of rain boots. This company has been around for decades. It is almost impossible to walk a city street in the rain and not see a pair of Hunter boots. We believe Hunter rain boots are comfortable to walk in. Of course, there will always be critics out there, but overall they have a supportive sole, good traction, nice lining, and will most definitely keep your feet dry. 

Are You Supposed To Wear Socks With Rain Boots?

Yes, you should wear socks with rain boots. They help prevent blisters and keep your boot interior cleaner. This all means your boots are more comfortable to walk in.

We recommend tall wool socks. Wool lets your feet breathe and provides excellent insulation. This helps keep your toes warm on cold rainy days. If you don't want to wear wool, then make sure you wear a taller sock. Tall socks are less likely to get pulled down as you walk, so they protect your ankles from blisters. 

Should Rain Boots Be Tight or Loose?

Rain boots should not be tight. A tight rain boot is sure to cut off circulation to your foot. This is not good. Rain boots should fit a little loose, but not too loose. You want to be able to wear a thick pair of socks and still have space to wiggle your toes. However, your boot should not be so loose that your heels pop up when you walk. 

While you are in stores shopping, bring a pair of thick socks with you. Wear these when you try the rain boots on so that you can feel the snugness. Try on multiple sizes to see what ones feel best. Remember, it is always better for your rain boot to be a little loose than a little tight. 

Should You Go Up a Size in Rain Boots?

It is common to go up a size in rain boots. People like to do this because they know they will wear thick socks with their boots. The extra space maintains comfort even with thick socks on. Also, rubber can shrink a little in cold environments. This means the feel of the boot can change from when you try it on in a warm department store, compared to the feel of the boot outside on a rainy autumn day. 

Do Rain Boots Stretch Out Over Time?

It is completely normal for rain boots to stretch a little over time. All shoes go through an adjustment period. This happens the first few times you wear a shoe, and it is no different with rubber boots. The shoes will form to your unique foot, and stretching is a part of this.  

Are Rain Boots Supposed to Go Over Shoes?

Rain boots are not typically worn over regular sneakers or other types of shoes. You would need to buy a much larger size to fit over your shoes.

However, there are waterproof shoe covers you can buy. This will not keep your feet warm or insulated, but they may keep them dry.  

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Can You Wear Rain Boots All Day?

Yes, you can wear rain boots all day. If you find a comfortable pair, then we are sure you will want to wear them as much as you can. 

If you are also curious about what kinds of pants to wear, read this post to find a style to match. 

How Can I Make My Rubber Boots More Comfortable?

Adding insets can be a great way to make your rubber boots more comfortable.

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Inserts can give you the support you need for all-day walking. Also, try wearing thick socks. This helps keep your feet warm and cozy. 

Rain boots can be the silver lining of any rainy day. Once you find a comfortable pair, you just may find yourself looking forward to the occasional rain shower. 

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