Can You Wear a Dress To An Interview?

Can you wear a dress for an interview? It seems that everywhere you look, people are wearing suits or separates, but you love a fabulous dress. Are there specific dresses that are appropriate to wear to an interview? We checked out a variety of sources to determine just that!

Yes, you can wear a dress to an interview. Keep it simple and elegant. Think of solid-colored dresses with a bit of sleeve and a modest neckline. Don't wear a cocktail dress or something with too short of a skirt.

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We've done some research and found great examples of perfect interview dresses, as well as the colors that work best and the best shoes to go with your interview dress. Please read on to find out more.

What Kind Of Dress Can You Wear To An Interview?

Though it seems as if a pantsuit or blouse and skirt separates are the favored interview clothing choices, you can wear a dress. The trick is to keep it simple and business-like. With the right dress, you can even pair it with a jacket to give it a crisp, professional look. Let's take a look at the right style of dresses for interviews.

A-Line Dresses

An A-line dress is a great silhouette for an interview. It fits nicely from shoulders to hips and then has a slight fare. Be sure to pick out a dress with a bit of sleeve and a skirt that hits at the knee or only slightly above the knee. This dress in a watchman's plaid would perfectly pair with a black blazer.

If you want something understated and fashionable, choose an A-line grey dress like this one. The neckline is modest, and it has a good sleeve. Make sure your skirt is not too short with this one.

This grey and black A-line dress is an excellent interview choice. Click here for this on Amazon.

Two-Piece Dress Suit

Choose a dress that comes with a loose jacket; this way, you look tailored but not as conservative as wearing a suit. If you choose the right color and pattern combination, this is a winner for interviewing. Click here for this on Amazon.

This two-piece dress and jacket is the type of style that will work well for an interview. Though we tend to avoid yellow, this dress has enough black, and the yellow is soft enough that it will work for most job interview situations.

Midi-Length Dresses

A midi-length dress is a safe choice as they often hit about 2" below the knee (sometimes longer). With this dress, you'll be adequately conservative for an interview. Because this is a length reference, not necessarily a style, be sure to pick out something that isn't too loud or too plunging in the neckline area.

This belted midi dress in blue from Calvin Klein is feminine, elegant, and perfectly understated for an interview. Click here for this on Amazon.

Sheath Dresses

Sheath dresses are fitted with straight lines. They're nipped in at the waist but don't show visible seams. They are perfect to wear with a blazer and are both elegant and conservative enough for interviews. Be sure to get one that fits well, and if necessary, pull out the Spanx for a smooth and seamless body shape.

This bateau neck sheath with functional packets and also a faux flap pocket detail is excellent for the interview and work once you've landed the job. Available in other colors as well as ivory, as shown here. Click here for this dress on Amazon.

This color block sheath dress (in plus sizes) from Calvin Klein is a classic example of a workday sheath dress. For an interview, we'd suggest pairing it with a blazer. Click here for this dress on Amazon.

What Is The Best Color To Wear To An Interview?

When interviewing, it's best to play it on the subdued side when it comes to color choices. Some good colors are black, blue, grey, beige, or white. According to hiring specialists, you can take these suggestions farther. Black is a great choice if you're seeking a management position. It exudes power and confidence. Blue says you are a team player. Wear a darker blue for a more conservative employer, medium blues for other jobs. 

Grey shows an independent thinker and someone that an employer can trust to get the job done. White and beige show organization skills.

What Color Should You Not Wear To An Interview?

You want to avoid loud colors as anything other than accent pieces. A leopard dress may look amazing, but it conveys a sort of independence that employers might not respond to at the first meeting. Likewise, you want to steer clear of bright pinks, yellows, and oranges. These colors can imply that you're a ton of fun, but they may not impress a hiring manager. If you absolutely must have that bright spot of color, think of a simple belt, scarf, or beaded necklace to show that part of your personality.

Silk scarves can take a black or grey interview dress and elevate it without distracting from why you are there. Click here for this one on Amazon.

A simple strand of colored beads is also a way to brighten up an interview dress. Pick your favorite color, and keep it simple. Click here for this on Amazon.

Is It Bad To Wear All Black To An Interview?

If you wear all black to your interview, you may come across as too serious. Think about breaking up the black. Wear a scarf with your dress or pair it with a colorful belt. Choose a nude shoe rather than a black shoe. Black is an ideal color for interviews, but if absolutely every part of your wardrobe for the day is that color, break it up.

A skinny leather belt can add a pop of color to a too severe black outfit. Click here to see this on Amazon.

What Kind Of Shoes Should You Wear With A Dress To An Interview?

Keep your footwear conservative when going on an interview. It's fine to wear heels, but you want the heel height to stay below 3 inches. Closed toes are more appropriate than open toes, and though an ankle strap is fine, you don't want to a super strappy shoe that wraps up the leg. 

A simple pump, like this nude version from Nine West, is a perfect interview shoe. It's elegant yet conservative. It's available in other colors as well. Click here for this on Amazon.

Another option for an interview shoe is a dressy flat. You can have a little chunkier heel or something very close to the ground. Add a subtle bit of color here if the employer isn't too conservative.

This loafer from Clarks is an excellent interview choice with its closed-toe and low heel. This shoe also comes in black, white, and burgundy. Click here for this flat on Amazon.

This ballet flat from Naturalizer is conservative enough even with the feminine cutout on the insole. This shoe comes in a wide variety of colors to go with any dress you choose. Click here for this on Amazon.

We wish you the best of luck as you go out and interview. Whether you choose to wear a dress, skirt and blouse, or a pantsuit, you will look your very best. If you find this post helpful, please visit these others we think you'll enjoy below:

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