Can You Wear Maxi Skirts In The Winter? [11 Outfit Ideas]

Figuring out what to wear with a maxi skirt can feel impossible at times. Are you hesitant to wear one in the winter because it's too cold, or do you not know how to style it for cooler temperatures? We're here to help you style your maxi skirt.

According to what we found, you can certainly wear a maxi skirt in the winter. Whether you prefer a grungy look, or something more runway-ready, sticking with sensible footwear is a must. We suggest a pair of boots, platform sneakers, or even warm flats to try with a maxi skirt in the winter. Another idea for your outfit is a warm baggy sweater or a denim jacket to stay on-trend. Even going with a few layers is a perfect idea for the wintertime and will give your look a streetwear aesthetic.

As we start this post, we will cover all things maxi skirts and tag some related products. Regardless of your style or budget, there are plenty of maxi skirt outfit ideas that are perfect for the winter. With that said, let's get right into this topic!

A woman wearing a white blouse and a yellow maxi skirt, Can You Wear Maxi Skirts In The Winter? [11 Outfit Ideas]

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How To Style A Maxi Skirt In The Winter

Whether you are out on a date or catching a movie with friends, styling your maxi skirt in the winter is not as hard as it seems. Generally, in the winter, we suggest you layer up your clothing and make sure to find comfortable footwear. Although it might not get too cold where you live, it is always good to dress according to the current fashion season.

A blonde woman wearing a brown sweater and a polka dot skirt

1. Tucked In Shirt With Boots

Our first winter look is a stylish and preppy tucked-in shirt with heeled boots. This maxi skirt ensemble is perfect for the wintertime and looks warm enough to stand cooler temperatures. We suggest you even try a jacket on top of this shirt if it is too cold while still keeping it simple.

2. Comfortable Sneakers

Next, we have a sneaker and maxi skirt combo that looks super comfortable and warm. Although sneakers may not be your first choice, this look is very in right now and might even get you some compliments. We especially like how this model went with a more colorful sweater and bag combo that makes this look pop.

3. Turtleneck And Combat Boots

Third, we have a grungier look with combat boots and a simple black turtleneck. The grunge look is super easy to pull off when it comes to wintertime fashion and will have you Instagram-ready. We suggest you try a knitted or wool maxi skirt with this type of outfit to keep you warm.

4. Baggy Streetwear Look

For anyone into the streetwear look, we have this baggy sweater and converse maxi skirt idea. If you want to be comfortable and warm during the winter, this type of outfit is a good option to try. We love the nude palette they went with and the brown bag to tie the look altogether.

5. Leather Jacket Chic

Another good winter maxi skirt outfit we have is this leather jacket look. Although leather does have a historically punk rock vibe, you can make this look feel chic with the right skirt and styling. Again, we want to note how this model chose a fun leopard print pattern that makes this outfit more trendy and up to speed.

6. Cozy Mono-Color Pairing

Sixth, we have this mono-color nude maxi skirt look that we are obsessed about. Recently, mono-color outfits have been on every runway, so this is a good option for you if you are into high fashion. But, again, we suggest a soft-colored shoe with this type of look and maybe even a matching nude bag.

7. Jean Jacket And Animal Print

Following the animal print theme, we have this jean jacket and cheetah print winter look. When it comes to the wintertime, patterns and fun colors do not have to disappear from your wardrobe. We even encourage it and think you can easily pull off a look similar to this during colder months.

8. Plaid And Hunter Green Look

Next up, we have this plaid and green winter maxi skirt outfit that feels perfectly quirky. Whether you love it or loathe it, plaid does have a winter feel and will give you an old-school look. We suggest you keep the high socks for anyone wanting to recreate this, so your ankles don't get cold outside.

9. Fun Metallic Accessories

For those wanting a brighter winter look, we have this stylish metallic idea. Like we said, fun colors and prints do not have to be summer-only, so embrace the vibrance all winter long! We want to point out how this model has similar colored sneakers to her skirt, which brings this outfit home for us.

10. High Fashion Black

Another great winter look is a black color palette similar to this outfit. Although this ensemble does have less color than other examples, we love the chic boots and skirt combo. If you want to try this outfit at home, we suggest choosing either a fitted black top and tucking it or a loose sweater and letting it stay untucked.

11. Statement Jacket And Bag

Finally, we have a bold and fashion-forward maxi skirt idea that is stunning. Although this isn't an everyday look, we think it is perfect for a special event or occasion and will get people talking. Additionally, we want to note the statement purse this model has that catches the eye and adds much-needed color to this look.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Maxi Skirts In The Winter?

A brown colored maxi skirt

When it comes to winter footwear, the options are surprisingly endless. Some of our favorites include combat boots, heeled boots, sneakers, and even pumps. Although the winter can be dreary, that does not mean your style has to be boring. Among the options we came across, bright shoes are the perfect finishing touch to a wintertime maxi skirt outfit. We recommend you have some fun with your footwear and make sure they are well insulated and comfortable.

ICHIGO Women’s Fashion Lace-Up Combat Boot

Here is a pair of combat boots from ICHIGO to wear with a maxi skirt. These boots are synthetic leather, anti-slip, water-resistant, and come in black or white.

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JENN ARDOR Pointed Dress Pumps

Here is a pointed dress pump from Jenn Ardor to try with your maxi skirt. These heels are premium vegan material, four inches tall, and come in a variety of colors.

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What Coats Go With Long Skirts?

If you need a coat to wear with your long skirt, the length is entirely up to you. Whether your jacket is cropped, mid-length, or trench coat style, all these will look good with a long skirt. However, if you want to have a winter look, we suggest a longer or trench-style jacket with your skirt. Cropped or shorter jackets tend to have a spring/summer look, which is fine for the winter but won't look as good as longer styles.

Chouyatou Women's Big Notch Lapel Wool Blend Coat

Here is a long trench coat from Chouyatou to style with your maxi skirt. This coat is polyester and wool, front button-up closure, and comes in a few different colors.

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Relish Noless Women's Luxury Faux Rabbit Coat

Here we have a mid-length faux rabbit coat from Relish Noless for anyone not set on a trench style. This coat has a lapel collar, is soft to the touch, and comes in a few different color options.

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How Long Should A Maxi Skirt Be?

A young woman wearing a yellow blouse and a long black skirt

Depending on your height, a maxi skirt should fall right above your ankle. With that said, not all maxi skirts are created equal, and you might end up with one longer or shorter than ankle length.

If your maxi skirt is too long, try wearing a heel or platform sneaker to give you some extra height. If your skirt is on the shorter side, we suggest sticking to flats or wearing it more like a mid-length style. Regardless, your maxi skirt should be at least shin-length and not go past your feet.

Do Maxi Skirts Look Good On Everyone?

When it comes to maxi skirts being flattering for everyone, we say they are. Although maxi skirts are often marketed towards taller and thinner people, they complement all shapes and sizes nicely. In addition, one of the benefits of this skirt style is that it usually has an elastic waistband, making it more inclusive for all. So, if you want to wear a maxi skirt, we say go for it!

Final Words

Whether you love them or want to try one for the first time, maxi skirts are a great option. From what we found, there are plenty of winter-friendly maxi skirt ideas for you to try. An essential part of every winter outfit is footwear, so make sure to find a good, sturdy option.

If you want to have some fun with your look, go with a bright or fun patterned skirt and even throw on a jacket. Regardless of whether you are after a mono-color ensemble or something more quirky and vibrant, there are tons of winter maxi skirt ideas for you to recreate at home.

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