Can You Wear Tunics With Jeans? [With 6 Stylish Outfit Suggestions!]

Tunics are a wonderful item to have in your closet. These flowy tops make it easy to be fashionable and stay comfortable at the same time. You may be wondering if you can wear your favorite tunics with jeans. Lucky for you, we have researched this very topic to answer this exact question.

Tunics are a great top to wear with jeans. Since tunics are meant to fit loose, many women like to wear tighter jeans with them. Skinny, slim, or straight-cut jeans are excellent options. Wide or loose-fitting jeans paired with loose-fitting tunics may look too baggy. Here are six stylish outfit recommendations:

  1. Off the shoulder tunic with skinny jeans and ankle boots
  2. Red tunic with belt and dark skinny jeans 
  3. White cotton tunic with classic blue skinny jeans
  4. Boho tunic with a scarf and medium wash jeans
  5. Oversized denim tunic with black skinny jeans
  6. Floral tunic with blue jeans 

Tunics are a versatile item to have in your wardrobe. The outfit possibilities are endless. Keep reading for more information about tunics and each of these outfit options.

Unrecognizable young woman wearing oversize denim tunic shirt, black jeans and white wristwatches holding clutch bag standing outdoors in city on summer day, Can You Wear Tunics With Jeans? [With 6 Stylish Outfit Suggestions!]

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How Do You Wear A Tunic Top With Jeans?

It is easy to create a stylish outfit around a tunic and jean pairing. The loose-fitting nature of a tunic top is flattering on all body types, and it is easy to wear with jeans. Simply, layer your favorite tunic over your favorite pair of tighter-fitting jeans to create a comfortable, stylish look that is perfect for running errands, grabbing lunch with your friends, or other day-time activities. Let's take a look at some outfit suggestions:

1. Off Shoulder Tunic With Skinny Jeans 

Middle aged woman wanna be fashion model wearing a bag

A long sleeve, off-the-shoulder tunic is the perfect way to show some skin while still being modest. The cut defines your shoulders and collar bone, while the flowy material flatters all body types. Wear it with your favorite pair of skinny jeans and a cute ankle boot for a stylish fall look.

Clarisbelle Ruffle Sleeve Off Shoulder Tunic 

Here is a cute off-shoulder tunic. It comes in four different colors, so you are sure to find one you like. The flowy chiffon material brings a sense of elegance to this casual top.

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2. Red Tunic With Belt And Dark Skinny Jeans 

Young woman holding shopping bag

For a striking look, pair a bright candy apple red tunic with dark wash skinny jeans. Think about adding a belt to define your waistline. You can even wear some red stilettos like the woman above for an even bolder look. The dark pants make the bright red tunic pop, so you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Ecowish Round Neck Tunic 

This bright red tunic would pair perfectly with dark wash skinny jeans. It also could be worn alone as a dress. This tunic has so many possibilities.

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3. White Cotton Tunic With Classic Blue Jeans 

regnant beauty presenting new collection of clothes

The white tee and blue jean combination is a timeless outfit many people love to wear. You can replace that plain cotton tee with a white cotton tunic for a twist on this classic look. For those of you with a minimalist style, this is a cute outfit to wear. During the colder months, you can even throw on a comfy sweater and boots like the woman above.

Megha Pure Cotton Tunic Top

For a simple yet stylish look, a white tunic like this is perfect. It pairs well with any color of jeans and even looks great with other types of pants as well. You can dress it up or down for all sorts of occasions.

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4. Boho Tunic With A Scarf And Medium Wash Jeans 

Young woman with a paper bag

Many tunics come in boho prints. To replicate the look above for an artsy appearance, wear a navy boho print and medium-wash jeans. You can even wear a scarf and some furry boots to keep your boho look going through the winter months. During warmer times, swap out the scarf and boots for a cute necklace and some sandals.

Halfie Vintage Bohemian Tunic Dress 

This tasseled tunic dress comes in 14 different patterns. You can find your favorite print to create an artsy look when you pair it with skinny jeans. It can also be worn by itself as a dress for a cute summertime look.

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5. Oversized Denim Tunic With Black Jeans 

Unrecognizable young woman wearing oversize denim tunic shirt, black jeans and white wristwatches holding clutch bag standing outdoors in city on summer day, Can You Wear Tunics With Jeans? [With 6 Stylish Outfit Suggestions!]

Here is a super casual daytime look you could wear for hours. A button-up, oversized denim tunic is perfect to wear with black skinny jeans. You can choose to keep it buttoned or wear it open over a plain colored shirt. Either way, the classic denim color looks fabulous next to black jeans. This timeless look can be your new go-to when you don't know what else to wear.

If you are wondering what other shirts look good with skinny jeans, check out this blog post: "What Tops Go With Skinny Jeans?"

Levi's Jicama Tunic Shirt 

This button-up denim tunic is a great item to have in your closet. It is extremely versatile and can be used in all sorts of different outfit combinations. Wear it to replicate the classic look above, or you can create a whole new look to let your personality shine.

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6. Floral Tunic With Blue Jeans 

African American girl wearing sunglasses, close-up portrait

Nothing shouts summer vibes more than a flowy, floral tunic. Pair any floral print with slim-fit blue jeans for a fun look. To copy the look from the photo above, look for vibrant blue tunics with bright pink flower patterns.

Sampeel Casual Floral Tunic

Here is a floral tunic with a cute knot detail at the bottom. It comes in 19 fun patterns that all evoke a summertime feel. You can stay breezy during those summer nights when you wear this tunic.

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What Is A Tunic? 

Tunics are a type of top. They are designed to fit loosely and reach from your shoulders to between the hips and knees. Historically, tunics were first worn by both men and women in the Meditteranean region. These tunics were very simple and made from two large rectangular pieces of linen. Now, tunics come in a variety of fabrics and styles. There is a tunic for almost every occasion, from tunic sweaters to keep you warm in winter to sheer tunics used for swimsuit cover-ups.

If you are curious about tunic lengths, read this blog post: "How Long Should A Tunic Be? [And How It Should Fit]."

What Do You Wear Under A Short Tunic Dress?

Wearing leggings or tights under a short tunic dress is a great option. Jeans or other slacks may be a bit too bulky. The thin fabric of tights and leggings keeps your tunic looking more like a dress and less like a long shirt.

For more information about different types of leggings, check out this blog post: "11 Types Of Leggings To Know."

How Do You Wear A Tunic Dress In The Winter?

If your tunic is long-sleeved and made from warm material, then it is easy to wear in the winter. A nice neutral-toned pair of pants or wool leggings paired with a sweater tunic create a cozy winter outfit. You could even wear a vest or cardigan on top for extra warmth.

Also, even if your tunic is made from a thin material, you can still wear it in winter. Just make sure to wear a sweater or cardigan over the tunic so you don't get cold. You can always add a scarf or hat to be even warmer.

How Do You Style An Oversized Tunic?

There are many ways to style oversized tunics. Since tunics fit loose and are very flowy, it looks good to style them in a way that defines your curves. You don't want the billowing fabric to swallow your figure. The key to styling an oversized tunic is to prevent it from looking too baggy.

A thick belt is a great way to define your waist. Some tunics even include a belt detail designed to fall at your waistline. A cropped jean jacket is another great way to style an oversized tunic. The heavy denim fabric help keep the tunic from looking too baggy. Also, a large low hanging necklace can help weigh down an oversized tunic.

Time To Wear Your Tunics!

If you don't know what to wear with your tunic, a simple skinny jean is always a great option. Try to balance out your flowy top with a tighter-fitting pair of jeans. You can replicate any of the above looks for a stylish and comfortable outfit you can be confident wearing!

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