What is a Cape Cod Bracelet? [Including 10 examples]

Who doesn't love the soft light of a Cape Cod summer? The memories made on the beach and in the quaint towns are something you want to hang onto. And how better to hang onto it than with a piece of iconic jewelry, the Cape Cod bracelet. These bracelets are associated with those beautiful New England beaches.

The Cape Cod bracelet is not dangling with lighthouses or lobsters; rather, it's a simple band of silver or gold, held together by a screwball. The wire may be twisted or smooth. You can choose a single bead, multiple beads, or sometimes a geometric circle. These bracelets are elegant and look gorgeous against sun-kissed skin.

John Carey designed the original Cape Cod bracelet in the 1960s at his shop, Eden Hand Arts. These bracelets were a favorite among locals and tourists alike. However, it was because of two television shows that they gained their iconic status. The first was the 1990's show, Felicity, when actress Amy Jo Johnson wore one. The second was The Bachelor, when Cape Cod native, Chris Lambton, presented one to his love interest on the show.

Now, with the advent of online shopping, you don't have to travel to the Cape to buy your Cape Cod bracelet. We've found ten classic and iconic styles for you to discover in the comfort of your own home. Wear them on their own or stack them up in multiples for a layered look.

Cape Cod bracelet products with golden and silver beads

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The Classic Cape Cod Bracelet

The classic Cape Cod bracelet is a simple smooth wire in silver or gold, with a single screwball clasp in silver or gold. The metal can be all the same, or you can have mixed metals in one bracelet. It's really up to your personal preference.

Measuring For Your Cape Cod Bracelet

If you're unsure about the size bracelet you need to order, you can easily measure your wrist. Take a piece of non-stretchy string and wrap the circumference of your wrist. Keep in mind if you want the bracelet to be snug or loose. Mark the string and lay it out next to a ruler. This measurement is your snug fit. Add 1/2" for a looser fit.

The Traditional In Gold And Silver

This is a traditional Cape Cod bracelet in sterling silver and 14k gold. The band is smooth, sterling silver in a rigid wire. A single 14k gold screwball attachment connects it. It comes in an attractive gift box and is available in six different sizes.

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The Traditional In Sterling Silver

Here is another version of the traditional Cape Cod bracelet. This one is made of sterling silver, both the band and the screwball. It has an oval shape for maximum comfort and ships directly from Cape Cod.

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Multi-Bead Cape Cod Bracelets

As the Cape Cod bracelet grew in popularity, so did their design. Wearers began to request variations on the number of beads surrounding the screwball. Thus, now it is possible to get them with two, three, even four beads instead of just one like the traditional style.

Three Bead Cape Cod Bracelet in Silver Tone With Hook Attachment

This is a variation of the classic style as it doesn't use the screwball attachment, but instead uses a hook latch clasp for ease of removal and putting on. This rhodium-layered anti-tarnish material looks like silver but doesn't require the same care in polishing. It comes in a gift box. Available in two sizes.

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Two Bead Screwball Closure in Sterling Silver And 14k gold

This bracelet's measurement is 1/2" above the size, so if you measure yourself for a 7, then order a 7.5. The screwball closure is covered by the double 14k gold balls, capped by sterling silver beads, and the band is a comfortable yet rigid sterling silver wire. Available in 9 sizes and comes with a gift box.

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Three Ball Bangle Style Cape Cod Bracelet

This is a little different take on the traditional Cape Cod Bracelet. This version is shaped more like a bangle with three balls in 14k Gold, separated by sterling silver spacers, that grace the sterling silver bracelet. This piece is 100% nickel-free and comes with a gift box.

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Twisted Wire And Bead Cape Cod Bracelets

A newer variation on the classic Cape Cod bracelet is the use of twisted wire in the band of the bracelet or a twisted metal bead for the screwball closure. The little extra bit of texture looks super layered if you choose to wear more than one of these beauties.

Twisted Wire Cape Cod Bracelet With Smooth Sterling Silver Bead

This substantial bracelet measures in at 11.3 grams of seductive sterling silver. The elegant twist of metal flanks the smooth central screwball clasp. A Ross-Simons makers mark tag dangles from the bracelet.

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Simple and elegant are words to describe this play on a traditional Cape Cod bracelet. This piece has a smooth silver bangle with a simple twisted bead as the screwball clasp. It has a soft, beautiful luster and comes in six sizes. It also comes in an elegant gift box.

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Silver Twist Cape Cod Bracelet With 14k Gold Screwball Clasp

If you're a fan of the mixed metal versions, here's one that hits all the points. A sterling silver twisted band pairs with a smooth and elegant 14k gold screwball clasp. This is shipped straight from Cape Cod, is available in multiple sizes, and comes packaged in a gift box.

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Variations On The Traditional Cape Cod Bracelet Theme

Cuff Style Cape Cod Bracelet

Because these bracelets are so famous for layering, more variations have come into play. Although not the traditional Cape Cod bracelet, the cuff is a fun offshoot that has been created. This one with a twisted sterling silver band and 14k ball end balls is a great unisex option for anyone who wants to be reminded of a time at the Cape.

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Porthole Style Cape Cod Bracelet

In this style bracelet, the screwball clasp is lost in favor of a hook style closure that hooks into a center porthole. The hook and porthole are completed with a twist of textured wire that gives the feel of nautical ropes for a superb beachy look. The latch makes for easy on and off, and the bracelet is a comfortable oval shape. It also comes in a gift box when you order and is available in three styles.

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So there you have it, your guide to Cape Cod bracelets from traditional to more contemporary styles. We hope you get to go to the Cape to go shopping, but if you can't, you're set to choose from these ten fantastic styles.

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