What Color Eyeshadow To Wear With A Silver Dress

You've just scored the most amazing silver dress, and now it's time to figure out which color eyeshadow to wear with it. There are so many options out there, so we've made sure to find guaranteed bets. You can figure out which of these is exactly right for you.

Silver, even though shimmery, is a fairly neutral color. Which means you have choices when it comes to eye makeup. Here are our top contenders for your eyelids:

  • A smokey purple eye
  • Rosey pinks with silver highlights
  • A neutral lid with dramatic cat eye
  • Rich dark browns with a silver liner
  • Use a pop of blue

Let's look at an example of each of these eye color choices, so you have an idea of what we're referring to. We'll also explore if you can wear gold eyeshadow with a silver dress, if makeup should be different for silver sequins, the best lipstick with a silver dress, and how to style your silver dress overall. So please, keep reading.

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Great Color Eyeshadows To Wear With A Silver Dress

We've got five great examples of eye color choices you might choose to pair with a silver dress. Each of these will provide a slightly different look. Some of them are great for nights out, and others can work well during the daytime.

A Smokey Purple Eye

Blonde woman with smokey dark eyeshadow makeup on eyes

Purple and silver are absolutely gorgeous together. And if you're looking for a nighttime dramatic look to pair with your silver dress, look no further. Choose a deep rich purple to fill the lid and pair it with dramatic black eyeliner and mascara for a look that will make that silver dress stand out.

Click here for this great smokey palette on Amazon.

Rosey Pinks With Silver Highlights

Model with pink powder isolated on black background

A beautiful rose pink, highlighted with shimmering white, silver, or champagne will look delicate and beautiful with your silver dress. This is a look that can dress up or go out for the day, depending upon your dress.

A Neutral Lid With A Dramatic Cat Eye

Woman with pink lips getting applied with cat eye makeup

This is a look you can transition from daytime to nighttime with the application of a bit of extra eyeliner. Choose a neutral for your skin tone eyeshadow for your lids, then use a liquid eyeliner to create a dramatic swoop on your upper lid. This is a fantastic look with a silver dress.

This neutral palette will work for all types of skin tones and colors. Click here for this on Amazon.

Rich Dark Browns With A Silver Liner

Pretty woman smiling while holding flowers on whtie background

Choose a rich chocolate brown shadow for your lids, then use a bit of silver liner or highlight for the inner eye. This gorgeous makeup combination will be flawless with a silver dress.

Click here for this on Amazon.

Use A Pop Of Blue

Portrait of beautiful young caucasian woman with blue smokey eyeshadow

Like purple, blue is a natural fit with silver. When using blue eyeshadow or eyeliner, you can go big for a night out on the town, or you can play it subtle and lowkey for a daytime look.

Half face of beautiful woman wearing make up

Can You Wear Gold Eyeshadow With A Silver Dress?

Gold eyeshadow, in all of its metallic glory, is a fantastic choice to pair with a silver dress. Though the tones are different, the common aspect of shimmer and light set the stage for a really glorious look.  You could also do gold eyeliner if you prefer a more natural eye shadow like a nude tone. This will still give you a hint of gold sparkle.

This Revlon Colorstay gold eyeshadow may be inexpensive, but it still delivers a punch of color and shine. The creme formula is long-wearing and buildable. This is handy in order to make it as opaque or solid as you want. Click here for this on Amazon.

What Makeup Goes With A Silver Sequin Dress?

Make-up with black eyeliner

If you're going for a full-on shine with shimmery sequins on your dress, the temptation may be to do the same for your face. We suggest opting for a different approach. Think of your makeup as a way to boldly highlight your features without taking away from the glamour of your frock.

Perhaps choose dramatic cat eyeliner and keep your shadow nude. Or play up your lips with a delicious red lip and keep everything else neutral and classic. In other words, play up one element of your makeup in a bold and classic way, but let the rest of your makeup stay natural.

Liquid eyeliner is a great way to create a dramatic cat-eye. We like this one from Amazon.

What Lipstick Goes With A Silver Dress?

Woman holding a mirror and getting ready for a party

When choosing makeup, you do want to choose things that work with your skin color as well as your clothing. So when we refer to using nude tones with a silver dress, you're going to want to find something that is perhaps only a shade darker or lighter than your own lips. But as you can see, a soft nude tone with a defined eye is a great look to go with a shimmery silver dress.

Woman in silver dress posing on a gray background

If you want to go in the exact opposite direction, why not go for a big, gorgeous, bold red lip. This look is an absolute classic and is a no-question choice for pairing with silver. You can play around with the shades a bit, choosing a red with a smidge of orange if you're a redhead or a rich blueish-red tone for very pale skin or brown skin, you could even tiptoe into the burgundy range if you want a dramatic look.

This Super Stay Matte Red lip was voted best overall, and it's a bargain to boot. Click here on Amazon for this classic red lip.

How Do You Match Lipstick To Eyeshadow?

If you want to match your lipstick to your eyeshadow, you want to go back to art basics. Colors that are analogous are those that live near one another on the color wheel. So for example, if you are using a blue eyeshadow, the colors near it are green and purple. Since we don't typically wear a green lip, you may want to edge over toward a plum color.

If you want bold, choose a bold plum, less bold, choose a nude that has some plum tint. Conversely, you could go for the complement of blue, which is orange. In the case of lipstick, that might mean choosing a peach or sand color lip.

Be sure whatever you choose for both areas is something that works well with your skin tone. Try things out, take selfies, and see which look makes you want to share the photo. That will be a great direction to go in.

How Do You Wear A Silver Dress?

Woman shopping holding credit card and paper bags

With any wardrobe choice, you want to make sure you have the whole look working together. Shoes, makeup, accessories, all of these things play into the overall statement you're making with your fashion choice. So what types of things work best with a silver dress, besides the makeup which we've already covered in this post.

Shoes And A Silver Dress

For shoes, pumps, strappy sandals, even exquisite boots could all work well. It simply depends on the level of formality you're trying to achieve. Overall, we really love the following footwear color choices to pair with a silver dress.

  • Nude
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Snake skin in greys
  • Grey
  • White

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Handbags And A Silver Dress

If you're going to carry a handbag, again, it comes down to the function you are trying to achieve. Are you out for a night at the opera? Then you're probably going to want to opt for a simple clutch bag. Though you don't have to match your shoes, that is one place to start.

You can also look at the list of shoe colors and pick a second from the list for your bag color. This way, you ensure a great look.

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Other Accessories With Your Silver Dress

Beautiful silver cocktail eveningwear dress and necklace on mannequin

Other items to consider are jewelry, scarves, maybe even a hat. This will all boil down to how dressy your attire is. Generally speaking, though, silver dresses are elegant in their own right so you may want to let the dress star in the show rather than overloading on other pieces. But if you do choose an accessory, consider one exciting piece, like this bold necklace.

Shimmer All Day

Are you excited to try some new makeup palettes with your silver dress? The main thing to remember is to take the time to experiment before the big event or night out. Play around with your makeup. Hold the dress up in front of you to see how it all comes together. Once you've perfected the look, then you're ready to go.

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