What Color Shoes Go With A Gray Suit?

Whether you’re male or female, some style rules are universal. For instance, when you’re building a capsule wardrobe—a closet based on classics, staples, and interchangeable pieces—neutral colors and simplicity are key. One of the things everyone should have in their closet is a gray suit. Be it for work or a wedding; it’s always appropriate. Depending on the occasion, you may not be sure what shoes to wear with your best gray suit, but worry not—we’ve got you covered and break down the best shoes to opt for!

Gray is a great canvas with which to start and can coordinate with nearly anything. You can pair your gray suit with shoes of almost any color: black, brown, white (when seasonally appropriate), or even a pop of color!

The options of what to pair your suit with are only as limited as the colors of the rainbow. Read on for some inspiration and ideas to make your gray suit stand out!

A tall business woman wearing a gray suit and black leather shoes on a dark gray background, What Color Shoes Go With A Gray Suit?

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Can You Wear Black Shoes With A Gray Suit?

Black is probably the easiest color to wear with a gray suit (or any piece of clothing for that matter). Regardless of the shade of gray, you can never go wrong with a black shoe. It’s classic, timeless, and never goes out of style.

For The Ladies

Ladies, if you’re planning on donning your grays to the office, depending on the environment and how dressy you’re looking to go, you can pair your suit with a black pump or ballet flat. Either shoe elevates an outfit, giving it a finished, professional, and polished appearance.

A shiny patent leather finish adds a dressy factor to any outfit. A matte leather finish, suede, or canvas shoe in black is the perfect touch with a simpler statement.

Here are two very different but stylish examples of pairing gray suits with black shoes.

Check out these versatile black patent leather pumps on Amazon.

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Calling All Gentlemen

Whether you’ve got a mundane day at work or a weekend wedding coming up, you can never go wrong with a classic gray suit. A black pair of loafers or dress shoes will provide you with the perfect finishing touch for a classy look.

A tall businessman wearing a gray suit and black leather shoes on a white background

Here's an example of a classic gray suit paired with black shoes.

These loafers from Amazon make the perfect shoe for any gray suit.

Can You Wear Brown Shoes With A Gray Suit?

Wearing shades of gray and brown together can be a little bit tricky, but if done correctly, you’ve got yourself a high-fashion ensemble. Darker shades of each color pair better together, and the same goes for lighter hues.

A tall business man wearing a gray suit and brown leather shoes

This is an excellent example of pairing a medium-gray with a medium-brown. Neither color is too light or too dark, and together they make a stunning set.

A tall business man wearing a gray suit on a white background

Here we have a light gray suit worn with shoes of a lighter brown. A duo like this is more warm-weather appropriate, and the light brown shoes add a slightly more casual touch.

A gray color business attire including brown leather shoes on a white background

Another great way to pair a gray suit with brown shoes is to incorporate other brown accessories. The belt and even the watch and sunglasses coordinate with the brown shoes to tie the outfit together.

Pairing gray suits with brown shoes are on-trend in the wedding department, too! More and more bridal parties are opting for non-traditional colors.

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What Color Shoes Go Best With A Light Gray Suit?

Light gray suits go best with nude, white, or gray shoes. Of course, this is not to say that you can’t wear black or a lighter shade of brown. It all depends on the occasion, the vibe you’re going for, and your personal style.

Nude Shoes

Three business women wearing gray and black suits on a gray background

Here’s a perfect example of a light gray suit with a pair of nude shoes. This ensures all focus to be on your outfit. Nude shoes are also well-known for elongating the appearance of your legs and silhouette, so they will work perfectly whether you’re wearing a pant suit or skirt.

These nude heels from Amazon also come in various colors—all of which go great with gray!

White Shoes

We’ve all heard the “rule” of fashion that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. If you abide by the rules, then you can rock this ensemble all summer long until September. Of course, some rules are meant to be broken, and if you wear your white pumps all year long, even better!

This image shows how you can dress a suit down by styling it with sneakers. As a result, you've got a more street-chic and casual outfit!

Gray Shoes

The fun patterned gray shoes add an optimal amount of pizazz to this suit. They’re fun, a little bit funky, yet still office-appropriate. PS: they’re perfect even if you’re heading out for happy hour after work!

Here’s a fun snake print pair of heels with gray tones from Amazon.

What Color Shoes Go With A Charcoal Gray Suit?

The darker the suit, the darker the color shoe! Black, navy, or bold colors make the best match for a charcoal suit. This helps the outfit composition to flow better and come together effortlessly.

A tall beautiful business woman wearing a gray suit and tall black sandals

Here’s a great example of a classic black high-heeled shoe with a charcoal gray suit.

Don’t be afraid to add a little edge by oversizing the suit and pairing it with a chunky boot. As shown here, adding boots you usually wouldn't think to, and topping with a puffer coat, gives the outfit a more weekend-friendly feel.

Adding A Pop Of Color

Here we show how a pop of color can make a gray suit perfect for work or play. The bright red adds a fun element to the outfit and allows you to accessorize with some flair! Opting for a colorful shoe lets the color make the statement and be the star of the show.

These stilettos from Amazon are available in multiple colors to brighten up your gray suit.

In Closing

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to what you can wear with your gray suit. The best thing about fashion is that even the rules are meant to be broken, and you can experiment in all different ways! Next time you plan to wear a gray suit, try something you wouldn’t usually think of—we promise you won’t regret it!

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