Does Body Scrub Clog Drains?

Clogged drains can be quite a nuisance. And it can be particularly agitating to find that your body scrubs may be causing your shower drains to become clogged. But do body scrubs really clog drains? And if so, can this be prevented? We've done a bit of research into body scrubs to determine whether or not they clog drains. In this post, we will answer this question for you.

Yes, using a body scrub can clog the drains in your shower. You may find this occurs more during warmer months of the year when you are more likely to take more than one daily shower. That being stated, there are ways to prevent your shower drain from becoming clogged from your body scrubs.

Here are a few of them:

  • Use a shower drain catcher.
  • Use a mesh trap.
  • Clean your shower drains weekly.
  • Apply a drain cleaner once a month.

A clogged shower drain can lead to a myriad of plumbing and water issues, many of which can be expensive to repair. If you use body scrubs daily, it's best to know what types of scrubs are likely to cause shower drain clogs and how to prevent them in the first place. Continue reading to learn how to do just that.

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Body Scrubs & Clogged Shower Drains

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Many body scrubs often contain substances and chemicals that cannot be dissolved with water. These chemicals can clog your shower drain overtime. Ultimately backups, standing water, and a lot of water damage can occur if not mitigated ahead of time. If a shower drain has a small or large blockage, it's usually due to dirt, soap scum, or hair buildup. However, a lot of body scrubs contain oils that can cause already clogged drains to worsen.

The oils will cause the hair and grime in the drain to stick to the drain walls more easily, resulting in a drain that now has a big clog. Over time, it'll become more difficult for water to pass through the drain because of the obstruction.

As a result, you will see water backing up in the shower. If you notice that your shower drain is starting to become clogged a couple of times a week or more, you may want to check the personal hygiene products you are using.

It doesn't matter if your body scrub is a commercial scrub or your own homemade DIY scrub. The ingredients of either can absolutely harm the plumbing used frequently. The most common culprits of drain clogs include scrubs that contain oatmeal, ground nutshells, or coffee grounds. These items will not dissolve in water and easily get caught up in a shower drain. Over time, these ingredients may also be difficult to break up with everyday drain cleaner, thus requiring a plumber's expertise in some cases.

Ways To Prevent Shower Drain Clogs

Now that we've discussed how and why certain body scrubs cause shower drain clogs, let's look at a few ways to prevent them.

Use a shower drain catcher

A good drain catcher can help collect any grime, dirt, and hair that accumulates in the shower before it actually goes down into the plumbing of your home. These devices are placed right at the drain, about one to two inches deep. It's best to clean the catcher every few weeks to avoid excessive buildup. If you clean it monthly, you may find that the build-up harder to remove, so frequent cleaning is recommended. You may also want to throw on a pair of rubber gloves before cleaning the drain, as it can get a bit messy.

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Use a mesh trap

You can also use a mesh trap to keep your shower drain cleaner. You can make the mesh trap at home or buy one from your local hardware store. These traps work similar to drain catchers, except that they may need to be emptied more often, as they often lay flat over the shower drain. It's best to scrape them clean after each shower to keep them from becoming too clogged.

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Clean your shower drains weekly

Cleaning your shower drains weekly helps prevent debris build-up. Whether the debris is caused by shower scrubs, hair, or hard water, clearing out the drains frequently can nip potential clogs in the bud. If you have a drain stopper in your shower, take it out every week and clean it thoroughly. Next, grab a straightened wire hanger and shimmy it down your drain to give it a quick cleaning. If you don't have a wire hanger at home, you can also purchase a hair snake to use in the drain. You can typically find one at your local hardware store or online for around $10.

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Apply a drain cleaner once a month

You may not think about drain cleaners until you already have a clog. However, being proactive with your plumbing can save you time and money on potential damage. Buy a commercial drain cleaner and pour it down your shower drain every month to help remove any bacteria and non-biodegradable items that may have accumulated in the train. Make sure that the drain cleaner is not corrosive and that it is biodegradable itself--you don't want to cause damage to your plumbing while trying to clean it.

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Home Remedies for Clogged Drains

If you want to save a little money on your clog prevention methods, there are natural ingredients that you can use to help keep your drains clean and clear. So before you go out and buy a dozen boxes of Drano, let's take a look at some of the ways that you can create your own clog-fighting solutions.

Vinegar & Baking Soda Solution

Begin by pouring a cup of baking soda down your shower drain. Next, take a cup and a half of distilled vinegar and pour it down the drain as well. You should hear fizzling in the drain, and you may even see the mixture starting to bubble at the top of the drain --this is a good sign. Allow the solution to fizzle for about 15 to 20 minutes, and then rinse the drain with boiling water. The water must be boiling to break down any oils and other chemicals that may be lingering in the drain.

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Baking Soda, Vinegar, & Salt Solution

This method involves the same initial steps as the previous method. The only addition is a 1/2 cup of salt that you will need to pour down the drain after pouring the vinegar into it. Add the salt immediately after the vinegar and let the solution sit in the drain for about an hour. Afterward, pour boiling water down the drain to clear it.

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Does Coffee Scrub Clog Drains?

Yes. Unfortunately, coffee grounds are known to clog both sink and bathtub drains. The grounds don't break down in the water, which means that they will come together at the drain base, eventually causing a stoppage. If the grounds form a clump in your drain, you'll know fairly quickly, as the water will no longer drain as freely as it had before.

The best way to dispose of coffee grounds is to throw them in a bag and then toss them in the trash can. You can also recycle them or use them for mulch if you have a garden or indoor plants. Keep in mind that small amounts of coffee grounds in your drain won't typically cause a blockage, but over time a multitude can.

Does Sugar Body Scrub Clog Drains?

assorted ingredients for an effective sugar body scrub

Body scrubs that contain sugar won't typically clog your drain. Sugar is biodegradable, so it will break down very quickly once it is exposed to water. This goes the same for body scrubs that contain salt or sea salt. You can use these scrubs more freely without having to worry about them possibly clogging your shower drain.

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What Are The Best Natural Body Scrubs?

If you prefer to use all-natural body scrubs instead of scrubs that contain chemicals, you'll quickly find that they are not in short supply. In fact, there are more natural body scrub products entering the market every day as small business owners are eager to provide their homemade DIY concoctions to the masses. Which scrubs are the best? Let's take a look at some of them.

Brooklyn Botany 100% Natural Body Scrub

This all-natural body scrub is specially designed to reduce the appearance of acne scars and dark marks. If you are looking for something to help lighten the blemishes on your skin, this is it. You can also use the scrub for waxing and shaving.

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Asutra Dead Sea Salt Scrub & Exfoliator

Looking for a body scrub that can gently exfoliate your skin while moisturizing it? This dead sea salt scrub contains over 20 minerals to help your skin receive the nourishment that it needs to stay hydrated, moisturized, and supple. It contains several oils that can help your skin to retain moisture after your shower. Some of the oils include jojoba, sweet almond, and olive oil.

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pureSCRUBS Organic Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Here is a sugar-based body scrub that is rough enough to remove dead skin and gentle enough to keep your skin moisturized and well-nourished. It contains impressive ingredients, including Argan oil, shea butter, and organic aloe vera, which are sure to keep your skin glowing and looking smoother.

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Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has provided you with the information you were looking for concerning body scrubs' potential to clog your shower drain. Before you go, be sure to check out our other posts:

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