Does Lip Liner Keep Lipstick From Bleeding?

There's nothing worse than putting on lipstick to realize it has bled into the edges of your skin. Lipstick can bleed into the lines around your lips, leaving you with makeup you don't want to be seen in public. But does lip liner help prevent this? Well, we've researched the topic in-depth and have the answer to this question.

Lip liner keeps lipstick from bleeding by creating a barrier between your lips and skin. 

Now you know that lip liner will help to keep your lipstick from bleeding, but keep reading as we discuss lip liner further. We'll also give you some tips on how to apply lip liner and how to prepare your lips for lipstick. Additionally, we'll answer some other questions you might have about lip liner and lipstick.

A beautiful woman applying lip liner, Does Lip Liner Keep Lipstick From Bleeding?

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All About Lip Liner

Young woman applying lip liner makeup

Lip liner has multiple purposes. It is a cosmetic product that is applied to the outer edge of your lips. It helps create a smooth edge and prevents lipstick from bleeding. Lip liner can also help enhance the look of your lips.

What causes lipstick to bleed?

If you have any fine lines or wrinkles around your mouth, this can cause lipstick to bleed. It seeps or bleeds into the lines causing feathering. Lip liner will act as a barrier between your lipstick and the lines around your mouth to help contain the lipstick within your lips.

Does lip liner go on before lipstick?

Close up of woman plump lips with lip liner

Now you know that lip liner is needed for anyone who experiences lipstick bleeding, but when should you apply it? Well, the lip liner does go on before your lipstick. Now you know the when, so let's talk about the how. Follow these steps below to find out how to apply your lip liner!

Step 1: Preparing Your Lips

Lip liner should be applied before your lipstick, but first, you should prepare your lips for lipstick. If you're unsure how to do this, we will detail how to do this later on. Once you've prepared your lips, it's time to begin applying concealer.

Step 2: Applying Concealer

Apply concealer just outside your lip. Blend it into your skin or foundation to the borders of your lips.

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Step 3: Apply Lip Liner To Your Top Lip

Start by applying lip liner to your top lip. Begin in the center of your top lip and work your way out to one side. Go back to the top to do the other side.

Step 4: Apply Lip Liner To Your Bottom Lip

Once you've done the top lip, it's time to apply lip liner to the bottom lip. Once again, you will begin in the center of your bottom lip and work your way out to the sides. For a fuller-looking lip, start at the sides and work your way to the center.

Step 5: Apply Your Lipstick

Now that you've applied your lip liner, you're ready to fill it in with lipstick. Apply a small amount of lipstick to your top and bottom lip. Lightly press them together to blend the lipstick out. Blot your lips with a tissue or paper towel.

Using a brush or your finger, blend the lip liner into your lipstick. Next, apply another smaller amount of lipstick to complete your coverage.

Creating A New Lip Line With Liner

If you're not satisfied with your lips' natural size, lip liner can also be used to create bigger-looking lips. Apply concealer to the outside of your lip line and blend it until you can't see where your lip meets your skin. Next, use your lip liner to create a new lip edge by overlining your natural lips. Finally, you'll fill it in with lipstick.

How do you prepare your lips for lipstick?

Applying lipstick isn't as simple as just slapping it on your lips. There are some things you should do to prepare your lips for lipstick.

First, you should exfoliate your lips. Gently exfoliate them using a washcloth if you're short on time. If you have longer to prep your lips, use a lip scrub to help remove dry skin. Exfoliating and removing any dry skin will help create a smooth canvas to which you can apply your lip liner and lipstick.

You should also consider using lip balm and lipstick primer before applying lipstick.

Should you apply lip balm before lipstick?

Lip balm isn't mandatory, but it's recommended. Lip balm will help keep your lips smooth. It's a good idea to apply lip balm after you have exfoliated your lips. Allowing it to soak into your lips will give you an even smoother surface to apply lipstick to.

Use a lip balm with sunscreen for added protection and to help prevent your lips from being damaged.

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What does lipstick primer do?

While purchasing your lipstick and liner, you might have noticed a product called lipstick primer. The lipstick primer's primary purpose is to prepare your lips for lipstick. Just like when you apply primer to a wall before you paint it or a primer to your face before you add foundation, it helps the lipstick stay put and look its best.

Lipstick primer will also help to create a smooth surface for your lipstick to adhere to. Lipstick primer can also help prevent lipstick from bleeding and feathering. Therefore, you should use it in addition to lip liner for extra prevention from bleeding lines.

While lipstick primer is also not mandatory, it will help give your lipstick a flawless look!

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Does clear lip liner work?

If you like to mix up your lipstick shades often, you probably don't want to buy a lip liner to match every shade of lipstick you have. The good news is that you don't have to.  A clear or invisible lip liner is an excellent option for those who have a wide range of lipstick colors, and it works just as well as a colored lip liner.

Using a clear lip liner will still help prevent bleeding and help keep your lipstick in place. It has all the benefits of regular lip liner without the hassle of trying to match your lip liner to your lipstick.

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Why do your lips look dry with lipstick?

If your lips look dry when you wear lipstick, it's probably because they are. Many lipsticks, especially matte finishes, can cause dry lips, so if you frequently wear lipstick, it's essential to take care of your lips.

Try to choose lipsticks that will nourish your lips. The more oil a lipstick has, the less dry it will look. Lipsticks with a "creamy finish" are a good option too. Some lipsticks can include argon oil. Argon oil is known for its moisturizing capabilities.

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Make sure to apply lip balm to your lips frequently and before applying lipstick. This will help prevent your lips from drying out. You can also apply products to your lips overnight to help keep them soft and moisturized. Lip masks can be applied overnight and offer protection and moisturizing while you sleep.

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Final Thoughts

Lip liner is a great addition to your makeup collection. It helps prevent lipstick bleeding and creates a smooth edge for your lipstick. With a clear lip liner, you don't even have to worry about matching it to your lipstick color, so what do you have to lose?

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