11 Glitter Eyeliner Looks To Try Out

Black eyeliner is a necessity for every makeup bag because it defines, shapes, and draws attention to the eyes. But what about glitter eyeliner? Can it be worn like our everyday go-to liner? The answer is yes! If you're on the fence about trying glitter liner or you need some inspiration for some new makeup trends, we've got 11 glitter eyeliner looks to try out. Please keep reading to see our gorgeous glitter looks that go from subtle to bold and everywhere in between.

A beautiful woman showing her eye glitter make up, 11 Glitter Eyeliner Looks To Try Out

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1.Blissful Burgundy and Gold

Gold glitter eyeliner looks lovely against dark colors like burgundy. Achieve this style using a deep burgundy color on the eyelid and blend with a lighter shade of mauve in the crease up to the browbone. Gold glitter eyeliner is swiped on the upper lash line and lifted upwards to create a winged look.

An up close photo of a woman's glitter style make up

2. Electric Blue

A beautiful woman applying blue glitter eyelid make

This natural eye makeup gets a shock of color with electric blue. Neutral brown eyeshadow is applied on the lid and blended up to the browbone. A hint of highlighter adds glow and definition under the brows. Use black eyeliner to create a defined cat-eye, and accentuate with a swipe of glittery blue eyeliner on top. Complete the look with two coats of mascara on upper and lower lashes.

3. Stunning Silver

A stylish gradient eye glitter make up with a gradient color pattern from dark to silver

Bold is beautiful with this silver design. Apply slate grey eyeshadow to the lid and blend with a deeper charcoal grey on the outer corner and into the crease. Dab a small amount of metallic silver eyeshadow on the inner corner to pair with silver glitter eyeliner to achieve a winged look. Use liquid black eyeliner to line the upper lashes and bottom waterline and finish with several coats of mascara.

4. Romantic Rose Gold

There's no color quite as beautiful as rose gold. Recreate this look by blending taupe and mauve shades of eyeshadow on the lid and crease and smudge a small amount on the lower lash line. Use a liquid black liner to make a bold cat-eye. Once dry, take rose gold glitter liner and start at the inner corner and stop 3/4 of the way on top and line bottom lash line.

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5. Summer Sunset

We're getting summer sunset vibes from this color combination! This makeup look features a dramatic cut-crease paired with purple holographic glitter eyeliner. Use a dusty purple eyeshadow to define the crease and cut it with a coppery orange color. Follow the crease line with purple liner and finish with false lashes for a dazzling look.

6. Elegant Simplicity

A gorgeous looking woman with a stylish eyeliner make design

Want to try glitter eyeliner but not quite ready to go bold? This look is an excellent way to test the waters that looks elegant in the office or a night on the town. Blend sheer nude eyeshadow from lid to browbone and use black liquid liner to create a winged look. Use gold glitter eyeliner underneath the wing for a hint of shimmer. Finish with mascara on top lashes for a black and gold combination that'll never go out of style.

7. Cotton Candy Dreams

Cotton candy hues come together to create a beautiful design. Apply periwinkle shadow on the lid and lower lash line. Next, use a deep violet shade and blend from the center of the eyelid to the outer corner. Place a small amount of pearl shadow and smudge on the inner eye and underneath eyebrows. Use black eyeliner to make a dramatic wing and white holographic glitter liner to apply what's known as a floating crease line. For the most dramatic effect, add false lashes.

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8. Green With Envy

Everyone will be envious of this glam green eye makeup; this is known as the all-around winged liner look. Take emerald green glitter liner and create a cat-eye wing. Using a lighter green glitter liner, make a downward pointing wing on the inner corner of eye and line one-third of the bottom lash line. Take a teal eye pencil and line the bottom waterline to complete. Wear this look with or without eyeshadow; it'll turn heads either way!

9. Regal Purple

There's something about wearing purple that makes us feel like royalty. This simple but lovely style is achieved by applying violet eyeshadow on the lid and blending with a light lilac color in the crease. Use a beautiful plum glitter liner to create a long-line wing on the top lash line and finish with dramatic false lashes.

10. Autumn Spice

This design uses two different colors of glitter eyeliner that would be a perfect look for autumn. Apply nude shimmer eyeshadow to the lid and blend to the browbone. Use rose gold glitter eyeliner to line top lashes and create a long-line wing. For the bottom lash line, use a copper-hued glitter liner. Coat lashes with jet black mascara to set the look.

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11. Twisted Teal

The eyeliner steals the show here; no eyeshadow or mascara required! Use a beautiful teal glitter liner to create this twisted, abstract design known as a graphic arrow. The graphic arrow combines the cat-eye with a dramatic flair under the brow bone and the inner eye. All eyes will be on you when you wear this fun, edgy look.

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