Does Hair Mousse Hold Curls?

Curly hair can be tough. Whether it's wavy, loose curls, or tight coils, it seems like everything has to be just so. What left you with the best hair of your life yesterday has created a frizzy lion's mane today. Other things leave you flat or greasy. It's frustrating! You need a new product, one that can give you great, consistent results. Can it be mousse? We've checked with hair experts and beauticians to find out.

Hair mousse does hold curls, though it's not ideal for all curly hair types. Mousse tends to be most effective when hair is:

  • Light and thin
  • Has fairly well-formed curls that need sculpting
  • Not exposed to a lot of intense conditions, activity, or long days

In the end, you'll have to try mousse for yourself to decide if it has a place on the bathroom shelf. We'll walk you through precisely what mousse is, who it's best for, and other products to consider. This article also explains the right way to apply mouse. Finally, we'll run through some of the most popular mousse options out there, so you can find the one that's right for you.

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Does Mousse Help Hold Natural Curls?

Mousse is lightweight, giving hair an extra boost of volume. When applied carefully, it can define and sculpt your natural curls. The only downside to mousse is its light, porous nature. It won't hold the hair down or overburden it - but it also won't hold up to much activity or wind. It's not long-lasting and durable. But it does give curls soft support.
If you're having a hard time maintaining your curls, your hair might be lacking in moisture. You'll still need a product like a mousse to keep it polished and smoothed. But if nothing seems to work, then hydrate. Consider adding a hair serum to your routine, and get to the "root" of the problem (get it?) Read more here: 11 Types Of Hair Serum To Know.

Is Gel Or Mousse Better For Curly Hair?

It's a tough call, whether gel or mousse is better for curly hair. Either product works, but most people find that they prefer one over the other.

A gel is thicker and heavier than mousse. As a result, it leaves curls a bit sturdier. It also is more effective against flyaways or frizz. However, if your hair tends to be thin, the gel might weigh it down too much. Some people with thin hair find that using gel makes their hair flat or greasy - not the intended results.

Mousse doesn't have the same strength that gel does. It's not ideal for people who are very active. But if you have thin, manageable curls that need a little extra smoothing, mousse might be perfect. If you like mousse but need some extra help fighting frizz, try: How To Stop Frizzy Hair After Washing?

How To Apply Mousse To Curly Hair?

  • Apply the mousse to damp hair. You can do this after a shower, or you can spray your hair with a mister first. If your hair requires extra moisture, begin by adding a leave-in conditioner first.
  • Then, work the mousse through the hair in sections. Comb through with a Denman comb or other brush to remove tangles. Denman is one that many curly-haired girls swear by as being well worth the investment for your hair.

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  • Smooth and place smaller curls together, shaping your hair as desired.
  • Scrunch the hair with a microfiber towel to dry. Scrunch and shape the curls as you squeeze out excess moisture.
  • Optional step: Add volume by adding hair clips to clumps of hair at the roots. Clip diagonally, lifting the hair.
  • When dry, fluff the hair roots. You can use a pick style comb or one like this:

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Can I Use Mousse On Permed Hair?

If your hair is curly thanks to a perm, you'll want products like mousse or gel to maintain those curls. But you'll need to keep in mind that you don't have curls - you have chemical-treated curls.

As a result, you'll need to be sure to pick the right products. The fewer chemicals that you pile onto your hair, the better. First of all, by mixing fewer chemicals on top of a perm, the longer your perm will last. Secondly, it will help maintain the health of your hair.

The biggest key is to pick a mousse that is alcohol and silicone-free. Alcohol is drying on hair to begin. When that hair has already been treated once with chemicals, it's more prone to breakage. Silicone is heavy and will weigh down curls or make them greasy.

Best Mousse For Curly Hair?

Sheamoisture Curl Mousse For Frizz Control

With shea butter for moisture, this blend also controls frizz with coconut and neem oil. Hibiscus adds shine. It's low-weight and doesn't smother your hair, and won't leave a residue.

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got2b Kinkier Gloss 'N Define Curling Mousse

This one is great for easily defined curls. It adds volume to your hair and extra shine. But, the real praise is how simple it is to achieve smooth, spiraled curls.

Garnier Fructis Style Curl Construct Creation Mousse

This blend is very smooth, without that sticky feeling of product that some mousse can have. It's a weightless, airy mix. Just run it through your hair and scrunch. You'll be left with smooth, frizz-free curls and shiny hair. Just note that it's not going to work as well on thin hair. This one is better for thick, frizzy hair that needs serious taming.

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African Pride Moisture Miracle Mousse

For extra moisture locked right into the hair, try this. Rosewater keeps your curly hair hydrated. Meanwhile, the argan oil leaves hair shiny and smooth. It's a lightweight foam that leaves hair frizz-free and manageable.

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L'Oreal Paris Curve It Curl Elastic Mousse

For long-lasting curls, this is it. It's surprisingly durable and long-lasting for a mousse. The perfect all-day formula for hair with soft, bouncy curls.

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In Closing

Hair mousse is one of several products that you can use to keep your curls bouncy and intact. Whether your curls are natural or thanks to a perm, mousse is an effective tool for your beauty cabinet. Permed curls should only use a mousse that is alcohol and silicone-free, however. Otherwise, your perm may not last as long as you expect - or worse, your hair may be damaged.

Mousse tends to perform well in hair that is short, light, or thin. It's also best for hair that isn't exposed to much activity or weather. If your hair is thick, frizzy, or needs to last all day in more extreme conditions, you might find that gel works better.

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