How To Wear A Denim Jacket Over 50 [15 Awesome Ideas]

Figuring out how to wear a denim jacket if you're over 50 can be tricky sometimes. Do you want to try something new but don't know where to start? We did some digging to find you some good ideas.

Whether you are going for a grungy look or something high fashion, styling your denim jacket isn't as hard as it seems. From what we found, pairing a simple top with your denim jacket and adding a few accessories is always a good idea. Another way to spice things up is by trying bold patterns and prints, whether it's your shoes, pants, or skirt.

As we begin, we will cover all things denim jackets and show you some outfit ideas if you're over 50. Although age is only a number, styling your clothing appropriately is always a good idea. With that said, let's dive into this topic!

An elderly man tucking in his denim jacket for a photoshoot, How To Wear A Denim Jacket Over 50 [15 Awesome Ideas]

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1. On-The-Go Denim Look

First, we have a casual yet elegant denim jacket idea that is perfect for a day out. Whether you are running errands or out to lunch with friends, choosing a plain white collared shirt and navy pants is an easy way to style denim accessories.

We also love the loafers this model is wearing and think they class up the denim jacket nicely.

JENN ARDOR Women’s Mule Flats

These slip-on loafers are fabric material, have a rubber sole, are backless, and come in a few color/pattern options.

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2. All Black With A Pop Of Color

Next, we have an all-black idea for your denim jacket with a pop of bright-colored accessories. Although this outfit isn't super colorful, we appreciate the bold red shoes and stunning turquoise necklace this model has on.

3. Stripes And Oversized Accessories

Third, we have a fun spring/summer look using stripes and over-the-top accessories. In general, we think stripes are perfect for those over 50 and will help give your denim jacket an on-trend look.

That said, oversized glasses and handbags are also very "in" right now, so we recommend these for any season or occasion.

Prada PR 16WS

These oversized round sunglasses have a plastic frame, composite lens, are not polarized, and come in two colors.

Click this link to see them on Amazon.

4. Denim On Denim

An elderly woman wearing a red shirt and denim jacket while riding her bike

Another way to wear your denim jacket is to pair it with even more denim. Although this might be a lot for some, we think doubling down with a pair of jeans is an easy way to create a cohesive look.

If you aren't sold on this yet, try choosing a slightly lighter or darker pair of denim pants to break things up.

5. Matching Your Handbag

Fifth, we have a denim jacket look with a matching handbag that we can't get enough of. Similar to our all-black suggestion, this outfit has just the right amount of color using fun accessories.

A detail to note is the long statement necklace that adds some variety to this look without being overly distracting.

6. Fun Summer Look

Next, we have a comfortable and summer-friendly denim jacket idea that is perfect for anyone over 50. Although wearing a pair of sneakers with your denim jacket isn't groundbreaking, we do love the active look it gives.

Another style detail to note is the matching white pants and sneakers, which we think bring the look altogether.

Keds Women's Champion Canvas Sneaker

These champion sneakers are canvas material, have a rubber sole, lace-up, and come in a few color choices.

View these canvas sneakers on Amazon here.

7. Olive Green Cargo Pants

Coming in at seven, we have this olive green and denim pairing that we also like for the summer. Although green cargo pants have a more rugged look, we appreciate how this outfit went with sleek black leather flats to class things up.

If you want to try cargo pants with your jacket but prefer an elegant look, we think a pair of simple flats or heels will do the trick.

8. Winter-Worthy Midi Skirt

Switching seasons, we have a denim jacket outfit idea we think is perfect for the wintertime. If you don't like the look of a maxi-style skirt, we think wearing a midi length with a denim jacket is a good alternative to try.

We also love how this model has a similar style bag to her shoes, which helps to create a theme for her outfit.

Verdusa Women's Elegant A-Line Midi Skirt

This midi skirt is 100% polyester, high-waisted, has a silky feel, and comes in three colors.

See this skirt on Amazon here.

9. Cheery Floral Patterns

Ninth, we have a floral dress and jean jacket pairing that feels quintessentially spring. As much as we love pants with denim jackets, we also think dresses look just as good.

When it comes to your denim jackets length with a dress, we think shorter options look more stylish/well fitted.

10. Bright Yellow Skirt And Accessories

Next, we have a bright yellow outfit idea that fits perfectly with a denim jacket. Like our other bold color suggestions, yellow does a nice job accentuating denim rather than clashing with it.

We especially appreciate how this model matched her shoes with her skirt and then chose a slightly warmer bag to create some contrast.

11. Chino Pants And Wedges

Another idea we have for a denim jacket would be chino pants and wedge heels. Usually, chino pants have a casual summer look, so pairing them with wedge heels or sandals is the perfect combination.

Styling-wise, we think a simple button-down shirt or blouse will work nicely for an outfit like this.

Hurley Women's Tapered Fit Chino Pants

These tapered chino pants are cotton and spandex, machine washable, and come in a few colors.

Check them out on Amazon here.

12. Eye-Catching Animal Print

For anyone who's been anxiously waiting for some animal print, we've got you covered. If you are over 50, adding an animal print skirt or top to your wardrobe is a fun way to spice things up.

For those recreating this look at home, try tucking in your shirt and grabbing a sexy pair of pumps to wear with your skirt.

WDIRARA Women's Mid Waist Leopard Print Skirt

This leopard print skirt is a soft fabric blend, promises to be comfortable, and comes in a few different pattern options.

See this skirt on Amazon here.

13. Outdoorsy Checkered Look

Next up, we have an outdoorsy denim jacket styling using a checkered button-down and cargo pants. When it comes to winter layering, we think choosing practical, warm clothing is essential.

With that said, we like how this outfit feels appropriate for the outside but also incorporates high fashion accessories with the watch, sunglasses, purse, and jewelry.

14. A Bit Of Western Flare

Another way to style your denim jacket is to take your outfit back to the wild west. Even though you don't need to go crazy with your western accessories, we think a few leather pieces will be sufficient.

Styling-wise, we think a blue dress is a great way to make your denim pop and love the simple boots this example went with.

15. Dramatic Pumps

Last but not least, we have a pair of dramatic pumps to wear with a denim jacket and dress. Like our earlier animal print suggestion, we think a pair of zebra print heels are a fun way to spice up your outfit and get people talking.

We also want to note the stylish clutch and sunglasses, which will make any outfit look like its fresh off the runway.

Our Final Thoughts

Whether you need new outfit ideas for your denim jacket or want to wear one for the first time, don't let your age stop you. From what we found, trying bold prints and fun accessories is a great way to style your jacket and step outside of your comfort zone. Between the ideas we saw, we think chino pants and simple button-shirts are universally stylish and easy to do at home.

When wearing a skirt or dress with your denim jacket, try to keep it mid-length, and don't be afraid to accessorize. Regardless of your style, make sure to find clothing that makes you feel confident, and when in doubt, grab a pair of oversized sunglasses.

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