How To Wear Socks With Boots

You probably don't think twice about wearing a pair of socks with your boots. Socks prevent blisters and help keep the inside of your boots clean.  But, maybe you've been scrolling through Instagram or flipping through a fashion magazine recently and noticed some stylish ladies rocking a gorgeous pair of boots with a bit of sock peeking over the top. Are you wondering how to pull off this combo? Lucky for you, we have done the research and are happy to give you some excellent tips on how to achieve this fashion look.

Woman wearing boots with socks walking in autumn, How To Wear Socks With Boots

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There are many ways to wear socks with boots. Here is a brief list of suggestions:

  1. Slouchy socks with combat boots 
  2. Lace-trimmed socks with tall boots
  3. Neutral toned socks with duck boots 
  4. Knit socks with rainboots
  5. Fishnet socks with black boots
  6. Thigh-high socks with any boot 

As you can see, there are so many ways to wear socks with boots. Scroll down and keep reading to see examples and find out more about this fashion trend. 

1. Slouchy Socks With Combat Boots

A great pair of slouchy socks look great peeking out from a combat boot. The hard and soft contrast is sure to turn heads as you walk down the street. 

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2. Lace-Trimmed Socks With Tall Boots

Lace-trimmed socks add a subtle feminine look to any outfit. Tall boots look great with lace socks, but you could make them work with boots of any height. 

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3. Neutral Toned Socks With Duck Boots

Duck boots look super stylish with a pop of neutral sock at the top. It adds a stylish flair to these fashionable and functional shoes. 

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4. Knit Socks With Rainboots 

Take your rainboots to the next level with a great pair of knit socks. They also help keep your feet nice and cozy on those rainy days. Plenty of companies make socks specifically for rainboots, so you are sure to find plenty of options. 

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5. Fishnet Socks With Black Boots

Create an edgy look by wearing some fishnet socks with any stylish pair of black boots. It is a subtle way to show off your unique style. 

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6. Thigh-High Socks With Any Boot 

It takes a special kind of woman to rock thigh-high anything. If this is your style, then get a pair of very tall socks to wear with your favorite pair of boots. To learn about some great boot brands, read this blog post. Put on a cute mini skirt or pair of shorts, and you will be one stylish fashionista. 

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What Socks Do You Wear With Boots?

As you can see from the above examples, there are many possibilities for the kinds of socks you can wear with boots. 

If you do not want your socks to be visible, then wear any type of sock that hits below the top of your boot. Wool socks are always a great choice because they allow your feet to breathe, and they wick moisture away from your skin. 

If you are wearing sock with boots as a fashion statement, then the possibilities are endless. We recommend trying to match sock height with boot height. For example, if you have knee-high boots, then wear them with over the knee socks. Or, if you have mid-calf boots, then wear them with calf-high socks. 

There are always exceptions to this general recommendation. You should wear what makes you feel comfortable. If you want to rock combat boots with knee-high socks, then go for it! Be bold and make a fashion statement. 

Can You Wear Socks With Booties and Jeans?

Yes, you can do this. 

If you are wearing skinny jeans with booties, then a slouchy sock is a good choice. Try tucking your jeans into the slouchy sock and then slipping on your booties. The socks add an extra layer between your pants and shoes can make a simple look even more fashionable. 

If you want to wear looser jeans with booties and socks, you can do that too. We recommend rolling or cuffing the jean, so it hits just above the sock line. 

Should Socks Show With Ankle Boots?

Ankle boots can look great with a little bit of sock peeking out at the top. But, they can also look great without any visible sock. 

If you do not want your sock to show, make sure you are wearing low enough cut socks. An intentionally visible sock can look super stylish, but an unintentionally visible sock can seem a little disheveled. 

How Do You Wear Boot Socks With a Dress?

Boot socks look great with a tall boot and short dress. We recommend a knee boot or higher to create a fashion-forward look. 

Here is a super cute outfit with boot socks and lace-up boots:

This would be a great look you could pull off in almost any season. 

Here is another stylish outfit for the colder months:

A cute sweater dress with a pair of tall boots and knit boot socks is a perfect fall look. 

If you are interested in how to wear ankle boots with a dress, read this blog post. 

What Are Sock Boots?

If you have been searching for boot socks, then you may have come across sock boots in your shopping adventures. Sock boots are boots that fit closely to your ankle and calf. They look super sleek and can come in a variety of materials. You should wear socks with them.

Most people wear sock boots without any sock showing. But, you could still find a pair of socks that look good at the top of your sock boots.  

Here is a cute sock boot look:

Here is another sock boot look with an added sock detail:

This monochromatic look is a definite statement that would look great. Just remember to match your sock color to your sock boot to replicate this look. 

Socks Are Your Boots Best Friend!

Make sure to always wear socks with any of your boots. They protect your feet and keep your shoes clean. But your socks can be fashionable too! You can make your outfit even more stylish by showing off a bit of sock above your boots. Don't be afraid to try out a new look to make your socks functional and fashionable. 

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