Can You Wear Ankle Boots With a Dress?

Woman in blue dress wearing black boots standing on hardwood floor

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It used to be that boots were associated with the more rugged aspects of fashion. Hiking, riding, working in the garden were all activities that required boots. But in the past few decades, boots have come into their own. And the ankle boot, in particular, has made a big splash with great details and varying heel heights. So, can you wear ankle boots with a dress?

The answer, of course, is yes, you can wear ankle boots with a dress. And we're going to show you several styling options in the images below, but here's a quick list of ways to wear ankle boots with a dress.

  1. Matching Your Dress and Boots
  2. Tough Boots with a Delicate Dress
  3. Add A Fun Accessory
  4. Motorcycle Boots with a Balloon Dress
  5. Complement with a Scarf
  6. A Feminine Dress with Black Boots
  7. Black Stacked Heels with a Floral Dress
  8. Nude Suede Ankle Boots with a White Dress

Are you ready to see all the fun ways to style a new pair of ankle boots? Well, keep reading.

Ways To Style Ankle Boots With A Dress

Matching Your Dress To your Boots

An elegant solid colored dress pairs perfectly with an equally refined pair of solid ankle boots. The stiletto heel is the chic counterpoint to the simple v-neck of this dark dress. Whether your boots are suede, as shown here, or rich calf leather, you'll look like a million bucks in a combination like this.

Beautiful sexy lady wearing fashion designer blue dress and black boots

This pair of suede black ankle boots by Aerosoles features a comfortable 2" heel. The comfort foam footbed means you can wear these all day without issue.

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Tough Boots With A Delicate Dress

The juxtaposition of fashion is a great way to show off all of the sides of our personality. So why not pair an industrial-detailed pair of suede boots, with a chunkier heel, and a gauzy floral dress. It says sweet with a side of sass and will keep people wondering about you and wanting to emulate your style.

Young model wearing boots and colorful dress poses with one arm outstretched and the other to her shoulder against a dilapidated wall

These awesome boots from Frye are a perfect combination of feminine and edgy. They also come in red and black. Frye boots last forever and are an excellent fashion investment.

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Add A Fun Accessory To Your Dress And Ankle Boot Combination

Ankle boots and a dress say fun to start with, but take it over the top fun by adding a few great accessories. Here the combination is paired with a fluffy scarf and winter toboggan that pick up the colors in the ensemble. The pom on top of this toboggan is especially fun!

Woman wearing jumper dress and beanie

This fantastic winter beanie from FurTalk features a slouchy knitted cap and a real raccoon fur pom on the top. These are one size fits all, come in many different colors, and the pom is removable for easy cleaning of the 100% acrylic wool cap.

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Motorcycle Boots With A Balloon Dress

You're going to want to take it to the highway in this daring duo. An edgy dress paired with an even edgier pair of boots will have all the bad boys or girls knocking at your door. The color combination of denim blue and soft grey is a proven winner, as well.

Woman wearing blue dress and scarf on white background

Nothing says biker quite like Harley Davidson, and that's exactly who makes this killer pair of boots. These have a sturdy stacked 3" heel, zipper side and studded details. You'll feel like the baddest belle at the ball with these shoes on.

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Complement The Look With A Scarf

Ankle boots can draw the eye when worn with a dress. So to balance things out, why not pick a scrumptious scarf to draw the eye back up. That way, when people appraise your fashion, it creates a nice circular balance of style elements. Here an animal print scarf works well with the textured boots and soft green dress.

Woman in gress dress leaning on a fence on the street

A leopard print infinity scarf is a must-have accessory for your closet. This one is a lightweight polyester that gives the look and feel of silk but with easier cleaning capacity. This one comes in many different colors.

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A Feminine Dress With Black Boots

Flirty with a growl is how you might describe this great look. Pair a mini-dress with a feminine frill to a pair of rough and tough black boots for a look that keeps them guessing. This buckled pair of boots is a nice contrast to the ruffled skirt on the dress.

Female teenager wearing white dress and black boots posing at the park

Triple buckles and a silvery zipper detail bring this pair of stacked ankle boots from Steve Madden alive. The pointy toe will make you feel the power in your feet as you step out in this perfect pair. The stacked heel is comfortable for all-day wear.

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Pair Black Stacked Heels With A Floral Dress

Black boots don't always have to be tough-looking. You can take a feminine floral dress and pair it with elegant black suede stacked ankle boots for a couture look. Grab your favorite black clutch bag to round out the look, and you'll have everyone taking note of your outfit.

Beautiful woman sitting on the park wearing half sleeve floral dress with black boots and purse

These high-heeled beauties from Sam Edelman give the perfect suede elegant look for this floral combo. Zipper for easy access in and out of the boot.

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This Michael Kors clutch bag is everything you'll want to pull off this look. It has a push-lock closure and a chain and leather strap. Inside is a side zip pocket and a center zip pocket for four-pocket spaces in total.

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Nude Suede Ankle Boots With A White Dress

For a soft summer look, consider pairing your favorite white dress with a peep-toe slide ankle boot. The combination of nude leather on the boot and the soft white of the dress gives a beach-side vibe of calm and cool. Belt the look with a coordinating shade as your boots.

Beautiful stylish woman in white dress posing on the street

Here's another great shoe from Steve Madden. The peep-toe nude suede boot has a 3 1/4" heel height and a double snap ankle closure for easy wear. This will look super with your perfect white dress.

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What Type Of Dress Goes With Ankle Boots?

Mostly you want to think about your body type when choosing a dress go with ankle boots. A dress that's too long paired with ankle boots may make your legs appear shorter.

  • Mini skirts
  • Midi-dresses
  • Bubble skirts
  • Rompers
  • A-line dresses
  • Dresses that end above the knee

Can You Wear Ankle Boots With A Maxi Dress?

Yes, ankle boots look amazing with maxi dresses. But so do most boots. Because the skirt of the maxi dress is so long, you may not see that it's an ankle boot versus a regular boot. But if your maxi skirt has a slit, then you're onto something super special.

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