Should Jeans Be Washed Cold Or Warm?

Jeans are a staple article of clothing in any wardrobe. Whether you have a designer pair or some for doing grunge work, you'll eventually need to wash them. And when the time comes, should they be washed in cold or warm? For your convenience, we have brought you the answer.

Jeans should be washed in cold water to ensure they last the longest amount of time possible. It is technically okay to wash your jeans in warm water, but they will wear out faster. Do not wash your jeans in hot water unless you want to shrink them.

Continue reading to find out which temperature is best for washing jeans, whether or not your jeans will shrink if you wash them in cold water, whether or not you can wash jeans with other clothes as well as how to wash dark jeans without fading them, and more.

Putting Jeans into the washing machine, Should Jeans Be Washed Cold Or Warm?

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What You Should Know About Jeans

Some people prefer leggings over jeans but they are not always work-appropriate. If you prefer to wear jeans or are in more situations where jeans are appropriate, then you have come to the right place. Jeans are stylish and can be worn with a variety of tops for both men and women. True denim is made of 100% cotton. This helps your jeans form to your body and get softer over time.

What temperature is best to wash jeans?

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The best temperature of water to wash jeans in is your washer's cold setting. You can potentially wash your jeans in warm water if they are more soiled than normal. Typically, you want to wash jeans in cold water because it will preserve the material the longest. Use a gentle or delicate cycle and cold water for the best results.

Will jeans shrink if you wash them in cold water?

Cold water will not cause your jeans to shrink but warm or hot water will. Using warm or hot water when washing your jeans will also cause your jeans to fade faster. This is especially a problem with darker jeans. If you want your denim to remain blue, always wash your jeans in cold water.

Washing and drying your jeans using a high-temperature setting is the way to shrink them. Because denim is made of 100% cotton, it will usually shrink somewhat if you want to try this. If they do not shrink with this method, then you may want a different pair of jeans.

How do you wash dark jeans without fading them?

In order to wash jeans without fading them, wash them in cold water. Washing denim in warm or hot water will cause your jeans to fade more quickly. They will also last longer if you only wash them when it is necessary to do so. Hang your jeans up or lay them flat and let them air dry. This makes your jeans last longer and keep their color better.

Soaking your jeans in vinegar will keep your jeans dark. Washing your jeans by hand rather than in a washing machine will keep your jeans dark as well. If you want to wash your jeans in your washing machine, you should leave out the detergent unless it is specifically stated that it is color-preserving or meant for jeans.

How often should you wash jeans?

You truly do not need to wash your jeans very often. Some sources say a few weeks and others say up to two months. The main reason for waiting months before washing your jeans is so that the natural dyes have time to fully set into the fibers. When your jeans are brand new, it is best to wait as long as possible before washing them, especially in a washing machine.

How often you should wash your jeans honestly depends on how often you wear them and what you do while wearing them. If you wear jeans to work where they become soiled, it is a good idea to wash them more often than you might otherwise.

The average timing for when or how often you should wash jeans, in general, is about every six weeks. When your jeans have spills such as ketchup or are soiled with oil from work, you should go ahead and wash them. Wash them by hand or on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. If you have a body chemistry that is more prone to making your jeans stink, you may have to wash them more often.

Tips and Tricks for How to Make Your Jeans Last

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To increase the longevity of your jeans, you should consistently wash them in cold water. You can soak jeans in a water and vinegar mixture to clean them rather than using a washing machine. Soak them for about an hour and allow them to air dry. The smell of vinegar will dissipate when the jeans are dry. Doing this helps prevent damaging them or wearing them out more quickly.

Hand-washing your jeans is less damaging than using a washing machine. If your jeans stink, there is a way to help eliminate the bacteria that has been transferred from your skin to your jeans. Placing your jeans in the freezer overnight will kill bacteria and get rid of the odor. It's a win-win!

In order to prolong the life of your jeans, turn them inside out and zip them up before washing them. The main reason for this is so that they do not lose the shade that you prefer. Soap and water can cause your denim to lose its natural color or fade more easily. Turning them inside out helps to slow that process.

When you zip them up inside out, the zipper and potential buttons on the pockets will not tear up other clothes in the wash. You will also want to turn your jeans inside out if you intend to let them air dry outdoors. If you wash your jeans in a washing machine with detergent, you should use an extra rinse option to be sure the detergent is fully washed out. If you prefer to dry your jeans in the dryer instead of air drying them, set the temperature on your dryer to low or medium heat rather than high.

Can you wash jeans with other clothes?

If you wash your jeans with other clothes, be sure you turn them inside out and zip them up. This is so sweaters, lace, or other materials that can become damaged with buttons or zippers will not get ruined. It is best to wash jeans along with dark colors if you are going to wash them with other clothes. Most people would say to wash your jeans together rather than with other clothes.

We recommend that you do not wash your jeans with white clothes. The dyes from the denim will more than likely leak onto your clothes if you do. Wash them with dark clothes and a detergent that is specifically made for dark clothing.

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In Closing

Putting Jeans into the washing machine, Should Jeans Be Washed Cold Or Warm?

Overall you should wash your jeans in cold water. You can use warm water if you prefer to wash your clothes that way, but they will last the longest if you wash them in cold water. Turning your jeans inside out before washing them will also help increase their longevity. Allowing jeans to airdry is better for them than putting them in the dryer. You can wash jeans with other clothes, but it is best to keep them together and just wash your jeans all at once.

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