9 Ways To Keep Bottom Eyeliner From Smudging

Sometimes eyeliner simply won't stay put! And if you find that your eyeliner tends to smudge or run throughout the day, don't fret. We've looked into some of the best ways to keep your bottom eyeliner from smudging. In this post, we will cover several methods to keep your liner smudge-free all day long.

Several reasons may cause your bottom eyeliner to smudge at some point during the day; here are the best ways to prevent it:

  • Apply the liner in layers
  • Set the liner with a powder
  • Use oil-absorbing sheets
  • Curl your lashes before applying a liner
  • Use a setting spray
  • Apply a primer
  • Apply a clear concealer
  • Use gel liners
  • Only buy waterproof formulas

Sometimes the smallest change in your makeup routine can help keep your bottom eyeliner smudge-free and staying on longer. Smudging and fading on the bottom lid can be prevented by taking a closer look at the type of liner that you use and other products that you may use with it. Continue reading to learn about how to keep your bottom liner from smudging.

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Ways To Keep Bottom Eyeliner From Smudging

Woman applying eyeliner on eyelid with pencil

Apply the liner in layers

This technique is similar to the lipstick layering technique, as you simply need to apply two to three layers of eyeliner to each eye. Start by applying the eyeliner to your bottom lid and then gently smudge it out with your smudge pan or a cotton swab. Next, apply another layer of liner on top of the previous layer for longer wear. It's best not to apply more than two or three layers, as the liner can become lumpy.

Set the liner with a powder

Setting your eyeliner with a cream foundation can help to prevent creasing and smudging. After applying your eyeliner, take your powder and gently dab the area right beneath the lower lid. It's best to use an angled makeup sponge to do this, as precision is important with this technique. After setting your line with the powder, it should stay intact throughout the day.

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Use oil-absorbing sheets

Oil-absorbing sheets are another great option for preventing liner smudges. If you have oily skin, it can contribute to your bottom liner smudging prematurely. Keep a pack of oil-absorbing sheets in your bag and use them to blot your under-eye area as needed. The sheets can also help reduce creasing when they're used right before applying your eyeliner. They're fairly inexpensive, and you can usually find them in packs of 60 for long-lasting use.

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Curl your lashes before applying a liner

Start curling your lashes before you put on your eyeliner. Mascara brushes are thick and can easily brush against freshly-applied eyeliner. Applying your mascara first will help you avoid smudging the lower lid liner during your application process.

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Use a setting spray

After applying your eyeliner, seal it in using a setting spray. Setting sprays typically come in a spritz bottle and act as a solid barrier to help keep your lower lid eyeliner in place. Not only will the spray keep your bottom line smudge-free, but it'll also increase its lasting time.

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Apply a primer

When it comes to makeup, primer is your best friend. Primer works as a great tool to prevent your lower lid eyeliner from creasing and smudging. Apply primer to the area around your eyes before applying your eyeliner and mascara. You can also set your primer with a good compact powder and then re-apply the eyeliner for extra protection against smudging.

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Apply a clear concealer

A quality concealer can keep your eyeliner from running down your lower lid. The great thing about clear concealers is that you don't have to worry about trying to match them with powder or liner. You can simply place the concealer on top of the liner, and you're good to go. The concealer can keep your liner in place for hours.

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Use gel liners

Gel liners work best for preventing smudging lines and creases. They typically dry faster, and their thick formula is less likely to run after it's applied. Pencil liners are also a good option for preventing lower lid smudging. You'll find that some liners offer a convenient 2-in-1 option that includes both types.

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Only buy waterproof formulas

This is probably one of the most significant features to look for when it comes to preventing smudges on your lower lids. Waterproof liners are less likely to smudge, especially after a long day's wear.

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Prepare your skin before applying liner

While you may have found the perfect lineup for your lower lids, it will mean nothing if your skin isn't properly prepared before applying it. Runny or smudged eyeliner can often result from oily skin, so it's always best to start with a fresh, clean face before applying your eyeliner.

Your skin should also be dry before applying eyeliner. Be sure to wait a minute or two after applying your lotion or primer before adding the liner.

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Where Do You Put Eyeliner On The Bottom Lid?

Colorful frame with various makeup products

Where you place the eyeliner on your bottom lid will depend on the type of look you are going for. Here are a few popular looks to consider:

Subtle definition

Sometimes you want to keep things easy with just a little subtle definition beneath the eye. For this look, you'll need to lightly brush the liner over the bottom lid, at least two-thirds of the way in. You can also lightly smudge the liner downward into your lashes for a more pronounced lash line. The whites of your eyes will make the perfect contrast for the lash line, giving your eyes more definition.

Dramatic effect

Winged eyes or cat eyes can be another method that you can use to apply eyeliner to your bottom lid. You'll need to apply the liner to the lower third or two-thirds of your lash line for these methods. And if you are going for the smokey eye look, be sure to gently smudge the line with a smudge brush for a more dramatic finish.

For tips on achieving this look on your top lid, check out the video below:

Eye brightening

A light peach or white eyeliner on your bottom lid can do wonders for brightening your eyes. If you are new to this liner application method, you may need one or two tries before you become comfortable with applying it to your waterline. But if you are looking for a way to make your eyes look brighter and more alert, this is definitely a method worth looking into. Ensure that you use a liner with a gel or pencil liner, as liquid liners may be too harsh for this area.

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What Eyeliner Is Best For The Bottom Lid?

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

One of the most highly recommended eyeliners for the bottom lid is the glide-on pencil by Urban Decay. Since the launch of their line over 20 years ago, Urban Decay has dominated the makeup market with affordable products that provide top-quality results.

Their glide-on pencil is a perfect example of that. This pencil comes in neutral colors, tropical hues, and metallic finishes, allowing you to create dozens of different looks for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for a subtle line for daily wear or dramatic looks for an evening out on the town, this pencil is guaranteed to last for hours without smudging. The velvety-soft formula stays put and goes on easy, providing a waterproof finish perfect for blending.

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Covergirl Ink It By Perfect Point Plus Waterproof Eyeliner

This waterproof liner by Covergirl is a great runner-up if you are looking for a solid liner that can get you through the day without smudging. It contains a fade-resistant formula that works well for defined looks and dramatic finishes. The gel pencil also glides on smoothly without pulling or dragging the skin during the process. It comes in several shades and can easily be removed with a little soap and water or any oil-based makeup remover.

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What Color Eyeliner For Bottom Lid Is Best?

It depends on the look that you are going for. Most makeup experts recommend lining your bottom lid with a darker liner if you want a dramatic effect. However, if you want to make your eyes appear bigger, applying a light-colored or white liner on your waterline will work best.

Does Eyeliner Make Your Eyes Look Bigger?

Whether or not an eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger depends on the color of the eyeliner and how it is applied. Eyeliner is applied to the upper and lower eyelid to help define the eye. However, when light or bright-colored liners are used on the lower lid, they can help the eye to appear bigger and more awake. Using a heavy application of a dark liner on the bottom and lower leg or both will make the eye appear smaller, especially if the liner is black.

How Do You Keep Eyeliner On All Day?

The best way to keep eyeliner on all day is to first ensure that you're using a waterproof and long-lasting formula. You'll also want to ensure that you remove any oil from your skin before applying the liner, as it can cause it to smudge prematurely. Lastly, you can also use concealer, primer, or a layering technique to keep the liner in place so that it does not run throughout the day.

Wrapping Things Up

There are several ways to prevent your eyeliner from running throughout the day. It can help to experiment with different types of liners and techniques to find out which method will work best for you.

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