What Shoes Go With Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are notoriously known for their utilitarian style. They are comfortable, loose-fitting, and have the perfect pockets to carry any essentials. Cargos are beloved by both men and women and, in turn, have been styled with a wide variety of shoes. If you are looking for the perfect shoe to pair with your cargo pants, you are in luck! We have done the research and compiled some great cargo pants and shoe pairings.

Cargo pants look great with a variety of shoes:

  • Sneakers
  • Canvas shoes
  • Boots
  • Dress shoes
  • Heels
  • Sandals

Within these categories of shoes, there are endless styling possibilities. You will want to choose a shoe based on the overall look you are trying to achieve. 

Cargo pants have been around for ages, and just like fashion does, these pants have evolved. There are now several different styles of cargo pants available. You can find the perfect style of cargos for you as well as the perfect shoe to go with them. Keep reading for some great styling tips.

Man wearing cargo pants and brown leather shoes, What Shoes Go With Cargo Pants?

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What shoes go with black cargo pants?

There are so many different styles of shoes that look good with black cargo pants. However, the best shoe choice for you will be the shoe that goes with the purpose of your outfit. You also, of course, want to choose a shoe that is comfortable for you. This can include sneakers and canvas shoes as well as boots.


First on the list, sneakers are the most comfortable option. You also have the advantage of having a large selection of sneakers to choose from. Because they are so versatile, you can wear them for sporty, casual, or stylish looks without sacrificing comfort.

How do you rock cargo pants with sneakers?

This sporty black cargo pants outfit is worn with a white crop top and a pair of high-top sneakers. A good thing to remember is that you can add splashes of color to plain outfits to make them a bit more interesting. Since the limit to sneaker designs is endless, they are easy to add to color coordinated outfits.

Alternatively, you can go for an all-white sneaker. Solid colored sneakers help to accent or act as the main color. In this look, the white shoes help the pants become the main focus.

You can find more cargo pants and sneakers outfits in the youtube video below:

Canvas shoes

Next, you can pair your cargos with canvas shoes. That includes shoes like Vans, Converse, Toms, and other soft canvas shoes. Canvas shoes are comfortable as well and are great for casual looks.

You can pair a straight leg pair of black cargo pants with a pair of black and white vans for a casual dual-tone look. Canvas shoes are fairly low profile and pair well with looser pants.

You can also pair black and white canvas shoes with other colored pants. In the photo above, army green cargo pants are worn with a pair of converse shoes. Something major to remember is that neutral colors, such as black, white, and beige, can be worn with just about anything.

Do cargo pants go with boots?

Yes! Boots pair perfectly with cargo pants. It works well with the military feel that cargo pants are known for. However, they also go well with an edgy cargo look. You can wear a pair of black Doc Martens with your cargos for a grungy look.

Timberland boots work well with cargo pants. No matter the color of the pants, the boots will be able to compliment them due to their neutral color. You can achieve a casual look that also can be practical. If you wear cargos and boots frequently for outside activities, read our article answering whether cargo pants shrink or stretch over time.

What shoes go with khaki cargo pants?

You can wear khaki pants with the same shoes as black pants. The only difference when choosing shoes for khaki cargos is that you might opt for different colors. Otherwise, some additional shoe styles that go with these cargos are dress shoes, heels, and sandals.

Dress Shoes

Model wearing cargo pants and leather shoes

Even with their utility and relaxed fit, cargo pants can be dressed up or down. Adding a pair of dress shoes can take a look a level up from casual. As you can see in the picture, these dress shoes give a more mature casual look.

Here we can see cargo pants being paired with a pair of leather shoes. At first glance, because of his styling choices, you almost don't notice that he is wearing cargo pants. Due to the outfit, including a button-up shirt, this is closer to business casual than casual.

In the video below, you can see how to achieve specific looks with cargos along with their shoe style:


Next, adding heels to a cargo pants outfit is the perfect way to transform it into a more feminine look. There are tons of different heel styles to choose from. Although heels will make the look more feminine, the kind of heel it is specifically can change the look drastically.

These nude stiletto heels are a perfect match for these khaki cargo pants. They are both neutral colors and serve the overall light color pallet. Stilettos create an eye-catching contrast of slim and wide with baggy pants. If you are a fan of wide-leg pants, read our guide on what shoes to wear with Palazzo pants.

Here these cargo pants are paired with a chunky heeled boot. These boots still have a feminine quality without altering the structure of the look. The pants are wide as well as the heel in this look, which gives the look more cohesion. When choosing what shoes to wear, you can have fun with proportions to find what suits you best.


Lastly, sandals are perfect to pair with khaki cargo pants in the warmer months. You can wear a cute, decorated sandal to add a small feminine touch to a casual look. The sandals in this outfit are a neutral color which works well with khaki, but you can choose whatever color goes best with your outfit.

This outfit includes a very simple sandal that wraps around the ankle. You can even wear flip flops and achieve a similar look. The shoe choice for this outfit is perfect because the sandals match the strappy, slim appearance of her top.

You can watch the following video for some clothing styling tips for cargo pants, as well as a few of the shoe pairings we have already covered:

In Closing

Cargo pants are a lot more versatile than they once were. With proper styling, there is a way to pull off just about any shoe choice you desire. This style of pants, although versatile, is best suited for casual looks. They can, however, be dressed up for an elevated casual look.

If you are going for a sporty or athleisure look, sneakers and canvas shoes are the best options. To achieve an elevated casual look, you can pair your cargo pants with boots or dress shoes. Lastly, you should lean toward sandals or heels if you want a more feminine look.

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