What Shoes To Wear With Palazzo Pants? [5 Great Options]

Who doesn’t love a pair of palazzo pants? These incredibly versatile pants can be perfect for a walk in the park, business casual for the office, or dressed up for a date. But with the wide flowy pant leg, you might be unsure of what shoes to wear with them. We’ve done the research to tell you everything you need to know about choosing the right pair of shoes to complement your palazzo pants.

Heels and wedges are the easiest to pair with palazzos. These pants typically call for height so that they don’t overwhelm you and look poorly fitted. However, flats and sneakers can also work well with palazzos that end at the ankle or are cropped even shorter.

Palazzos come in a variety of materials and designs ranging from very casual to dressy and elegant. You want to make sure your shoe choice is aligned with the overall style of your palazzos. Keep reading, and we’ll show you how to pick the best shoes to go with your palazzos. We’ll also discuss how to make your flats work with palazzo pants and how to pull off looks from casual sneakers to dressier wedding attire.

A fabulous woman in white blouse and broad black pants posing on the stairs, What Shoes To Wear With Palazzo Pants? [5 Great Options]

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What Shoes Go Best With Palazzo Pants?


Portrait of a flawless young woman in white blouse, wide black pants and classic high heels posing on the stairs

This very wide and long pant leg would have looked unflattering with flats. These simple black stilettos give her the height these plants need to create an elegant and classy look. It is also worth noting that she didn’t choose a brightly colored shoe. In most of these looks, you’ll want to let the palazzos be the star of the show, allowing the shoes to complement them.

Chunky Heels

With pants this long and flowy, you might be tempted to think the shoes don’t matter because they’d just be covered. But this date outfit is completed by the strappy toed sandals with chunky wood heels peeking out. Flats would not work here because of the pant length. These pants would easily cover her whole foot or drag on the floor if paired with flats. Additionally, the style of this shoe is the perfect mix of dressy and casual to go with the outfit.


This length of palazzos requires a high shoe. Flats would be overwhelmed by this particular pair of pants. Wedges can give a dressed-up look to your palazzos while being a more comfortable and slightly more casual option than stilettos.

Strappy Sandals

These maroon palazzos end at the ankle, making them a versatile choice that could work with flats or heels. Palazzos of this length offer a great opportunity to show off your favorite strappy heeled sandals. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors when wearing these pants. Complement them with a black, brown, or natural colored shoe.


This is a great combination of palazzos with flats. These pants could be combined with heels or flats, depending on the look you want. Flats work great because you can see her foot, the pants end at her ankle, and do not drag on the ground. The flats could be closed-toe, peep-toe, or sandals.

How To Wear Palazzo Pants With Flats

Many people think you cannot wear flats with palazzo pants. Palazzos can often be quite long, which is why they often work best with heels. However, flats can be paired beautifully with these pants as long as you keep the length of the pants in mind.

If you want to wear flats, choose a pair of palazzos that end at your ankle and do not cover your foot. It is okay if the hem of the pants grazes the top of your foot, but you want to make sure that your foot is still visible and that your pants are not dragging on the ground. Check out these examples:

Can I wear sneakers on Palazzo?

You can wear sneakers with palazzo pants! When pairing palazzo pants with sneakers, cropped pants are the easiest to work with. These pants end well above the ankle. However, longer palazzos can also work with sneakers if they finish at the ankle, they do not cover your entire foot, and do not drag on the ground. For the longer pant option, choose pants made of more structured material rather than flowy looks.

Young flirty short hair trendy beauty with sunglasses blowing a kiss

Here we have an example of sneakers with palazzos. This look works because of the structured silhouette of the palazzo pants, almost reminiscent of cargo plants in this photo. Notice the pants are not as flowy on the bottom. It’s more of a straight cut that won’t have a lot of movement when she walks. She pairs it with a casual summer top and simple sneakers.

These cropped palazzos would easily work with flats, sneakers, or heels. These classic white sneakers create a casual and comfortable look when paired with these palazzos. Swap out the top, purse, and shoes for dressier options, and you are ready for date night!

Black and white is a classic look that works with just about any kind of shoe. This includes sneakers! Classic white sneakers are the way to go with this casual look. Notice the length of these pants, ending just above her ankle.

What to wear with palazzo pants to a wedding

Palazzos can give the same silhouette as a skirt or dress. This makes them a fabulous option for dressier occasions such as a wedding. To wear this look, choose flowy palazzos, and pair them with a dressy shirt, the same way you would wear a skirt.

Another ideal way to wear palazzos to a wedding is a palazzo jumpsuit. These give the same effect as a dress while still allowing you to wear pants. There is no need to worry about matching your palazzos with the right top, and the effect is more elegant than a pant and shirt combination. Pair with simple jewelry and either heels or dressy flats depending on your comfort and the pant length.

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In Closing

Palazzo pants are a versatile addition to your wardrobe. They can be comfortable, casual, and dressy. They work well with sneakers, heels, flats, and everything in between. These pants can take your day from a morning at the office through to your date night.

The key is learning how to make the right combinations between your pants and shoes. We’re confident that you now know how to make these combinations work to get the best look for you while wearing your palazzos.

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