Should Guys Wear Capri Pants?

Depending on who you ask, the opinions regarding men wearing capri pants differ dramatically. Some are completely on board with the fashion choice, while others will not even entertain the idea of capris on a man. There have been countless debates and online wars over the idea of men wearing a pair of capri pants, whether for business or casual attire. If you wonder whether guys can wear capris, we've compiled the consensus, so you'll know what type to choose and how to style capris.

Ultimately, the choice of fashion is entirely up to you when it comes to Capri pants. If you prefer to wear this style, go for a Capri jogger, nylon, or even khaki pair of pants to maintain a stylish yet comfortable look. Suppose you'd rather not incorporate Capris into your wardrobe, not to worry! You could alternatively go with a pair of cropped or chino style (ankle length) pants for a different look occasionally. In the end, it really does come down to what fits and feels the most comfortable to you. 

From cropped to Capri style, we've got you covered. Now, for those who have no idea what a pair of capri pants look like, you are not alone. They have infamously gone in and out of style among mainstream consumers and have often been tossed to the side (literally) when searching for the perfect spring or summer look. Please keep reading as we delve into what defines the Capri pant and how to style this look for menswear. We'll also show you some great examples of comfortable, fashionable capri pants.

Man wearing a white top and semi wet Capri pants while standing on the shoreline, Should Guys Wear Capri Pants?

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The Capri Pant

Capri pants are basically short pants that fall around the mid-shin length and can either be form-fitting or flare at the bottom. Usually worn in warmer months and climates, capris tend to have a more casual feel to them and should not be worn in a professional or upscale type of environment.

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Most men usually opt for a pair of cropped pants, over the Capri style, due to the way this design complements a man's body. Cropped pants have a more aesthetically pleasing look to them because they cut off slightly above the ankle versus the capri cutting off much higher at the shin.

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Do Capri Pants Make Me Look Shorter?

The main reason capri pants are so unpopular among men really comes down to the fact that they appear that the wearer is shorter than he actually is. The reason for this optical illusion is because capris end at your shin versus a normal pant length, which usually ends at your ankle. It creates the idea you are either wearing a small child’s clothing or just too-short pants.

Capri pants usually are made from a khaki material and tend to be more on the form-fitting side. This color/cut combo creates an issue for men who may be a heavier body type. When people think capri pants, they think of a thinner person wearing them without looking awkward or frumpy. The odds of a man choosing cropped or chino style pants over a pair of capris are much higher because capris tend to fall short when it comes down to style and comfort.

What Shoes Do You Wear With Capri’s? 

When pairing your footwear with capri pants, it is vital to make sure shoes coordinate with your individual style. Due to capri length, shoes should be worn at a height near or below your ankle. A pair of sneakers or sandals will most definitely add that final touch to your outfit.

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Capri pants also have picked up notable popularity amongst men in sports. A capri pair of joggers can be worn along with sneakers for an athletic and casual look.

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Yoga definitely comes to mind for a venue to test out your capri joggers.

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If you are going for a business casual look, perhaps a pair of loafers could be a more sophisticated choice of footwear. A boat shoe with capris is a fun and stylish alternative to simply wearing sandals at a summer gathering or event.

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Capri’s are versatile and surprisingly can be paired with a couple of different types of footwear for men. No matter the occasion, capri pants should be worn with a standard or low cut shoe versus a higher boot style to obtain an aesthetically pleasing final look. 

What’s The Best Style of Pants For Guys? 

It is not a definite answer when it comes down to the type of pants that actually checks off all the boxes for men. Trends come and go for one reason or another. Current style trends point toward cropped and high waisted pants for both younger and older generations of male consumers and have stayed steady for a few years. Comfort is the number one priority for most men in the market for a new pair of pants.

A great alternative to capris would be loose jeans. They come in different colors as well as fits and can be worn on almost every occasion. Chino style pants are also a great alternative to capris and have a more trendy, mature look. Pants can make or break an outfit, so choosing a versatile style will save you a lot of time and hassle.

Shorts are a great alternative to capris and still give the person wearing them a casual look.

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Shorter length styles have become increasingly popular among college-age men and have a stylish look to them. Some styles go shorter than these shown above, and you can really choose exactly what looks good on you. They have a great feel and look very trendy and in style for laid back events and gatherings.

Jeans have always been one of the top-selling male and female pants and only continue to become more diverse and size-inclusive. Jean capris don't make a whole lot of sense for most people looking for a versatile pant. When men wear jeans, they want a relaxed look, not a shin revealing outfit.  Capri’s lack basic style and compatibility with other clothing and accessories, so we can not recommend or promote them as the best pair for guys (or gals).  

In Conclusion

So you came to this post wanting to test a pair of capris for yourself. It helps to know that most men are after two things regarding their pants: comfort and quality! If you are looking to purchase a pair of capri pants, make sure to choose the appropriate footwear so your outfit can be cohesive. If you're not feeling capris, try a pair of cropped or chino styled pants instead. Capri pants are for anyone who wishes to wear them!

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