What Color Shoes Can You Wear With White Jeans?

White jeans are now a year-round staple, but you might find yourself wondering if there are any hard and fast rules about what color shoes you should wear with them. Even as fashion itself has evolved, some of us may find ourselves feeling like we are still locked into the old fashion do's and don'ts. So, we've searched high and low for the best fashion recommendations to pair the right shoe colors with white jeans.

The good news is these archaic fashion rules no longer apply. Certain colors of shoes you can wear with anything. In fact, the different colors and styles of shoes you can wear with white jeans are as varied as the places you can wear them. You can wear beige or navy for a more subdued look and red shoes when you're feeling more adventurous. You can even throw in a patterned pair on occasion as long as you are careful to keep your look from being too busy.

The color shoes you choose will depend on your total outfit. Read further to learn more about how to choose what color shoes to wear with different looks and what looks work best with each choice.

A woman wearing a checkered shirt pink shirt and white jeans with matching white shoes, What Color Shoes Can You Wear With White Jeans?

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Shoe Color Options With White Jeans

Beige Shoes

A beige shoe with brownish tones looks great with white jeans. Because it has a neutral tone, you don't have to worry about the color taking attention away from your overall look. The less eye-catching color also allows you to go for a style that has a little more personality. Eva Longoria's look below is a great example of how to pull this look together well. Her shimmery shirt in a similarly neutral light color and a beige bag finish off the look perfectly.

You can emulate this look with these dexflex Comfort shoes with a block heel. They are a great example of a fun accessory in a neutral color. This shoe falls neatly in between casual and dressy. Plus, the style is perfect for Spring through Fall.

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Navy Shoes

Navy is another great option for white jeans. While dark, navy blue is still a very neutral color. This gives you more options for the rest of your outfit. You can choose to carry on the navy theme with your shirt or maybe go for a denim shirt or a different shade of blue in the same color family.  This plaid shirt with dark blue or black tones is a great no stress but still a super cute way to pair white jeans with dark blue flats.

These navy flats from Dream Pairs, give you both comfort and style. They are a great option for the casual look above but still perfect if you decide you want to dress it up a little with a nice sweater or a blazer.

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Red Shoes

Red shoes with white jeans can make you stand out in a good way. They show the world that you are not a wallflower. You are not just asking to be noticed; you are demanding it. To put it more simply, red shoes are empowering. An outfit like this one exudes confidence. She definitely isn't trying to blend in; she wants to stand out. While the rest of her outfit is in much softer tones and looks super comfy, her red shoes add just the perfect level of chic to the look.

If the shoes above have a heel that's is just a bit too high, these red kitten heels are absolutely adorable. They are just the right level of dressy, so they will pair great with your white jeans. But at the same time, they add a certain level of sophistication.  Red shoes make an outfit look planned, even if it's just something you threw on at the last minute.

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Patterned Shoes

Sometimes you want to look cute and different without too much effort. That's when you can rock a cute pair of shoes with a great pattern. What pattern you choose is up to you. If you feel like a walk on the wild side, you can make the journey via these animal print flats. The beige sweater and white jeans act as a backdrop to show off your offbeat footwear. It's s bit of a safe way to be fashionably daring.

Maybe you're feeling a little more sweet than wild.  Below are the perfect shoes for that romantic walk in the garden. The floral pattern brings to mind a Jane Austen novel.  They're fun but demure and perfect for the nature lover in you.

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Hopefully, we've given you some fun ideas you might not have considered before. It's easy to stay only with what's safe when it comes to shoes because they are an investment. Because of this, it can feel extravagant to buy a pair of red kitten heels or leopard print flats. Still, once you've worn them with your white jeans,  you'll realize how many more outfits you have that they're perfect for.

One last piece of advice when choosing a shoe color. Instead of staying with what you always wear, use that awesome pair of white jeans as a chance to grow your wardrobe. Maybe you're strictly a beige person, branch out to a tasteful animal print. If you own a lot of navy blue and already have shoes in that color, find some to-die-for heels in red.

Color isn't the only thing you need to consider. It's also important to make sure whatever shoes you wear also work for the season. Sandals and flats are great for spring and summer, but when the weather turned cold, you need to find something a little warmer to go with your white jeans. Check out "What Color Shoes Goes With Everything" for tips on choosing versatile colors for your all-season wear.

What Types Of Shoes Do You Wear With White Jeans In The Winter?

On a cold or wet day, not only are sandals a definite no, but flats won't work either. Especially if you happen to live someplace where it snows. However, just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't still wear great shoes.  The year's final season is a perfect chance to shake up your boring fashion routine.

Toss out your flip-flops and finally buy yourself those cowboy boots you always wanted. They'll look great with white jeans. For a more casual look, you can toss on a pair of funky sneakers. Warm and comfy can still be fun. If you're looking for footwear for work or a night out, ankle boots are the perfect mix of comfort and style.

Cowboy Boots

This look is perfect for winter. Pairing a warm sweater in a light color with white jeans clears the way for boots that make the outfit.  While you could pull the jeans down over them, why would you want to hide such a cute pair of boots?

Cowboy boots can spice up any outfit. While these ladies' Corral boots are in a more neutral tone and can be worn with various tops, they also have sass and are worth showing off. That's true whether you want to wear them for a casual day of running errands or dress them up a little for a fun night out.

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Sneakers are great in any color. As an added plus, there's not as much pressure to make sure they match perfectly with an outfit because they're so casual. These adorable pink sneakers can be worn with a pink sweater, as shown here, but could also be matched with a black top, so the pink provides the only pop of color.

These mint green converse would look great with your jeans and almost any color top. Since sneakers have a little more give when it comes to fashion, you can create almost endless looks with them.

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Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots are also a great choice for the winter. They have the look and warmth of boots but are easy to style with skinny jeans. They're also a great look for every day; solid and comfortable without sacrificing style. Wondering if you can extend wearing your Chelsea boots into the wintertime, read "Are Chelsea Boots Waterproof? [And Are They Good For Snow]."

When it's time to shine, try these fun silver ankle boots. These will add a definite sparkle to your holiday season.

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It may seem a little confusing to talk about what to wear with white jeans in winter since wearing white after Labor Day used to be a definite fashion don't. Let's talk a little more about that rule and where it came from.

Can You Wear White Jeans Year-Round?

When our mothers or grandmothers were growing up, there was one unbreakable rule of fashion. Never wear white after Labor Day. This unofficial rule dated back to the late 1800s and came from the super-rich elite who packed away their white summer clothes on Labor Day in favor of heavier, darker winter attire. Eventually, people realized that the rule made no real sense, and it was abandoned. Now everyone is free to wear white jeans any day of the year.

Do White Pants Look Good On Everyone?

Anyone can look good in white pants, just not the same pair. Everyone should learn what styles flatter their body type and look for those styles. It is also important that your clothes fit you flawlessly. A poor fit will spoil a great look. You want clothes that make you look and feel as fabulous as you are.

In Closing

Fashion is evolving more quickly now than ever before. Styles can change at the speed of an Instagram post. There are fewer fashion don'ts these days and many more fashion why nots. If you like how something looks on you, you should wear it proudly. People will always make up fashion rules and expect you to follow them. The most important thing to remember is that in fashion, as in life, some rules are made to be broken.

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