What Shoe Color Is Best To Hide Dirt?

The right pair of shoes add a polished look to any ensemble, whether it's an outfit for a night out on the town or a weekend errand run, but this can easily be thwarted if they look soiled. Looking down to see stains on your shoes can cast a pall on your confidence, so you may be wondering what shoe color is best to hide dirt. We've done the research to tell you exactly that.

These are the shoe colors that will best hide dirt:

  • Earth tones in dark shades such as greens, browns, and grays.
  • Deep, rich colors such as red, orange, and purple.
  • Patterns, such as florals or lace.

Keep reading to find out how each color scheme works to hide dirt and dust. From the best colors to prevent nasty stains to how to care for your shoes to keep them looking their best, we've put together a guide to keep your shoes looking beautiful and new.

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Shoe Colors That Hide Dirt

Earth Tones

Earth tones work so well to hide dirt because they're, well, the same color as the earth! This includes dark greens, browns, and grays. While a light shade of brown will obviously work better at concealing dirt than a bright white, a dark shade is always best.

This is because dirt is typically very dark, maybe even black, and so there will be less contrast between the dirt that accumulates on your shoes and a dark shade of gray or brown than a light shade.

Earth tones are also a great pick for your professional or everyday wear needs and can be matched together with just about any outfit. They also will be easy to keep looking beautiful even as they are frequently used.

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Deep, Rich Colors

Deep, rich colors such as red, orange, and purple similarly work well to hide dirt. These shades may not necessarily match that of the dirt, but because of their deep color base, they reflect less light, and there will be less contrast to be seen between the dust and your shoes.

These spicy colors are fun picks for your shoes for a date or a night out, and you won't have to worry about them becoming dirty and keeping you from looking your best.

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Patterns, Such As Florals Or Lace

Shoes with patterns are often a draw to add to your wardrobe because of the eye-catching artwork, whether it's an intricate floral or lacey design. The same reason you seem to be drawn to these shoes is the same reason why they work well to hide the dirt. It's the pattern that catches your eye and not the grime.

Patterned shoes are nice to have in your closet to pull out when you need to add a little more personality to an outfit, and you can trust that everyone's eyes will be on their design and not the dirt on the soles.

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What Types of Shoes Hide Dirt Best?

It's all about the material with which the shoes are made. The most common materials that are used for shoes are canvas, leather, suede, and vinyl. Some materials are more porous than others, such as canvas and suede. This means that these materials absorb more of what they come into contact with. So these types of shoes can easily become saturated with dirt, mud, and water when out and about; not a great pick if your concern is keeping dirt and stains at bay.

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There are others that are less absorptive, like leather and vinyl. These materials have a nonporous barrier, so while they can get dirty, won't stain as easily. Leather and vinyl shoes are the best picks if you want to have seemingly spotless shoes.

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How Do You Remove Dirt Stains From Shoes?

If you're worried about concealing dirt stains, chances are you also want to know how to remove them. While there is a bit of variation between materials, the process with which to remove dirt stains from your shoes is pretty standard.

  • Very important is to always brush away excess dirt and grime first. You want to do this before applying any water or liquid cleaning products. If you don't, you will only end up causing the dirt to sink into the material of your shoe, causing more and deeper stains.
  • Next, you can use a wet cloth, rubber eraser, and cleaning product to scrub out stains. If you have a shoe made from canvas, you may be able to throw them in the washer.

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You may need more detailed instructions on how to clean and repair each type of shoe. Each material needs maintenance and repair to keep it looking smart.

Will Vinegar Remove Mud Stains?

There are many different types of cleaning products you can use on your shoes' mud stains. Distilled white vinegar, however, may be the most inexpensive and effective product out there. Plus, you probably already have it in your pantry or laundry room.

Vinegar is great to use as a spot treatment on those pesky mud stains. It loosens the dirt, so that when it is cleansed with soap and water, the dirt will easily rise and wash out of the material. Just spray directly on the stain and scrub it into the spot with a microfiber rag.

In Closing

What you put on your feet can make or break an outfit, so making sure your shoes look clean is important to accomplishing a polished and put-together look. Shoes will pick up dirt. It's inevitable, but the right colors can conceal the grime.

Earth tones not only hide dirt, they are neutrals which can be paired with just about any outfit for a professional setting or otherwise. Deep, rich shades are pleasing to the eye, while also masking what you pick up on the street. Patterns are so fun that dirt won't even be noticed by passersby. Choose what fits your fashion needs and what will make you look and feel great.

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