What To Wear With Wedge Ankle Boots [Outfit Inspiration]

Wedge ankle boots are one of the hottest trends right now. You may be wondering what outfits look best with them. We have done some research and have suggestions on how to style your wedge ankle boots with many different outfits.

There's no limit on ways to wear wedge ankle boots except your imagination and sense of style. Wedge ankle boots come in many designs and colors, so there's a pair that will match just about anything. Here are some suggestions on common styles that look great with wedge ankle boots:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Palooza and wide-legged pants
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Formal wear
  • Pantsuits
  • Nightlife
  • Cosplay

Keep reading to find out more details about each outfit suggestion. We will also cover more information about ankle boots so that you are well informed before you purchase your next pair.

A woman lying on the floor wearing a brown wedge sandal, What To Wear With Wedge Ankle Boots [Outfit Inspiration]

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What Goes Best with Wedge Ankle Boots?

The answer is just about anything. Any outfit you would pair with regular ankle boots can also work with wedge ankle boots. Here are some suggestions that use pieces that you might already have in your closet.

Brown wedge sandals on a white background

Skinny Jeans


The classic blazer and skinny jeans complete the perfect look to be comfortable but still dressy. Depending on the shirt you wear underneath the blazer, you can dress the look up or down. Think casual Friday at the office.

If you want to add a classic blazer to your wardrobe, consider this one from Calvin Klein. It comes in standard, petite, and plus size, offering a fit for everyone.

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The long cardigan over a coordinating shirt and skinny jeans is trendy. It works well with a t-shirt or even a button-down. It is the perfect outfit for running errands. Add your sunglasses and large purse to complete the look.

Here is a basic loose cardigan by Grecerelle that will pair well with wedge ankle boots. It comes in an assortment of colors for more outfit options.

Find it on Amazon.

Regular Jeans

Ankle wedge boots aren't just for skinny jeans. You can pair them with regular jeans too. You have to be conscious of how the hem falls around the boot. Jeans with a raw, rugged edge are a must, especially when the hem hits just above the boot. Add a loose cowl neck sweater for an easy but trendy casual look.

Palooza and Wide-legged pants

Don't be afraid of wide legs and ankle boots. For long flowy pants, go with something solid that will peep out underneath the hem. Try a higher-fitted boot that will define the ankle for a shorter palooza.

Here's a cropped pair of wide-legged pants by Tsful that would look great with a tall slim ankle boot.

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Ankle boots go great with shorts, especially denim. Add your favorite t-shirt and take along a cardigan sweater or leather jacket in case the evening gets cool.

Consider these short frayed denim shorts with ankle boots for a fun casual look.

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Boots and skirts are a classic pairing. Long or short, there is an ankle boot that will look great.

Short Skirts

Pair a short pleated skirt with matching tights and booties to duplicate this look with a neat, sleek look. Black is always a winner.

Here is a basic pleated skater skirt by Afibi.

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Long Skirts

A long fitted skirt with contrasting wedge boots and a tucked-in top is a great look. Add a belt that matches the boots to add a focal point to the waist. A winner is coordinating brown with black, but the color combinations are endless.


Dress with Cardigan

A knee-length fitted dress topped with a super long cardigan and ankle wedge boots is an excellent look for a fall day.

This dress by Anrabess and ankle boots would make a stunning combination.

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Dress with Flare

Short dresses look great with ankle boots, especially when there is some flowing ruffle or flare to the skirt. The ankle boots draw attention to the leg. Try a pointed boot with a higher wedge heel to give the legs more shape.

Here's a boho floral print mini dress by Milumia that would look stunning paired with ankle boots.

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Leggings with Tunic

Leggings are great with ankle boots because they are fitted and tight at the bottom. They easily tuck inside boots for a sleek look. Go with legging just above the boot line for a different look. Pair with a tunic top or long sweater, and you can be comfortable and stylish.

Here is an excellent option for a cozy oversized sweater to pair with leggings and ankle boots.

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Cozy Leggings

To mix it up a bit and change the look to more casual and comfortable, add chunky socks that peep over the boot tops and extend up the calf.

Pair your top with a vest and coordinating scarf to add coziness to your appearance. If vests aren't your thing, go with a thick sweater and possibly still a scarf, and not only will you stay warm but you will look great doing it.

Here is a collection of wool boot socks from Loritta that will complete the look.

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Ankle boots come in metallic colors like silver and gold. You can even find them embellished with rhinestones adding the sparkle that makes them suitable for formal events.

However, black is always classic formal. You don't want the boots to compete with the dress, so if you go with something with lots of bling, pair it with a simple but elegant fitted dress.

Short Cocktail

A short, fitted cocktail dress pairs well with short booties or tall ankle boots. Skip the heels but not the sleek look.

Long Formal with Attitude

Longer cocktail dresses aren't off the table with ankle boots, and this look goes with a fitted dress. Adding a leather jacket gives a formal look a bit of attitude.

If you need a moto jacket, consider this faux leather one from Fahsyee. It is the perfect complement for many outfits, formal or casual.

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To the Office

Yes, you can wear your wedge ankle boots to the office. You may want to stick with brown or black leather in a conservative style for this look, but it definitely can be done.


Your wedge boot may only peep out the bottom of your pantsuit, so you may want a style with a pointed toe and high wedge heel.

Dress Pants

Wedge ankle boots can be a staple in your work wardrobe. Trade your heels for a basic mid-rise wedge ankle bootie. Slacks with a blouse never looked better.

Night Life

Wedge ankle boots are perfect for a night out with friends, especially if dancing is involved. Leather pants and a dressy strapless top set the vibe for fun. Take along a moto jacket to top off the look.

Consider these faux leather leggings from Everbellus to match up with your ankle boots for a night.

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There's a time for work and a time for play. When you want to have a little fun, there is nothing wrong with a bit of costume play and performance art.

Cosplay is extremely popular, and you need the proper boots to set off your costume. Wedge ankle boots will give your feet some extra support while you explore the next convention.

Can I wear wedge ankle boots in summer?

Boots don't have to be just for the cooler months. Wedge ankle boots look great with dresses, skirts, and even shorts. You might consider trading darker colors for lighter hues or adding prints for a brighter look, but go for it if the outfit needs black.

Can you wear skinny jeans with ankle boots?

A woman wearing black pants and black wedge sandals

Absolutely! Skinny jeans offer one of the most common looks, and there are different ways to style your ankle boots with skinny jeans.

There are so many different ways to wear skinny jeans with boots. You can roll them or cuff them. Some have raw edges. There's a lot to consider, but one thing is sure—the length of the jeans and the height of the ankle boots matter.

To see a tutorial, watch this video:

How high should ankle boots be?

Brown wedge sandal on a white background

There are two different lengths when referencing ankle boots. The lowest cut ankle boots are often called booties and end at the ankle. This style is an easy replacement for traditional shoes. Shorter boots shorten the leg, so they look best with long-fitted pants or jeans.

Regular ankle boots will extend 1-4 inches above the ankle. This includes boots like combat boots or Chelsea boots. Taller boots make your legs look longer, so they go well with cropped or cuffed hems.

Are wedge boots more comfortable?

A woman showing her brown wedge sandals

Wedge boots are more comfortable for some people because of the added support, especially in the arch. The sole runs throughout, so the pressure is distributed more equally than a heel. This style helps to maintain balance.

In Closing

A woman lying on the floor wearing a brown wedge sandal

If you love your ankle boots, don't be afraid to wear them. There's the right one for just about any outfit with so many styles available!

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