What Can You Wear With Midi Skirts? [11 Outfit Ideas]

Midi skirts, whose hemlines range from below the knees to above the ankles, are a staple of modern wardrobes. They flatter all body types by making your waist look slimmer and emphasizing lower-body curves. Versatile and popular, midi skirts come in a nearly unlimited range of fabrics, colors, and styles. So, how do you put together a midi skirt outfit that suits your unique style? We've done the research, and we have the answers for you!

We've identified 11 great-looking midi skirt outfits, suitable for a wide variety of occasions:

  1. Office-friendly
  2. Contrasting colors
  3. Animal print
  4. Boho style
  5. Classic look
  6. Modern casual
  7. Pleated skirt with knee boots
  8. Statement skirt
  9. Patterned skirt with a denim jacket
  10. Feminine tomboy skirt with sneakers 
  11. Urban chic with combat boots

In the remainder of this article, we'll provide a description and sample picture of each type of outfit. We'll also discuss how to style midi skirt outfits to avoid looking frumpy, how your body shape and size affect the way you should style your midi skirt outfits, and how to wear a midi skirt in summer and in winter. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about creating a midi skirt outfit!

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11 Midi Skirt Outfit Ideas

1. Office-Friendly

This professional and feminine outfit features a classic brown midi skirt paired with a lightweight sweater tucked in for a polished look. The belt and matching clutch add a touch of class. Heeled pumps dress up the outfit, and understated jewelry provides the finishing touches for this office-appropriate ensemble.

2. Contrasting Colors

For an outfit that packs a visual punch, choose a skirt and blouse in contrasting bright colors, like the blue and green shown below. Complementing the solid-color clothing, the shoes make a bold statement: stiletto heels, animal-print uppers, and bright blue toe caps. A bulky blue handbag and sleek jewelry complete the sophisticated look.

3. Animal Print

A slinky, leopard-print midi skirt can anchor a variety of looks:

  • upscale and sophisticated when paired with knee boots and a black turtleneck,
  • daringly alluring with stiletto heels and a form-fitting tank top,
  • or urban-casual as shown here.

The front-tied t-shirt, tennis shoes, and oversize shopping bag make this a comfortable outfit for a day on the town, while designer sunglasses and a purse add a touch of casual elegance.

4. Boho Style

For a Bohemian vibe, try pairing a breezy floral pattern skirt with a spaghetti-strap lace tank top. Or, for a classic hippie look, match a pleated tie-dyed skirt with a solid-color blouse or crop top. Simple flat sandals and casual beaded jewelry are essential elements of the style.

5. Classic Look

The mid-calf-length tartan skirt below -- paired with a snug solid-color turtleneck, ankle boots, and slim black shoulder bag -- offers a modern and sophisticated version of the classic schoolgirl outfit. Simple styling and heavier fabrics such as wool, corduroy, and suede are popular choices for midi skirts in classic ensembles; jewelry, shoes, and other accessories should be understated but of high quality.

6. Modern Casual

For a youthful, modern look, pair your midi skirt with a modern striped boatneck tee like the one shown below. The slim leather belt accentuates the waistline. Bare legs and flats complete the casual ensemble.

7. Pleated Skirt With Knee Boots

This ultra-sophisticated outfit features a sleek pleated skirt and turtleneck. Brown knee-high boots break up the solid darkness of the outfit and emphasize the length of the wearer's legs. Elegant, understated jewelry completes the sophisticated look.

8. Statement Skirt

Sometimes the skirt is the statement. The scenic-print midi skirt shown here anchors the outfit, paired with a plain denim shirt that allows the vibrant colors of the skirt to shine through. Metallic purple pointed-toe pumps add a delightful complementary touch.

9. Patterned Skirt With Denim Jacket

A classic denim jacket is a staple of any modern wardrobe. Pair one with a patterned midi skirt and a solid-color tank top to lend a more casual air to the outfit. Wedge sandals create a tall, lean look.

10. Feminine Tomboy Skirt With Sneakers

The off-white pleated midi skirt anchors this casual, tomboyish outfit, adding a distinctly feminine vibe to the black biker t-shirt, leather cap, and black-and-white canvas sneakers.

11. Urban Chic With Combat Boots

Layers of black, white, and gray define this urban-chic outfit. The high-waisted skirt, oversize gray blazer, and clunky combat boots add an artistic, avant-garde feel to this ensemble.

How To Wear A Midi Skirt Without Looking Frumpy

If it's not styled and accessorized with care, a midi skirt outfit runs the risk of looking frumpy. To ensure that your ensemble looks stylish and up-to-date, follow these guidelines:

  • To accentuate your waistline, wear a cropped shirt or a tucked-in blouse with your midi skirt.
  • A form-fitting top, such as a turtleneck or a tank top, emphasizes the curves of your upper body.
  • Wearing heels, strappy sandals, or ankle booties with a midi skirt makes your legs look longer and slimmer.
  • Accessories are critical: slim, understated jewelry lends sophistication to an outfit; a coordinated bag and shoes can add a punch of color; a belt accentuates your waist.

How Do You Style A Midi Skirt?

In styling a midi skirt outfit, proportions are critical. Because the hemline falls between the knees and the ankles, a midi skirt can make your legs look abnormally short; so, many women wear high heels or wedges to make their legs appear longer.

If you have a slim waist, a belt helps to accentuate that feature. If your waist is wider, you may want to go without a belt and wear an untucked light sweater.

Curvier women often choose to wear patterned skirts and/or chunky jewelry.

How To Wear A Midi Skirt In Summer

Wedges, Heels, Or Strappy Sandals

Wedges, heels, and strappy sandals are all appropriate for summer wear. As demonstrated below, high heels increase the gap between the floor and the hemline of your skirt. This makes your legs look longer and causes you to appear taller.

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Sneakers And T-Shirt

Pair a lightweight midi skirt with a tee and sneakers for a casual, athletic summer look. The hemline of this skirt is somewhat higher, and the wearer's lower legs are bare. This combination ensures an unbroken visual perspective from the ankles to the knees, making the legs appear longer.

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Tank Or Crop Top

A breezy midi skirt paired with sandals and a crop or tank top makes a classic, comfortable summer outfit. Leave your legs and arms bare in honor of the season and to complement the lightweight fabric of your skirt.

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Light Blouse Tied At The Waist

As an alternative to tucking your blouse into the waistband of your midi skirt, you can adopt a more casual look by wearing a chambray blouse tied at the waist. This strategy is especially effective if you prefer not to emphasize your waistline.

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Lightweight Sweater

You may also wear a lightweight sweater, turtleneck, or mock turtle with your midi skirt during the summer. A form-fitting sweater can remain untucked and still look absolutely stylish, or you can wear a light cardigan with a tank top tucked in.

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Vibrant Summer Colors

Summer is the season for wearing midi skirts of lightweight fabric and bright colors. Match a patterned skirt with a solid-color blouse, as shown below; or pair a monochrome skirt with a patterned or solid-color top.

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How To Style A Midi Skirt In Winter

Knee- Or Ankle-High Boots

In most places, sandals and open-toed shoes are not ideal winter footwear. Instead, you may want to pair fashionable boots with your midi skirt outfits during the winter months. Knee boots provide a dramatic appearance when your skirt's hemline ends just below the knees; ankle boots are best with longer midi skirts.

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Oversized Knit Sweater

Chunky knit sweaters provide warmth and comfort during the winter. They look particularly stylish with satin midi skirts. Bare legs and lightweight flats work well in warm regions. If you live in a colder area, you may want to augment your outfit with tights and ankle boots.

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Heavy Skirt With Long-Sleeve Blouse

During the winter months, put your gauzy, lightweight summer midi skirts at the back of your closet, and break out your heavy skirts and long-sleeved blouses. Wool, denim, suede, and corduroy are ideal for winter.

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Blazer Or Jacket

Blazers, denim jackets, and leather jackets are all great choices to wear with midi skirts in winter. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, from moto jackets to ultra-professional blazers. The layering effect of a blazer or jacket allows you to wear a thinner blouse or tee under it or a turtleneck if you prefer to be warmer.

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Are Midi Skirts In Style 2021?

Midi skirts have long been a wardrobe staple, but they have grown increasingly popular over the past several years as wearers have explored more daring outfit combinations. For 2021, midi skirt fashion -- from traditional to avant-garde -- is red-hot, with a huge variety of patterns, colors, and styles to choose from.

In Closing

Whatever your body shape and size, and whatever your personal style, you can create a midi skirt outfit that looks great and expresses your personality. Make sure to pay attention to proportions and choose your accessories carefully, and you can build an ensemble that you'll be proud to wear to work, a casual day outdoors, or a night on the town!

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