When To Apply Hair Serum [You’ll Want To Know This Answer!]

Great hair serum helps you fall in love with your hair all over again. Hair serum just may be what your hair care routine is missing. Think of it as a salon-quality hair treatment you give yourself at home. From frizz management to pollutant protection, serum solves a variety of hair problems.  You are probably wondering how to use a hair serum in your hair care routine. Lucky for you, we detangle the mystery below.

It is recommended to apply hair serum to freshly washed, damp hair. Do this right after a shower, before you begin your hairstyling routine. Hair serum protects your hair from pollutants, so never apply it to dirty hair. You can apply hair serum throughout the day to smooth over frizz or help with touch-ups. However, don't forget the initial application should always be on clean, damp hair. 

So many of us benefit from hair serum. You probably still have some questions about the best application practices. Keep reading to find out expert tips and tricks for when to apply hair serum.

A woman holding hair serum on her hand, When To Apply Hair Serum [You'll Want To Know This Answer!]

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What Is Hair Serum? 

You may have been using hair serum for years, but do you know what makes it so special? Hair serum is a liquid-based styling agent typically made from silicones.  It can provide a much-needed boost to all hair types. The secret is to find the perfect formula for your hair. Different products are designed for different hair types and purposes. If you don't like serums, perhaps you haven't discovered the right one for your unique hair.

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How Does Hair Serum Work?   

Hair serum works by creating a barrier on your hair. Most product formulas contain silicones. These silicones are rubber-like structures that stay on top of hair fibers due to their chemical structure. However, if you prefer to use non-silicone hair products, there are silicone-free serums available too. These blends work similarly but with different components.

No matter what ingredients make up your serum, the intended purpose is the same. Serums provide a protective layer to hair fibers and penetrate deeper than traditional cleansing products. This barrier shields hair from dirt, heat, environmental pollutants, and more, all while controlling frizz and increasing shine.

Benefits Of Hair Serum

Many people add hair serum to their hair care routine because of the delightful benefits. Here are some of the wonderful effects of these luxurious liquids:

Controls Frizz And Creates Smoothness 

The special ingredients in hair serums smooth down flyaways. Remember the protective barrier we talked about above? Well, you can thank this extra layer for adding enough weight to make sure those weak strands stay down.

For more tips, read "How To Stop Frizz After Washing?"

Increases Shine 

Serums are sure to make your locks shine like the sun. The extra glossiness is also thanks to the protective layer and overall smoothing effects. Hair fibers that lay flat reflect light more uniformly. This results in shiny hair like you have never seen before.

Provides Nourishment To Dry Strands

The right kinds of hair serum hydrate brittle locks. Look for serum specifically designed for dry hair to ensure it is a moisturizing product.

Helps With Hair Protection

Whether you style your hair with heat, are in the sun a lot, or live in a big city, your hair is exposed to harsh environments daily. The right serum helps protect your delicate strands from intense heat, pollutants, and other negative environmental factors.

Hair Serum Application

Now, let's look at the best way and time to apply hair serum.

1. Find The Correct Serum

The most important step is to find a product made for your hair type. Hair serum is not a one-type-fits-all product. Sometimes, it takes trying out a few serums before you find the best one for your hair. Make sure to read the labels to find out the main purpose and intended hair type of the hair serum. Some serums are for controlling fizz, while others are strictly for heat protection. To get the results you want, you must use the right serum -stay with us for some of the best serums, up next!

2. Wash Your Hair

The next step is to take a shower.  You must shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly to make sure it is clean.

3. Apply The Serum To Damp Hair

After your hair is clean, it is ready for the serum. It is important to apply the product to damp hair, so make sure not to wait too long after you shower. First, put some serum in the palm of your hand. Let is sit there for 10 to 15 seconds. The heat from your body helps the product break down and liquefy for a more even application. Starting at the ends of your hair,work up as you coat your hair with the serum. The more hair you have, the more serum you need. You can also try combing the serum through your hair too.

It is important to remember not to apply the serum directly to your scalp. In fact, doing so results in clogged hair follicles and unwanted silicone build-up. The ends of your hair need serum the most, so focus your application there.

What Are Some Of The Best Hair Serums?

Here are a few hair serums we highly recommend.

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum

This 6-in-1 serum is one of the best overall hair serums out there. Silk proteins and seaweed extracts are blended to create a magical formula to transform unruly locks. From humidity protection to taming flyaways, this serum does it all. Click here to view it on Amazon. 

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

If you need a serum for heat protection, this is another incredible option. Whether you blow-dry, curl, or straighten your hair, you need to apply a serum before any heat. This lightweight silicone formula speeds up hair drying while protecting your delicate hair fibers from intense heat. Click here to view it on Amazon. 

ORLANDO PITA PLAY Well Behaved Anti-Frizz Cream Serum

This miraculous substance is a serum/cream combination. It works wonders on frizz and provides split end protection for up to 20 hours after application. No matter what your hair type is, this is an excellent option for an all-around serum. Click here to view it on Amazon. 

Can You Use Hair Serum Every Day? 

Yes, you can use hair serums every day, but you may not want to. You can apply hair serum after every hair washing. So, if you already wash your hair every day, you can apply the serum after. But, if you are using a harsh shampoo every day, you may want to rethink your hair care routine. For more information about this topic, read "Does Wetting Your Hair Every Day Damage It?"

Be mindful if you apply serum daily. Remember, serum creates a barrier on top of your hair strands. Applying it to dirty locks every day traps in grime, dust, and other environmental exposures.  If you have unruly, frizzy hair and really want to apply a serum daily, try to find an oil-based serum. This kind is less likely to build up and weigh down hair.

Should You Apply Hair Serum Before Or After Straightening It?

Always apply hair serum to your strands before you straighten, or apply any heat, to them. As mentioned above, it is best to apply serum to damp hair. So, try to plan and make sure to wash your hair, apply serum, let it dry, and then straighten it.

However, if you want to straighten your hair but don't have time to shower, you can apply serum to already dry hair. Make sure to use a serum specifically design for heat protection and try to use a smaller amount when applying directly to dry hair. Keep in mind; it is always better to apply serum to damp hair for even absorption and protection.

Have Shiny, Healthy, Protected Hair! 

The right hair serum brings new life back to limp locks. Make sure to do your research to find the best serum for your unique hair type. Apply it to clean, damp hair to maximize the serum benefits. With a proper serum, you can have shiny, smooth hair in no time!

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