Can Microblading Be Corrected?

Figuring out whether to get microblading done or not can be tricky at times. Are you not sure about how it will look, or what if you don't like the way it turns out? Can microblading be corrected if needed? For your convenience, we've brought you the answer.

Microblading can be corrected. Typically, if you aren't happy with your new brows, you can get a color or shape touch-up. Whether you notice a difference in size between your brows or the color is not what you wanted, there are ways to fix the issue. We recommend calling your aesthetician and discussing your options.

As we begin, we will go over the different ways to correct your eyebrows and what type of candidate is best for microblading. Regardless of your skin tone or sensitivity, it is imperative to check your eyebrow area post microblading and make sure issues don't arise. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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Can You Fix A Microblading Mistake?

When it comes to fixing a mistake made on your eyebrows during microblading, this is possible. Although you will have to wait about a month until your brow area heals, you can get your eyebrows recolored or shaped. Microblading is a semi-permanent to permanent eyebrow procedure, so it is essential to find a good provider. With that said, everyone makes mistakes, and luckily most can be fixed with a quick touch-up appointment.

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Can Uneven Microblading Be Fixed?

If you notice your brows are uneven after getting them done, call your aesthetician ASAP. Although this is not super common, mistakes can happen, so it's best to figure out a plan of action. Generally, you will need to wait until your brows are healed, so a pair of oversized sunglasses might be the way to go.

Once your eyebrow scabbing and redness has gone down, that is when you can have your aesthetician work to fix your uneven brow shape or size. The good news is, most times, a correction is only minor and shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

How Do You Fix Bad Microblading Eyebrows?

Although everyone heals differently, if you notice something wrong, time is of the essence. Considering microblading is permanent, the quicker you get an appointment for a touch-up, the better. Your eyebrows will heal to the correct color in most cases, but shape and size issues need extra attention.

If your eyebrows are the wrong shape or look uneven, this is when you need to have a professional check them out. We do not suggest trying to fix your eyebrows at home because this will only cause more issues.

How Long Does Microblading Take To Heal?

Typically, your eyebrows will take anywhere from 25 to 30 days to heal. As we mentioned, everyone's recovery timeframe is different, but a month should be enough time. For the first seven to ten days, you might notice greying or patchy brows, and that is normal.

If you have these symptoms towards the end of your healing, this is when there may be an issue with your microblading. The best thing to do is be gentle during your first month post microblading and make sure to check in with your aesthetician or doctor.

Can You Cover Up Microblading?

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When it comes to covering up microblading, we suggest waiting until your brows fade a bit. Although you can cover up previously tattooed or micro-bladed eyebrows, this might look weird if you rush into it. Generally, if you got your brows done recently, we suggest waiting three to six months before having another procedure done. It is better for your eyebrow health not constantly to get microblading done so they can heal properly.

How Do You Fade Microbladed Eyebrows At Home?

If your eyebrows are too dark, hydrogen peroxide will be your new best friend. Ideally, within the first 72 hours of microblading, mix some hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and apply it to the brow area.

Once you do that, let it sit for about three to five minutes, and then wipe the area with a damp cloth. It is important not to get your brow area super wet post microblading because this can ruin your results.

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Is Microblading Painful?

For anyone considering microblading, we found that it doesn't hurt too bad. Although you are essentially getting an eyebrow tattoo, microblading is more uncomfortable rather than painful. Your eyebrow area will be numbed before microblading, so you should not feel anything too intense while having it done.

We suggest fasting from alcohol, caffeine, and painkillers before your appointment because these can make for an uncomfortable microblading experience. It is best to stay hydrated and not have any eyebrow work done three to seven days before your appointment.

Can Anybody Get Microblading Done?

When it comes to who qualifies for micro-blading, someone with dry to combination skin is ideal. Those with extremely oily skin are not usually candidates for microblading due to their skin rejecting the procedure and often not healing correctly.

Another person who might not want to get microblading done is someone with recent Botox, so make sure to wait a month before having your brows micro-bladed. Those who are pregnant are also not candidates for microblading, so make sure to check with your doctor before making an eyebrow appointment.

Will My Eyebrows Fade After Microblading?

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Like many permanent makeup procedures, microblading will fade as it ages on your skin. Generally, you need to get your brows touched up once per year and then redone entirely after about two. Although microblading does promise "permanent" eyebrows, this means one to two years.

We recommend wearing sunscreen whenever you are outside and taking it easy on your brows to keep them looking good for longer.

Can I Prevent Eyebrow Fading?

Like we covered above, yes, there are ways to slow down the fading process. For starters, sun exposure is one of the most common triggers of micro-bladed eyebrow fading, so grab some sunscreen. Regardless of whether you are outside or in an office, it is always a good idea to wear sunscreen on your face.

Another way to prevent your microblading from fading is not to do chemical peels or use harsh skincare near your eyebrow area. Products with chemical exfoliants or deep penetrating qualities can speed up cell turnover, causing your brows to lighten.

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In Closing

Whether you have done microblading or not, there are ways to fix eyebrow mistakes. From what we found, color changes and uneven brows are not too hard to fix and can be done once your brows are healed. We suggest giving your aesthetician a call and discussing what steps you need to take so the problem doesn't worsen between appointments.

Generally, expect your eyebrows to fade in one to two years, so try and schedule regular touch-ups if you notice patchiness or fading. Regardless of your skin type or lifestyle, microblading can be reversed and is as easy as scheduling a touch-up with a licensed professional.

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  1. Hi I just got my brows done 10 days ago and I’m very disappointed of them there so uneven.. I hope the girl that did them can fix them asap and I honestly hope they fade out..I’m really bummed out about it because I waited so long for some one do do a good job.. can u give me some advice please

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