Debate On Matching Pocket Square And Tie: What’s The Verdict?

Whether a tie and pocket square should match or not has always been a topic of heated discussion. To get the best answer to this question, we have done some research, and here is what we found out.

It is not recommended to match a pocket square and a tie. Matching them may seem like a way of improving your appearance, but it's actually a fashion faux pas.

It is important to learn how to use accessories well. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to wear a pocket square and tie.

A tall man wearing a beige coat, matching black tie, and pocket square, Debate On Matching Pocket Square And Tie: What's The Verdict?

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Should Your Tie and Pocket Square Match?

If you wear suits frequently, you may have a stock of pocket squares and ties. Incorporating a classic pocket square into your outfit is an easy way to make an impression.

Man wearing a blue suit and a matching red necktie and pocket square.

The pocket square is a simple way to distinguish yourself as a person of style and the perfect complement to a well-tailored suit.

Many people today find themselves debating whether or not they should match their pocket square with their tie. So, what is the verdict on this debate?

The Verdict

It may be tempting to match your tie and pocket square, but you should never do so.

Although it may seem like an easy way to put together an outfit, matching your tie and pocket square actually violates the criteria of good style.

The purpose of the pocket square is to complement the rest of your outfit by adding a design that contrasts in order to emphasize the look. If you wear a tie and pocket square that are identical to one another, your appearance could seem overdone. 

Your tie should go well with your pocket square, but if they are exactly the same, your look will be lacking a bit in the sophistication department.

Even though some clothing manufacturers offer matching tie and pocket square sets, it is best to not match them if you want to look fashionable.

How To Wear A Tie and Pocket Square

A distinguished gentleman wearing a blue jacket, polka dotted neck tie and gold pocket square

When people sing the praises of someone's outfit, it is usually because they have demonstrated some level of inventiveness.

If you like wearing a pocket square and a tie, you should know how to do so properly. Also, if you want to properly raise your style game, the first thing you should do is choose the right colors. 

Go through a color wheel and pay particular attention to the colors that are adjacent to one another on the wheel, as these are the colors that work well together.

A good general rule to follow when picking a tie and pocket square is to choose colors and patterns that complement one another visually but aren't an exact match. 

The best way to choose a color for your pocket square is to select a shade from your tie and then look for a shade that goes well with it. A challenging aspect of this is matching the designs on your suit, tie, and pocket square so that they look good together.

When accessorizing with patterns that are similar to one another, it is essential to use patterns of varying sizes to create contrast. For instance, if you wear a tie with large dots, complement it with a pocket square with smaller dots.

If you have a lot of patterns going on somewhere in your outfit, the safest bet could be to stick to a simple pocket square.

Important Points To Remember

You should never accessorize with different styles made from the same fabrics. Also, you should avoid wearing a silk tie and a silk pocket square.

To properly coordinate a tie and pocket square, choose a cotton or linen square that can provide some contrast to your ensemble, and vice versa if you want the opposite effect.

With this in mind, your pocket square and tie allow you to convey your personal sense of style. They lend an air of elegance to any attire, with the primary purpose of drawing attention to the wearer and being easily distinguishable.

You shouldn't be afraid of being bold and daring when selecting these accessories. Most importantly, wear your tie and pocket square with confidence.

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Should You Wear A Pocket Square Without A Tie?

Yes, it is okay to wear a pocket square without a tie. However, this is not something that you should do without some consideration.

There is more to it than just dressing casually and ditching your tie. With a pocket square, it is important to pay attention to color, fold, and fabric, and to employ the square in a way that complements your other accessories.

Should I Wear A Pocket Square To An Interview?

Photo of a man wearing a gray coat with a blue under shirt, gold and blue tie with a matching blue pocket square

Yes, there are some job interviews where it is appropriate to wear a pocket square. However, some interviewers may not like the idea of the pocket square or find them to be too formal.

You should consider wearing a pocket square with your suit jacket if you are going to a formal interview or if the dress code requires formal or professional attire.

The type of job you are going for is also an important factor. It is okay for you to wear a colorful pocket square for a job interview in the arts and entertainment industry or in any other creative field.

In more formal settings, however, it's best to keep to a more conservative style, such as a pressed cotton pocket square that reaches no more than a quarter to a half inch above the chest pocket.

If you want to err on the side of caution and play it safe, always make sure to wear the pocket square properly.

Wearing a crisp white linen pocket square folded in a TV fold to a job interview is recommended since it is classic, unobtrusive, and shows that you know how to put together a well-rounded outfit.

You can also use a silk pocket square, but you should make sure it doesn't attract attention. Choose a pocket square fabric that has texture, such as linen or cotton, to go with a suit made of linen or cotton.

Silk should be avoided for a more casual suit since it could make the suit appear too formal.

Is A Pocket Square Just A Handkerchief?

The short answer is no. A pocket square is not just a handkerchief. To put it another way, a pocket square is a decorative accessory, whereas a handkerchief serves a practical purpose.

Both may have the same dimensions and may be manufactured from the same fabric, but they are not interchangeable.

As a result, some people always have a handkerchief on them and have a pocket square displayed neatly in their suit pocket to show their sense of taste and add a splash of color to their ensemble.

What Color Tie Is Most Versatile?

It's a good idea to have at least one black tie in your closet because black is one of the most versatile tie colors. It is appropriate for just about any event, from weddings to business meetings, and it can be worn with anything.

Ties in deep, rich colors are also versatile. Dark blue is a particularly reliable option. It's a good idea to stick with dark greens, burgundies, and even purples for some outfits.

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To Wrap Up

A tall man wearing a beige coat, matching black tie, and pocket square

Avoid making the common mistake of wearing a matching tie and pocket square. If you're confused about how to match your accessories, don't hesitate to do some quick research into colors and textures.

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