Fashion over 40 – Queer Eye Guru Advises How To Stay On Trend

If you are a chic, modish, voguish, or elegant woman over 40, you never miss out on the current fashion trends. It comes naturally to do away with what is outdated and replace it with trending styles.

You instinctively know when to say goodbye to outdated styles and hello to the latest trends.

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Your fashion cohort is growing on social media at an incredible pace! Even major retailers are bringing over 40 influencers on board to represent their brands!

This year, we are expecting to see fashion fads like bubble hems, ruffles, florals, and so much more! If you watched the fashion shows that took place in New York, Paris, Milan, or London last year, you might be as excited as we are for the upcoming releases from our favorite designers. 

We have picked out a few trending styles that you can incorporate into your own unique style. That way, you can decide what to add to your wardrobe, and what to put away until a later date when it trends again.

Yes, put it away until a later date! The secret that every 40-something knows is that fashion always comes back on trend in the future! Fashion is cyclical! So hang on to those pieces we don't expect to see this year.

For now, let's find decide what does stay in the closet.

Age-Defying Fashion. Keep these Styles In Your Closet This Year

Let's get right to it and hit on the fashion must-haves for this year and what should be removed from or altered in your wardrobe.

Regular Sleeve Tops

Fashion expert Angela Mashelle, a stylish woman over 40, suggests getting rid of bell-sleeve tops as they have been out of fashion for a while now. She advises opting for a regular sleeve top, which can be short or long.

However, another fashion expert, The Brunette from Wall Street, believes that bell sleeves are not completely out of style, but she isn't sold out on wearing them as is.

The verdict is that if you have puffy sleeves of this type, store them elsewhere, but remove them from your closet.

Cargo Pocket Jeans

Woman in blue denim asymmetric cropped jacket, leather bag with nailed studded fringed chain pendant shoulder, beige cargo flared pants, platform high heels shoes

These two have replaced high-waist jeans, including high-waist pants, and leggings.

A startling comeback is skinny jeans, which became unstylish 10 years ago. We will see these come back later in the year.

Take a look at your collection. What gains a spot in your closet? Do you have some formerly trendy pants stashed to pull back out this year?

Oversized Button Down Shirts

An oversized tunic is a complete no-no this year.

It makes the torso look long and the legs short.

If you need to hide any imperfections, this year we'll encourage wearing the on-trend oversized button-down shirt.

According to the video above, you can add more style by opening the first three buttons and wearing a chunky accessory around your neck. 

You could also unbutton the bottom two or three buttons to prevent hiding your legs. The idea is to reveal your long legs, and not make them look short.

If you are looking for an alternative, you can wear a cropped blouse instead.  

Peplum Tops

You will want to replace any handkerchief hem tops with a peplum top instead. Peplum tops are available in several styles, which you can wear with jeans and skirts. 

Mini-Skirt Suits

The mini-skirt has been and will always be the most discussed attire. It has a history dating back to the 1960s when British designer Mary Quant and French designer André Courrèges began playing around with mini-skirt designs.  

You may have tried or trended with a mini-skirt when you were younger. As the debate rages on, some believe you can wear a mini at any age; it all depends on how you wear it.

However, it's worth noting there has been an observation that more women over 40 are adorning the mini-skirts. 

Woman wearing oversized gray blazer and woolen mini skirt isolated on white background

Fashion experts advise that if you are over 40, you should not wear a very short mini but wear it at a comfortable length.  

Maxi Dress

The maxi dress was popular in the 60s and 70s after the American fashion icon Oscar de la Renta designed it. It went through a recession in the 80s but made a comeback in the last decade. Only this time, the hemline was longer, reaching the ankles. 

This dress has been in fashion in previous years and is definitely trending this year. With so many designs to choose from, you can wear one with a cut-out back or with sleeves. You may opt for a plain color or floral. 

However, to trend in this dress, you may want to avoid closed shoes and instead go for low sandals or flats. If you must wear heels -- a high heel sandal or wedge is best. 

Be careful not to over-accessorize. And, if it's cold, you can wear a light sweater or jacket. 

Extra-Detail Oversize T-Shirts

The oversized t-shirts are out of style because it is just one long piece. It could be why models were tying a sweater around their waists, perhaps to add more detail. 

That’s why you will see more detail on these shirts, such as a design tied at the front to give your body shape. So, you probably need to acquire one of these new t-shirt designs.

Mute Animal Prints

The traditional animal print is no longer in style and has been replaced by subtler or muted animal prints. Zebra prints seem to be at the forefront this year. Leopard, tiger, and snake prints are trending but more toned down.  

High-Low Skirt Or Dress

This is a skirt with a hem that is short at the front and long at the back, which isn't popular anymore. You can replace this with the trending straight mini, midi, or maxi skirt or dresses

The video below showcases the oversized t-shirts, animal prints, and high-low skirts or dresses to ditch this year:

Purple Everything

Lastly, we cannot forget to mention at least one color that is trending in 2023, and that is purple. As a woman over 40, you can look great in purple. Instead of black, you can try wearing a purple outfit.

Purple is awesome for formal and casual wear or special occasions. With different tones available, lilac tops the list as it enhances pieces such as bridesmaids' and cocktail dresses.

In Closing

Being over 40 does not mean you have to be drab and boring. There are interesting trending pieces that you can keep, and do away with out-of-style clothes.

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