How To Keep Hair Looking Wet All Day [4 Methods You Should Know]

When it comes to your hair, sometimes you want a different look. Maybe you were inspired by an actor in a movie, or perhaps you need to switch things up. Whatever your reason is, trying an all-day "wet look" might be just the style change that you're looking for. But how do you get the appearance of the wet look? And how can you make it last all day? We've looked into the most popular techniques to achieve this look. In this post, we will share them with you.

Here are four ways to keep your hair looking wet all day:

  • Use a good leave-in conditioner
  • Smooth in a hair pomade
  • Conditioning mousse
  • Apply a little gel

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4 Ways To Keep Hair Looking Wet All Day

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The wet-look can be achieved on any type of hair, from fine and thin strands to thick and curly locks. One of the benefits of wearing a wet look is that it allows you to give your hair a break from the heat, which can cause damage if it is used too frequently. Let's look at some of these methods.

1. Use A Good Leave-in Conditioner

Not only can a good leave-in conditioner help to restore moisture and balance to your damaged locks, but it can also give you the wet look that you are going for. For this method, spray your hair with water so that it is only slightly damp.

Then run your fingers through it to help the conditioner penetrate all of the hair strands. Most deep conditioners have a protein treatment included in them that makes them really thick. This is what will allow your hair to hold the look all day. Use a wide-tooth comb to evenly spread the deep conditioner throughout your entire mane if you need to.

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2. Smooth in a Hair Pomade

If your hair is on the thicker side, a good hair pomade can help you to get a solid wet look going that'll last all day long. For this method, you'll need to wash your hair to remove any previous gels or pomades.

Next, take a brush and run it through your hair thoroughly to get rid of any knots and kinks. If you have purchased a hair-defining pomade, you may find that it is a bit on the thick side. That's okay; this helps with this look.

Take a dime-sized amount of the pomade and run it through your hair as smoothly and evenly as possible. After applying the pomade, take your hair and place it into two pigtails. Remove the pigtails after about 30 minutes, and you will notice that your hair has a wavy pattern.

If you want deeper waves, keep your hair in pigtails for an hour or two. Next, take a bottle of spritz or any shine mist that you have and spray it on your hair to hold the look. The pomade will already have a high holding capacity, but the spritz is the icing on the cake.

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3. Apply Conditioning Mousse

If you already have a natural curl pattern to your hair, you won't need to do much to achieve a long-lasting wet look. To start, wet your hair using a spray bottle. Next, run your fingers through your locks to remove any tangles or knots.

Next, apply your air conditioning moves from the roots to the end of your hairs. Make sure to thoroughly run your fingers through your hair so that the mousse touches every single strand.

While you're finger-combing your locks, slightly scrunch each section for about 2 to 3 seconds. Make sure to do it quickly, as you don't want the mousse to dry in the process. Allow your hair to settle for about 5 to 7 minutes.

Before finishing up, gently pull the strands apart to help achieve a more natural look, as some strands may still be scrunched up. You can also apply a bit of spritz if need be.

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4. Apply A Little Gel

Hair gel is probably the most commonly used way to achieve a wet hair look. To achieve the look using gel, wash your hair with shampoo. Be sure to wring out any excess moisture after you rinse it out.

Next, use a little coconut oil or an oil serum to coat your hair. This can protect it from the drying effects of the gel, though some gels will dry your hair out more than others.

Next, take a quarter-sized amount of gel, or more if your hair is longer, and rub it between your hands. Then take your fingers and rake them through your hair to spread the hair gel over your entire head.

You can also use a wide-tooth comb to help distribute it as well. If you want a deeper wave pattern, place your hair into four braids and let them sit for about 5 minutes before untangling them. Afterward, spray your hair with a bit of spritz or a shine mist.

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What Style Of Hair Is Best For Making It Look Wet?

Body care cosmetics, What Style Of Hair Is Best For Making It Look Wet

The "Just Woke Up" Look

Messy hairstyles are not only convenient, but they can be pretty trendy as well. The idea of being effortlessly stylish isn't going anywhere anytime soon. For a "just woke up" messy look, you don't need to do much.

However, it is helpful to tame those cowlicks and remove hair from your face so that the look appears more natural. If you have curly or wavy hair, you can add a bit of mousse to create more texture and a style then you can easily toss up into a messy bun.

Natural Curls

Wet hair is an easy look if you have natural curls. It doesn't take much to achieve this look. Wet or dampen your hair and let it dry. If you want it to hold all day, you may need to apply gel, moose, or spritz to lock those curls in.

If you want to go for more of a "beach waves" look, wet your hair and then braid it into two or four ponytails to straighten out those curls. Allow the braids to sit for a few minutes before untangling them. This is the perfect look for a casual day in the city or a fun night out on the town with the girls.

The Side Part

If you wear your hair in a bob or pixie cut, the side part can be an everyday look for wet hair. Nothing says sophisticated and chic more than a good old-fashioned side part. To make the part perfect, use a rat tail comb or one that has a fine end. Next, apply any mousse or holding gel you have in your arsenal to maintain the look throughout the day. For a bit of added shine, spray an oil mist or add in a quality serum.

What Is The Best Wet Look Gel?

Hair care products in bottles. What Is The Best Wet Look Gel

This is a tough question to answer. There are hundreds of quality hair gels in the marketplace. Choosing the right one will come down to your budget, ingredient preference, holding requirement, and any allergy or scent sensitivities that you may have. Below we will cover one of the most popular styling gels used today, as well as a few runner-up gels.

DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

This ultra-defining gel by DevaCurl is one of the best products that money can buy--which is why it's our top pick. It contains soy proteins and wheat to help improve bounce, increase shine, and keep curls hydrated. After applying it, you need to scrunch your hair to create a wavy look and then let it dry for about 5 minutes. This is a water-based and unisex product that everyone in the home can use.

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Baxter of California Thickening Gel

If you are looking for a water-based gel, this thickening gel by Baxter is definitely worth taking a look at it. Not only does it provide all-day wear and a good amount of hold, but it's also enriched with birch and ginger juice to keep your hair supple and smooth.

The gel contains Vitamin B5 to help keep moisture locked into your hair throughout the day. You don't have to worry about it leaving your hair sticky or crunchy with caked-up residue, as it is fragile and rinses off easily.

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Bumble and Bumble SumoGel

Just a small amount of this gel will go a long way to provide you the wet look that you're looking for. Not only does it add shine and super hold to your hair, but it can also add texture. This gel is great if you plan on spending the entire day out and are looking for something to hold that isn't too heavy. It's another water-based formula so that it will rinse out with your next shower--no grime, no buildup.

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Briogeo Curl Charisma Rice Amino Gel

This rice-based jail contains several amino acids and vitamins to help your curls or waves hold well and stay moist. It also includes tomato fruit ferment and quinoa extract to add definition to each lock. If you need a gentle gel to help prevent breakage and boost your hair's elasticity, this product may be worth taking a look at. You can buy it online or find it at your local Sephora store as well.

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How Long Can You Leave Gel In Your Hair?

Cosmetologists recommend that you don't leave gel in your hair for more than 48 hours. If hair gel is left on the scalp too long, it can clog your pores lead to scalp irritation or bumps.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope that this post has provided you with enough ways to achieve a wet look hairstyle quickly.

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