How To Open A Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are a timeless look that will add a bit of fashionable flair to just about any outfit. With all of the new and different bangle designs out there these days, it can be challenging to stay current on how they all work. Part of owning a beautiful piece of jewelry is knowing how to take care of it, including properly opening the clasp. We've researched bangle clasps to inform you how various types function, so you can keep your bracelet secure.

Many modern bangle bracelets have a locking clasp mechanism that, when disengaged, allows the wearer to easily open the bracelet and securely lock it back into place around the wrist. Locate the clasp and release it to open the bangle. If your bracelet is a solid bangle, then it cannot be opened and must be slipped on and off the wrist each time when worn.

Accessorizing with bangle bracelets is a unique and empowering way to add some excitement to your daily routine! Knowing the right way to open your bracelet will ensure you can continue to enjoy wearing it for many years to come. Please, read on to learn all about bangle bracelet clasps.

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How do you put on a bangle?

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If the bangle does not have a clasp, then it must be put on by slipping your hand through the opening. This will only work if the bangle is large enough for your hand to fit through. If it feels a bit too tight, then soapy water can help jewelry slide on the skin; but, be wary that the piece doesn't break from excessive force or become stuck on your body.

Get An Assist with the Clasp

Most people have struggled with a clasp at some point and understand the frustration; therefore, they would be happy to help you out. Although it can be embarrassing politely asking for a small favor like this is rarely denied. Just be certain that the person is trustworthy around your jewelry. To do this more easily solo, you can also try using a bracelet helper tool.

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How to Open a Stuck Clasp

It's possible the clasp has become blocked with built-up residue inside or might be bent from hitting on something during daily wear. Make sure the latch is aligned and lightly move both ends around to attempt to engage the mechanism.

If moving the latch around feels gritty, then try scrubbing it with an old toothbrush and a soak in mild dish soap to remove any friction problems. If moderate pressure on the latch still won't open the bracelet, then it's best to take it to a local jeweler who can take a closer look.

How to Size Your Bracelet

To measure your bracelet size at home, find a measuring tape or strip of paper to wrap around your wrist. Position the tape around the widest part of your wrist, then mark the location where the strip overlaps. Unfold the tape and measure against a ruler to get your wrist size.

Keep in mind that while most bracelets are round, your wrist is shaped more like an oval, which helps to account for a bit of wiggle room when worn. Refer to the manufacturer's sizing chart to get the most accurate result.

Can a bangle be made bigger?

Some bangles can be adjusted or sized up to be made bigger depending on the materials and design. Styles with enamel, gemstones, or plating pose potential complications for traditional stretching or soldering enlargement methods.

Precious metals like gold, silver, copper, or brass are typically sizeable by a jeweler, while most common alloys are not. If the bangle cannot be made bigger, consider having the design replicated on a larger scale or incorporate the existing materials into an entirely new bracelet. Many manufacturers also offer trade-ins for size-related concerns.

Can a bangle be made smaller?

It is usually easier to make a bracelet fit smaller than it is to go bigger, but it depends greatly on the design. If the fit is too loose, you can try stacking with a few other bangles below that fit tighter to keep the larger one from slipping off.

Plain metal bangles without enamel, gemstones, or plating can sometimes be gently bent to fit better around the wrist; but, be very gentle. Repeated bending over an extended time period will weaken the metal, causing cracking issues.

How do you open a Pandora open bangle bracelet?

To add or remove charms from a Pandora open bangle bracelet, first, push in on either of the round end caps. Then, twist until the cap can be removed. Arrange charms as desired, then replace the end cap. Use gentle pressure when twisting and always check to make sure that the cap is fully locked when replacing.

How do you open a Swarovski bangle?

Most Swarovski bangles feature a low profile clicking lock that can be released on the side opposite of the pivoting hinge pin. The latch is released by pressing in on one side until the lever moves, thus opening the bracelet. Use a special, included tool or ballpoint pen to direct the precise force needed on the latch's small surface area. To prevent extra wear on this type of clasp, lightly press inwards on each end of the bangle when toggling the mechanism so the surfaces won't bend or scrape over time.

How do you open a Gnoce bracelet?

The classic Gnoce bracelet features a flexible chain wrapping around the wrist with a folding box-like clasp. This style can be opened by releasing the closure that secures the end tab on the chain. One side of the chain is fixed to the clasp where the other end has a tab that is secured when both sides of the closure are shut.

For a similar light and airy look that hugs your wrist, check out our style guide on "What is a Cape Cod Bracelet [Including 10 Examples]."

How do you open an expandable bangle bracelet?

Expandable bangles are a fantastic design with the easiest on/off experience amongst all bracelets. Open by squeezing each end of the wire where it overlaps on the sides to fit your hand through, then release. The metal will spring back to its former shape, securing the bracelet on your wrist. Only bend the bracelet as much as needed to fit your hand through to prevent the metal from losing its original shape and fit.

How do you embellish an expandable bangle bracelet?

The best way to embellish your expandable bangle is to have fun playing around with ideas and options until you find a visually balanced look that fits your personality! Include a variety of charm shapes, sizes, textures, and even metal colors to create an ever-evolving look perfect for daily casual wear.

For a more deliberate, dressier look, try colorful beads in alternating patterns with a personalized charm in the middle for a sweet, sentimental touch.

Hanging larger charms from the middle overlapping section of the wire prevents them from sliding down and keeps them in prime view. A few smaller or dangly charms look fun and flowy, hanging from the bottom section.

Things to remember

Jewelry is an expression of your individuality, and like you, every bracelet is different, so knowing how to operate some common clasp types will help you find a piece to fall in love with. Our ultimate bracelet guide covers all of the popular types of bracelets to help you accessorize to the fullest!

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