How To Stop Leather Pants From Squeaking

Figuring out how to stop your favorite pair of leather pants from squeaking can feel impossible without some help. Is this a constant issue you deal with, or does it depend on the pair of leather pants you're wearing? Regardless, we're here to help you stop this issue once and for all.

There are a few ways to stop your leather pants from squeaking. One way is to apply a damp cloth to your pants and let them air dry to "break" the leather in. Another way to stop squeaking is to use leather lotion and massage it into your pants. Finally, you can try sprinkling baby powder on your leather pants to prevent them from rubbing or sticking together. Luckily, these three methods also work on faux leather, so all hope is not lost if you have the same issue.

As we begin our post, we will explain how to stop your leather pants from squeaking and tag a few helpful products. Whether your pants are genuine or faux material, there are plenty of solutions to stop them from squeaking. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

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Why Do My Leather Pants Squeak?

When it comes to why leather squeaks, that is due to the leather being too stiff. Essentially, new and old leather become hard and squeak whenever you try to move in them. Like we mentioned above, adding moisture to your pants, whether it's lotion or water, will help make your leather movable and less squeaky. Generally, newer faux or genuine leather pants need a wipe down with water or some baby powder in the thighs.

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Does All New Leather Squeak?

Regardless of what leather accessory you wear, expect some squeaking. Usually, pants and jackets tend to have the loudest squeak among leather products. There is no exact science to this, but the squeak should subside with the right powder or lotion. With that said, leather, genuine or faux, does age and will eventually need to be moisturized or wiped down again.

How To Stop Leather Pants From Squeaking

Whether your pants are new or well worn, they most likely need moisture. Similar to your skin, genuine and faux leather dry out, hence the stiffness and squeaking. Using a simple wet rag to wipe down your pants is an easy way to help stop squeaking leather.

Another quick fix is a leather lotion that you can use to moisturize your pants to bring them back to their glory. If your pants are newer, try baby powder around the thighs and legs to stop the rubbing and squeaking sound.

Cadillac Select Leather Lotion

Here is a leather lotion from Cadillac to use on squeaky leather pants. This lotion cleans, shines, and moisturizes leather, and is wax-free.

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Johnson's Naturally Derived Baby Powder

Here is a baby powder from Johnson's that will work on faux and genuine leather pants. This baby powder is cornstarch, has vitamin E, and also promises to be moisturizing.

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How Long Does It Take For Leather Pants To Stop Squeaking?

Depending on how often you wear them, leather pants can take a while to stop squeaking. Typically, your leather pants should stop squeaking after a few wears or washes. If you notice your pants feel super crunchy or hard, washing won't do much to help, and you probably need a lotion or leather moisturizer. Not all moisturizers are suitable for leather, so make sure to choose one that is safe for clothing or accessories.

Here is a leather conditioner from Leather Honey to try on your pants. This product is non-toxic and promises to deep condition your leather and protect it from water.

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Does Real Leather Squeak?

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Although it may not squeak as loudly as synthetic material, real leather does make some noise. Generally, real leather does have a slight new squeak to it but is pretty easy to fix. Like we mentioned earlier, a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is perfect for squeaky leather and should solve the issue. In addition, genuine leather is much thicker than faux material, which helps with overall loudness when you move in it.

Why Does Faux Leather Squeak So Loud?

When it comes to faux leather being squeakier, this is because of its material and weight. Typically, synthetic leather is a mix of plastics and chemically treated fabrics that are much lighter than authentic material. Although faux leather pants might look similar to the real deal, they do not age as well as real leather and are more prone to squeaking and peeling. If you are concerned about squeaking, we recommend choosing a natural leather material or a higher-quality faux option.

Is Real Leather Better Than Synthetic?

Depending on your preferences, this can be tricky to answer. Between synthetic and genuine leather, the real deal will always be nicer quality. On the other hand, faux leather does not involve animal cruelty, if that's something you consider when shopping.

Smart Universe High-Waisted Skinny Leather Pants

Here is a pair of genuine leather pants from Smart Universe Wear to try out. These pants are high-waisted, slim-fit, and premium lamb leather.

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Is Faux Leather Easier To Clean Than Genuine?

Between the two pants styles, faux leather is more laundry-friendly. Although natural leather is of better quality, it does not react well to machine washing and dryer heat. Typically, synthetic leather is OK to throw in the washer every so often but should air dry. Regardless of what material leather your pants are, make sure to turn them inside out in the washer.

HIENAJ Women's High Waist Faux Leather Pants

Here is a pair of fleece-lined synthetic leather pants from HEINAJ. These pants are high-quality faux leather, have a button closure and fleece lining down both legs.

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How Often Should You Wash Leather Pants?

When it comes to washing leather pants, we say less often is better. If you frequently wear leather pants, try keeping your washing to a once per week maximum. Authentic and faux leather does not do well with excess moisture or heat, so hand washing and air drying are ideal. Even a quick spot clean is a good idea versus throwing your leather into the washer regularly.

How To Properly Clean Leather Pants

Below is a video tutorial on properly cleaning leather pants from eHow At Home. This same process is perfect for any leather clothing you might have and is a good alternative to machine washing.

Care & Cool Leather Cleaner with Premium Hi-tech Cloth

This kit comes with a leather cleaning spray, a high-tech cleaning cloth, and promises to clean and protect your leather.

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In Closing

Whether you are a longtime leather wearer, or just purchased your first piece, expect some squeaking. From what we discovered, both natural and faux leather tend to squeak when they are new. Leather also becomes squeaky when it gets too stiff, so make sure to moisturize it every so often. Between the different types of leather, genuine material is thicker and better quality versus a synthetic option. Regardless of which kind of leather pants you have, make sure to keep them hydrated, and don't be afraid to use some baby powder!

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