What Nail Polish Color Means You’re Single?

The nail polish color you choose can say a lot about your personality and your life. For example, your nail color can tell others whether you are single or taken, closed off or open. After a significant amount of research, the answer has been found to the question of what nail polish color means you are single.

White nail polish is said to mean you are single. White is the decided color to show you are ready for a new beginning and that you are a blank slate. Many women will paint their nails white to show off that they are prepared for a relationship.

On the other hand, there are nail colors that show off you are in a relationship or talking to a significant other. And white nail polish can mean more than just being single. Any nail color you could choose will show off your personality. Keep reading to find out what each color can mean.

Bright trendy female manicure. Woman's hands with pastel manicure on yellow and turquoise background, What Nail Polish Color Means You're Single?

What All Can White Nail Polish Symbolize?

As stated before, white nails can mean that you are single, but the color white, specifically on nails, can mean much more than your relationship status. The color white symbolizes innocence. White creates freshness and purity, loyalty, and peace. Choosing white nails can show off your mature personality, along with looking clean and bright and styling with any outfit perfectly.

Tender hands with perfect blue and pink manicure on trendy pastel pink background. Place for text.

The most popular time of year to show off white painted nails include springtime and summer. However, white nails are such a classic color that you can choose to wear them at any time throughout the year with confidence.

What Do Neutral Toned Nail Polishes Symbolize?

Woman with groomed hands with nude beige pink nail design holding cup. Manicure, fashion and beauty salon concept

Nude-colored nails are often associated with weddings and events like that. It is an extremely popular color choice for manicures before the big day. Also, many professional women will choose nude painted nails to best suit their job's standards. Nude nails show off professionalism, simplicity, and maturity.

Female hand holds a sheet of paper and demonstrates a nude manicure

Black nails seem to be judged fairly quickly; many people assume that black nails follow goth trends from the past. However, they are a popular choice now for other reasons than that. Black creates great and intense boldness. Black symbolizes rebellion, sensitivity, and creativity.

Finally, grey nails show maturity and sophistication. Grey adds a bit more light to the traditional black while still allowing for formality. Grey is a conservative color, indicating you may be more conventional and enjoy staying on the safe side of things, including your nail color.

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What Do Bright Nail Polishes Symbolize?

The first bright-colored nail polish to mention is yellow. Yellow signifies optimism, happiness, cheer, and warmth. Yellow is a fun color sure to draw attention and compliments. Because yellow is associated with sunshine, it is an excellent choice for summer, and a more pastel yellow is a great choice in the spring.

The next color to mention is orange. Much like yellow, it signifies sunshine, but it also represents joy and fascination, determination and strength. Orange shows that you have an outgoing and confident personality; you are unafraid of being the center of attention.

The final nail polish color to mention in this section is purple. The color purple is a combination of blue and red. This combination means that purple has accents of the calm from the blue, yet keeping the fierce nature of red. A purple manicure exudes confidence and power.

With purple nails, you will be representing wealth, ambition, and wisdom, keeping your independent, pride-filled energy.

Multiple Color Options

A fairly large trend currently is to choose multiple colors for one manicure. There are two main ways to do this.

The first way to complete this manicure trend is to choose two colors that look good together. After choosing two colors, you will usually pick one or two nails from each hand for the first color. Then you will need to paint the rest of your nails the second color. For example, a black manicure with two grey nails, either ring or middle finger.

The second way to complete this trend is to choose a different polish color for each nail. This is especially popular in the fall. For example, you could find colors ranging from white to dark brown. Then starting at either the thumb of both hands or the pinky, work your way from white to dark brown based upon shade.

Another option for this type of manicure is to do pastel shades in the spring, as shown in the picture.

Bright trendy female manicure. Woman's hands with pastel manicure on yellow and turquoise background, What Nail Polish Color Means You're Single?

What Does Light Blue Nail Polish Mean?

Recent trends have elaborated on the meaning of light blue nail polish. To oppose the white nail polish, this color represents that you are taken or in a relationship. This trend came about when girls began to post their boyfriend's answers to 'what color should I paint my nails?'. The boy's answers seemed always to be light blue.

The color light blue symbolizes enthusiasm, softness, tranquility, and compassion. Light blue also represents seriousness and commitment, which is essential in relationships, hence where this may have come from. Having a light blue manicure can also mean that you are talking to someone or spoken for.

What Nail Color Do Guys Find The Most Attractive?

When men were asked what color they found most attractive on a women's nails, many responded with red. It was the most popular choice. Red is a popular color of love, being the primary color for the holiday of Valentine's Day, the color of roses, and the color of the heart symbol.

Along with that, red is associated with fiery passion and heat, which many men find attractive. Deep red can be a very seductive color. Wearing red nail polish shows confidence and not only attracts attention but demands it from everyone.

Red symbolizes life, courage, and war. It is bold but beautiful, and very classic, and can pair with many outfit choices. Red is a great color for your manicure in February but is classic enough to be worn year-round.

Beautiful model shows red manicure on nails. Red lips .Luxury fashion style, manicure nail , cosmetics and makeup .

Men who did not respond to the last question with the color red chose various other colors. For example, your choice to wear a nude shade on your nails will associate you with being forward and comfortable. Men find this nail color very attractive for those reasons.

Another option is navy blue which exudes intensity and maturity, all while being reliable and sincere. More colors include emerald green, lavender, coral, and light pink. Also, men find black or grey nails attractive as well.

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What Do Pink Nails Mean?

Beautiful groomed woman's hand with pink nails on light gray background. Manicure, pedicure beauty salon concept

Pink nail polish is a great choice to show off your flirty personality. This color exudes love and kindness and allows for your femininity to peak through. A pink manicure can demonstrate your sweet and romantic side without intimidating or threatening.

The best time to style a pink manicure is summer or spring. Although, many women choose to style this way for holidays such as Valentine's Day. The picture below shows a good example of a lighter, pastel shade of pink.

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What Nail Polish Color Makes Hands Look Younger?

Mature woman working on her pink gold smartphone and tablet behind pc keyboard, mature woman with orange nails

Orange hues are the best color to attract attention away from any visible signs of aging. These bright colors bring vibrancy and health back to your skin. Avoid grey undertones and colors too close to your skin tone, which can potentially age your skin. This can take away from the youthfulness of orange color polish.

To Conclude These Thoughts On Nail Polish Colors

Your choice of nail colors can be based on many things, including relationship status, aspects of your personality, and the season or time of year. A white manicure is sometimes worn to show that a woman is single, ready to take on a new relationship. On the other hand, choosing a light blue manicure can show that you are in a relationship.

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