Should Nail Polish Match Your Dress Color?

Trying to figure out if your nail polish should match your dress? We've looked into it and have some tips for you. Read on to find out how to pick the right nail polish color for your dress, the best colors for different occasions, and more.

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All About How To Match Nail Polish With Your Outfit

It is nearly impossible to match your nail polish with everything that you wear. With that said, it is nice to at least wear complementary colors based on your favorite colors to wear.

When we speak of matching your nail polish according to your clothes or dress, we do not suggest matching the exact color of your dress with your nails. They will blend too much when you try them. Instead, choose a color that complements the color of your dress.

An alternative match method is choosing your nail polish based on your accessories. You may select beige or pale pink nail polish if you carry brown or leather accessories. Black accessories go with just about any color of nail polish, such as nudes as well as bright colors.

How do you match nail polish with a dress?

There are a few options when it comes to matching your nail polish with a dress. If you use nail polish strips, you can choose a pattern to match your dress.

For example, if you are wearing an emerald green dress, you can choose nail polish strips with a pattern that includes emerald green.

If your dress has a busy pattern, choosing solid colors for your nails matches best. On the other hand, if your dress is a solid color, then patterns will work just fine.

Rather than trying to find colors that match exactly, it is best to choose complementary colors. By this, we mean you should choose a color that complements the color of your dress.

Here are some examples of colors that complement each other:

  • Navy blue and coral
  • Black and big apple red
  • Purple and light blue
  • Coffee brown and pale pink
  • Magenta and light pink
  • Turquoise and slate gray
  • Yellow and plum
  • Lavender and dark purple
  • Deep green and taupe
  • Crimson and dusty rose
  • Coral and plum

What color of nail polish goes with everything?

Believe it or not, red nail polish goes with almost anything. Many people struggle with matching their nail polish with either brown or black but do not always have the time to switch colors between outfit changes. In this case, red is a good choice because it goes well with both brown and black.

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Pale colors tend to match well with just about any color. Nude colors go well with most colors as well. You can consider nude to be neutral, which matches well with black, brown, or gray and an array of colors.

There is a spectrum when it comes to nude nail polish. Some shades of nude have pink undertones, while others are more yellow. The best choice for you most likely depends on your skin tone.

Currently, the most popularly chosen nail colors are darker shades of red. This includes burgundy rather than cherry red. Turquoise and slate gray are other common nail polish colors these days.

Which fingernail should be used as the accent nail?

It has become more and more common over time to choose a fingernail as the accent nail. As for which nail is the best for an accent nail, your ring finger is the answer. Painting your ring fingernail a neutral color will help your nails match a wider variety of colors.

Should your toenail and fingernail polish match?

The answer to this indeed relies on a personal decision. Some people find it more pleasing to the eye when their toenails and fingernail polish match. If you feel this way, you have the option to stick to French manicured tips so that you can vary your toenail color.

Your toenail polish and fingernail polish do not HAVE to match. It is up to you if you would like a variation of the same color on your toenails and fingernails. For instance, you could choose maroon toenail polish and cherry red fingernail polish.

There are a few options for good-looking toenail and fingernail polish combinations. You can choose complementary colors or similar shades. People tend to choose a darker shade for their toenail polish and a lighter shade for their fingernail polish.

A common style nowadays is having two complementary colors on your fingernails. If you prefer this style, you can match your toenail polish to either of the two colors on your fingernails.

You can go for solid toenail polish, or if you have a pedicure done, you could request that your big toenail be painted one of the two colors you chose for your fingernail polish. For more in-depth information, explore here.

Should your lipstick match your nail polish?

It is up to you whether or not your lipstick should match your nail polish. It used to be pretty common to match everything. These days, matching is not seen as necessary.

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Rather than matching colors exactly, choosing complementary colors is much more preferred. Using neutral colors is the best or easiest way to get your lipstick and nail polish to mesh. Pale shades of pink and light brown are great options.

It does provide a more sophisticated look when you match your nail polish and lipstick. To read more about the best ways to go about this, check out our post,  "Should Lipstick Match Nail Polish?"

If there is red somewhere in a pattern on your dress, a similar shade of red lipstick can be a beautiful choice. This does not mean your nail polish has to match as well. It is better to use complementary colors than to try to color match exactly.

Nude is a great neutral choice for your nail polish color that goes well with just about any colored dress. It can be paired with copper lipstick or matte brown lipstick. Dusty Rose is another beautiful color of lipstick that pairs well with neutral nail polish colors.

How to Choose The Right Shade of Lipstick For You

You can choose your lipstick based on a few different reasons. When it comes to skin tone, certain shades of lipstick in a multitude of colors match best. Here is a video to help you choose your lipstick according to your skin tone:

What is the most versatile nail color?

The most versatile nail colors are neutral. Neutral colors include cream, gray, taupe, beige, and pastel colors. Implementing one of these nude or neutral tones will make it so you do not have to change your nail polish color based on the color of your dress or outfit.

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These colors are considered the most versatile because they do not easily clash with other colors. You want to use complementary colors for your clothing, fingernail polish, toenail polish, and accessories.

If you wear gold jewelry, do not be afraid to try out gold nail polish or gold designs on your nails. Another versatile nail choice is the French manicure.

Red is a favorite too. There is a wide spectrum of red nail polish, from pinkish reds to more of an orange-red to darker shades such as crimson.

Polishing Your Style Choices

Matching your nail polish to your dress creates a pleasing look. For a coordinated style, choose polish shades similar to your outfit or opt for a nude polish to complement it.

Solid polish works best with patterned dresses, while fun designs enhance solid-colored outfits. Neutral polish colors are the most flexible choice.

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