30 Types Of Haircuts And Hairstyles For Women (By Hair Length)

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the endless options for women's haircuts and styles? With so many bobs, layers, and bangs to choose from, it's no wonder that making a decision can be difficult. But don't worry, we've got you covered. We've put together a list of 30 popular haircuts and styles to inspire your next visit to the hairstylist. Whether you're looking for a subtle change or a bold new look, keep reading for some fresh inspiration.

collage of photos of women wearing different hairstyles, 30 Types Of Haircuts And Hairstyles For Women (By Hair Length)

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Short Hairstyles

1. Classic Pixie

Happy young fashion woman in classic pixie cut and leather jacket walking in city street

A classic pixie is a cut that is short in the back and on the sides and just a bit longer on top. This cut can have some form of bangs.  Although the pixie cut is perfect for oval and heart-shaped faces, it suits almost any other face shape as well.

The pixie is a great cut for added texture, which you can achieve with a texturized paste.

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2. Short Pixie

Beautiful female model with blonde short pixie hairstyle having tattoo on her hands standing on grey background

A short pixie is a bit longer than a buzz cut. This is a bold choice, but it's very fashion-forward. A short pixie can be androgynous, but it can also be feminine, depending on how you want to style around it. This cut is very easy to maintain and keep up with.

It works well textured and looks amazing on those with more angular faces as it shows off the bone structure of your face.

3. Bob

beautiful young woman in bob haircut wearing polka dots against teal background

A bob is a haircut that reigned in the days of the flapper, when women had begun to break with the traditional long hair and long dresses. It is a short, often blunt, haircut that usually ends around the end of the ears or the end of the jawline. This is another cut that looks great on all face shapes.

4. French Bob

beautiful young woman wearing a beret on a french bob haircut

A French bob is essentially a bob with straight across bangs. The French bob doesn't traditionally have layers, so it tends to be styled as blunt and sleek. However, you can do a more modern take on the French bob and add layers and textures.

To create that smooth and finished look, you can use an anti-frizz serum or gel.

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5. Lob

Woman With Blonde Mid Length Lob Hairstyle

A long bob, or a lob, is a variation of the bob. This cut tends to fall just above the shoulders, being a great place to start if you want to work your way into a shorter cut. Using a texturizing spray for a beachy look adds volume to this cut.

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6. Curly Bob

woman with curly bob pulling her hair laughing

A perfect way to showcase your natural curls is a curly bob. The length allows for optimum volume and bounciness since it's not weighed down by length. This allows you to show off how full, thick, and beautiful your natural texture is.

7. Faux Hawk

woman in faux hawk haircut facing side ways

For an edgier look, a faux hawk can be the perfect alternative to a pixie cut. Shorter on the sides and longer on the top, this cut is made to be styled and set in place, so a good hairspray is a must.

8. Shagged Bob

blonde woman with shagged bob smiling for the camera

Shagged bobs are blunt, choppy, and super texturized. This cut is perfect for thinner hair, as the added texture will make it appear more voluminous. For a shagged bob, your best friend is going to be a straightener.

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9. Asymmetrical Bangs

close up portrait shot of a woman with asymmetrical bangs

If you're in search of a dynamic and daring haircut, asymmetrical and choppy bangs may be for you. Think of this as an edgy take on side-swept bangs. Paired with a shagged bob, this hairstyle is perfect for those with a bold personality.

10. Side Part Bob With Bangs

Balance out a blunt bob with soft side-swept bangs. If you have thinner hair that won't allow for thick straight across bangs, you can try a light side bang to add a framing element to your face. This is also great if you prefer a side part to a middle part but don't want to miss out on bangs.


11. Layered Midi

Long layers on medium length hair give the illusion of more length than there actually is. Longer layers allow for a lighter look and feel as opposed to a heavy and blunt cut that won't do soft curls justice.

12. Tapered Layers

Tapered layers are layers that create a soft "V" shape to your hair as opposed to regular layers that end at a single length. This cut is used to add a natural body to your hair with minimum effort on your part.

13. Curly Bangs

Who said bangs have to be straight? If you have curly or textured hair, you don't have to skip out on bangs. A midi length cut and bangs paired with your natural hair will be full of volume and personality.

14. Shagged Midi

Tons of layers, thick fringe, and possibly cut with a razor is the making of a shagged midi. This cut is meant to be heavily textured, which is why it's cut very choppily. Even if you aren't styling it, it still maintains its "shagged" look.

15. One Length

If you have thin and straight hair, mid-length cuts with layers can make it look even thinner. A single length cut will help your hair appear thicker. And since your hair is on the thinner side, a straight cut won't look as blunt as it would with thicker hair.

16. Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are thin, wispy layers that resemble feathers on a bird's wing. These layers are meant to create movement and texture in otherwise flat and straight hair.

17. A-Line Bob

An A-line bob is a medium-length cut that is shorter in the back than the front. The back tends to start at the top of the neck and then reaches around to the collarbone level at the front. This cut gives maximum thickness at the back of the hair and then gives length and a face-framing layer in the front. The A-line bob is a sophisticated look and fits all face shapes and hair types.

18. Lob Combover

Combover may sound a little off-putting, but it's essentially a deep, voluminous part. The best way to achieve this is by blow-drying your part in the opposite direction so it wants to fall that way. When you flip it in its normal direction, it will create volume. It may fight to stay on the side you want it, so extra-hold hairspray will do the trick. But if you feel like you need something more, a stylish clip can hold it in place.

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19. Straight And Blunt With Bangs

A medium-length blunt cut with bangs is a sophisticated style if you have naturally straight hair. Rounded hair and bangs can look a bit childish at times, so this pin-straight look is an updated take on a classic. It's stylish, classy, and modern.

20. Full Bangs And Tousled Waves

Full bangs are harder to differentiate from the rest of your hair. They seem to blend in from one side to the other, creating an inverted face-framing look. The added textured layers and messy waves also work to hide the ends of your bangs, making your hair look incredibly full. The best way to achieve these waves is with a wand curling iron. The key is to create the curls and then mess them up for that super textured look.

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21. Middle Part

Young woman with beautiful brown middle part hairstyle

If you love the simplicity of styling long hair, then an easy middle part is perfect for you. Middle parts look amazing on everyone and are quick and easy to style.

22. Middle Part And Bangs

woman in yellow shirt with gorgeous middle part and bangs

Jazz up your middle part with straight across bangs. Thick bangs are a great addition to long hair. If you have a larger forehead, bangs can help to balance out the top of your face with the lower portion.

23. Wispy Bangs

gorgeous woman in white shirt with wispy bangs

Long wispy bangs are one way to experience bangs without full commitment. Perfect for thinner hair, these bangs can easily be styled back into your existing part, making them ideal for those who aren't sure if bangs are the way to go. Wispy bangs are also simple to grow out since they don't require a larger part like thick bangs.

24. Curtain Bangs

One of today's most popular trends is curtain bangs. Long bangs, blended into face-framing layers, hardly hold the commitment of the commonly portrayed bangs. These can end around the temple, or even the middle of the ear and are usually styled away from your face.

25. Long Layers

Long layers will help to lighten really long and thick hair. If you like your length but feel as if it's constantly weighed down, then this is the perfect cut for you. An added bonus is that this will help to create texture in a ponytail, helping to balance out the thickness of longer hair when it's pulled back.

26. Face Framing Layers

Face framing layers are layers that start around your chin and taper downwards. They get their name because the cut will cause a natural inward curl towards your face, quite literally framing it. Unlike other layers, these do not extend to the rest of your hair; they are just used at the front of your hair.

27. Under Hair Undercut

Here's a fun way to add some character to your long hair. An undercut at the base of your neck with a cool design can take your ponytail game to a whole new level. The great thing about this cut is that if you have thick and heavy hair, this will give you some relief. It's also easy to hide if you don't end up liking it or if you're growing it out. There are countless designs to choose from and you can be as creative as you want with them.

28. Undercut

There's also the classic undercut in which one side, or both sides, of your head is shaved. This can be with a design or without. Either way, it's an edgy look to what could be a simple long haircut.

Undercuts paired with long, flowy hair makes even the bold hair choice look incredibly feminine. They are also pretty easy to keep up with as long as you want to keep them. However, they can be a pain once you are ready to grow them out since it can't always be easily hidden.

29. Feminine Shag

A more feminine shag is one that is soft and less harsh with not nearly as many jagged layers. Light, messy curls instead of sharp textures give this style an ethereal look. And with softer bangs, it still creates a thick, full style but without as much edginess.

This style is also versatile. It can be done on both thick and thin hair and can use a middle or a side part.

30. V-Cut

This cut is similar to tapered layers except that it is a much sharper "V" shape. This cut is generally used for women with thick and heavy hair that want relief without losing their length. In the front, this cut creates face-framing layers, allowing for some natural movement in your hair.

In Closing

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