5 Great Ways To Wear A Bangle Bracelet

Bangle bracelets are so chic, but what is the best way to wear them? Do you wear them close on your arm or pile up a whole stack of them? We've researched style icons and have come up with a bunch of great looks for you to decide on your best way to wear bangles. So let's take a look at what we found.

Here are some great ways to wear a bangle bracelet:

  • Choose a bold color bracelet
  • Wear a stack of gold bangles
  • Collect eclectic bangles and wear them on both wrists
  • Find an artisan-made bangle
  • Keep it fun with playful bangles

We've found images so you can see what we have in mind. We'll also talk about considerations when choosing a bangle, where they should sit on your wrist if you can make them smaller, and how to keep one that's too big from falling off. So please, keep reading!

Woman wearing a bangle bracelet, 5 Great Ways To Wear A Bangle Bracelet

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5 Great Ways To Style Bangle Bracelets

Let's look at these fun ways to style your bangle bracelets. From sophisticated to sassy, there are ways to make bangle bracelets work for every style.

Choose A Bold Color Bangle Bracelet

If you want to make a stand-out statement, consider wearing one dramatic, brightly-colored bangle bracelet with a similarly bold color dress or suit. Wearing one piece of jewelry like this is a way to make your style stand out.

See our post on statement necklaces here: "11 Gorgeous Statement Necklaces for a Black Dress."

Wear A Stack Of Gold Bangles


When it comes to bangles, there's nothing more classic than a stack of simple gold bracelets. They look absolutely elegant, dangling on your arm. Whether you're wearing a white long-sleeved short rolled up at the sleeves or a sleeveless black summer shift, this jewelry choice is classic and beautiful.

This set of three is 18k over sterling silver. It gives you the look of precious gold without quite as much cost. Of course, collecting gold bracelets gives the people you love an idea for every birthday and holiday gift-giving occasion. Click here for this set on Amazon.

Collect Eclectic Bangles To Wear On Both Wrists

Girl's hands with golden bracelets

There's no need to stick to one style when choosing your bangle bracelets. The whole point with stacking them up is variety. Think of different thicknesses, widths, textures, and materials, then have fun playing with the arrangements on your arms. Here gold bangles blend with enameled bracelets. Skinny smooth bangles look at home with roped pattern bracelets. It's a look that's stylish and fun.

Find A Unique Artisan-Made Bangle

Close up of beautiful woman with ring and bracelet

Much like choosing a single bold-colored bracelet to set your style, the same thing can be done when purchasing a gorgeous artisan-made piece. This incredible close-fitting bangle is an open-work geometric style in gold. When you have a piece like this, it's really all you need to wear as an accessory.

Keep It Fun With Playful Bangles

Female hands with bracelets and handbag on colorful background

There are so many bangle varieties out there it's easy to keep it fun and have collections in every color. From beaded styles to metal styles to woven leather styles, inexpensive bangle bracelets abound. Here a collection of various bangles in blues highlight the gorgeous manicure and the sweet little envelope bag in striped blue and white. You could do this with any color outfit for a fun and playful look.

What's more fun than animal prints? Here's a great leopard print bangle with a hidden clasp. Pile this up with some black bangles or gold bangles, and wow! What a look! Click here for this on Amazon.

How Do You Choose A Bangle?

Choosing a bangle is a personal decision. Are you looking for something bright and fun to go with a sunny summer sundress? Then you might consider a stack of inexpensive bangles in bright colors.

Click here for these hinged bangles on Amazon.

But if you love the look of a collection of gold or silver bangles and you want a slew of them, you might consider a brand like Pandora that has lots of options. We have a post here about their bracelets, "9 Types Of Pandora Bracelets."

Also, think about your hand and wrist and what is comfortable for you. If you like the ease of quickly sliding on two or tree bracelets, then go for traditional slip-on bangles. If you prefer a closer fit, then you'll want to investigate adjustable bangles or those with a hidden hinge or clasp. If your bangles are not comfortable for your style, then they'll end up sitting in your jewelry box. Wouldn't you rather be wearing them?

Where Should A Bangle Bracelet Sit On Your Wrist?

Woman wearing a bangle bracelet, 5 Great Ways To Wear A Bangle Bracelet

The nature of the bangle is that it moves on your wrist. Typically a bangle will rest somewhere between the widest part of your hand and further up your arm where it reaches a similar width. If you wear more than one, they will move with you as you move. Because of this, bangle bracelets are not for everyone.

If you love the look of a bangle but want it to fit more closely. Then you might consider getting one that has a hidden clasp. Because they open wider to be taken off, they allow for a snugger fit than a slip-on bangle.

Here you can see the mechanism on the inside for the hidden clasp. This allows you to open up the bangle for more room when taking it off. Click here for this bracelet on Amazon.

How Do You Keep A Bangle Bracelet From Falling Off?

The key to keeping a bangle bracelet from falling off is to make sure it's sized correctly to begin with. When putting on bangles that have no hidden clasp, they should be tight going over the widest part of your hand. They'll need a little nudge to push them on and pull them off. If you have one that's slightly too large, consider putting it on first, then following it with bangles that fit. Of course, if it's way too large, it will slip over the others and still come off.

Can A Bangle Bracelet Be Made Smaller?

Some bangle bracelets can be made smaller, but it depends upon the material. Metals like gold, silver, and even copper can be cut down and resoldered by a competent jeweler. This involves sawing out a small piece of the metal, then reconnecting it using a jeweler's torch and metal solder that will match the bracelet material.

With bangles made out of things like tortoiseshell or plastics, then they can't be cut down. But there are DIY tricks for adding another layer of material inside them to shrink the overall diameter. Use a foam fabric and glue a strip around your bangle's interior to bring it down a little in size.

There are also some adjustable bangles available on the market. These bracelets wear like a regular bangle but have some adjustability so they can fit a variety of wearers.

This Tree Of Life bangle has adjustable connectors at the back that allow you to slide it tighter or more open, depending upon your wrist size. One nice thing about this style is once it's over your hand, you can tighten it down to be more comfortable on your arm. Click here for this on Amazon.

Bangles Are The Best Baubles For Your Wrist

You probably already own a bangle bracelet or two, but the great thing about jewelry is that it takes up so little room in our homes. This is an accessory that doesn't need tons of shelving or closet space and can take your style to new heights.

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