What Evening Shoes Go With a Black Dress?

What are the right evening shoes to wear with the perfect little black dress? There are so many different styles, colors, and materials out there. And it's essential not to underdress when going out for the evening. Let's take a look at our research for both the best styles and the best colors.

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Best Styles Of Evening Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress

  • Stilettos
  • Pumps
  • Ballet Flats
  • Strappy Sandals
  • Kitten Heels

Best Colors Of Evening Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress

  • Black
  • Metallics
  • Red
  • Nude
  • Yellow
  • Fuschia
  • White
  • Animal Print

The Right Style Of Evening Shoe To Pair With A Black Dress

When you're dressing up to go out on the town, you want a look that turns heads. The shoes with a little black dress can make a huge difference. Too casual or too clunky, and you will throw the whole vibe off. Let's look at the types of shoes that are super for evening wear.


Stilettos are not for everyone with their tapered, narrow heels and extra height. But, if you're comfortable in a stiletto, they look amazing for evening wear. Stilettos typically are three to four inches in height, but in some extreme cases can go as high as eight inches!

These patent stilettos with almost 5" heels are a super silhouette for a little black dress.

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Pump is a general term for several kinds of high heels, but we think of them as having a slightly wider heel than a stiletto and a heel that's between two and five inches. They are still ultra-feminine and dressy enough for an evening out.

These similar shoes feature a 2" heel and an ankle strap. The soft suede-like material is perfect for a fall or winter function.

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Ballet Flats

Some women don't want to wear heels, and that is perfectly fine, but when finding an evening shoe, we suggest ballet flats. Ballet flats are elegant and straightforward, and they come in a variety of materials and colors. If you get a pair with some sparkle, they'll style up your black dress.

This dressy pair of ballet flats from Betsy Johnson will catch the twinkle of evening street lights.

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Strappy Sandals

For a great summertime look that is flirty and fun, pair strappy heels with your black dress. This high heel shoe is open-toed with slender straps. Your foot will look beautiful in it. You'll want to splurge for a pedicure if you go this route.

This pair of Steve Madden strappy heels features a stiletto heel with all the features of a sandal.

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Kitten Heels

A Kitten Heel shoe is a perfect choice for those who love the look of a heel but don't want the extra height of a more high-heeled shoe. These heels are an inch or under and often feature a slide and slingback, which makes them great evening shoes.

This leopard print kitten heel from Sam Edelman would look amazing with a little black dress.

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What Color Evening Shoes Should I Wear With A Black Dress?

Fortunately, there are not many colors that won't go with a black dress, but we've pulled together some colors that complete fantastic evening looks. Let's take a look.

Black Shoes With A Black Dress

You really can't go wrong with a simple black dress and a pair of black heels. The combination is timeless, and by simply changing out your earrings and lipstick color, you can take it from daytime to night.

Metallic Shoes Dress Up A Black Dress

Whether you love silver, gold, rose gold, bronze, or copper, metallic shoes give extra sparkle to a black cocktail dress. It's a look you'll find from the red carpet to the steps of the opera house. And there's nothing more fun than shopping for a pair of great metallic colored shoes.

This Bandolino strappy sandal comes in all of the metallic shades. It's a medium heel height of 3 1/4" and features super feminine styling. Click here for this on Amazon.

Do Red Shoes Go With A Black Dress?

The answer is, obviously, yes. You can wear red shoes with a black dress and look smashing in the process. Finish out the look with a dab of your favorite bright red lipstick and Va Va Voom!

These strappy stilettos from Chinese Laundry will turn heads, for sure!

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Can I Wear Tan Shoes With A Black Dress?

Though you can wear tan shoes with a black dress, for an evening look, we suggest nude-colored heels. Nude-colored shoes are the height of fashion these days, and they'll put all the focus on your gorgeous dress. Nude-colored shoes are available in every style and material, so you'll have no problem finding the perfect look.

This closed-toe kitten heel with ankle strap in nude-color is a perfect shoe for a black dress.

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Yellow Shoes With A Black Dress

When you choose to wear a pop of color on your feet, you declare your fashion confidence. Yellow is the color of the sun, the sand, and the glimmer of golden flowers. It's a bright color, which makes it perfect for the shoes you'll wear to an evening event. 

This classic yellow pump from Calvin Klein will take any dress from blah to bam.

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Fuschia Shoes Are A Whole Lot Of Fun

Love to wear black but don't want to look like you're heading to a funeral? Pair that black dress with hot pink shoes and you'll put the fun in fuschia. We're seeing a lot of this color shoe these days and love the trend.

We love these metallic fuschia slingbacks. They're sure to add sparkle to your outfit.

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White Shoes With A Black Dress

Though it's often a color combination we think of for business or casual, a white shoe with a black dress for the evening does work. It's a way to lighten up the darker color of the dress for springtime appeal. 

Animal Print Shoes Are A Perfect Match For A Black Dress

Zebra, cheetah, and leopard are some of the wild animal patterns available in fashion. Who says you can't wear them on your feet? And the best thing? Any of them will look perfect paired with a little black dress.

These Nine West heels in zebra will have you purring in the mirror. Check this pair out on Amazon.

This beautiful little ballet flat is a perfect choice for the woman who prefers not to wear heels but still wants a unique shoe. Click here for this pair on Amazon.

What Heels Go With A Black Dress?

As we've mentioned above, several types of heels go with a black dress. But let's recap:

  • Stilettos - these tall heels make your legs look elegant
  • Sling Backs - this style features a closed toe and a strap that goes behind your ankle
  • Kitten Heels - kitten heels are no higher than an inch but have sexy styling.
  • Strappy Sandals - these heels have characteristics of a flat sandal with open toe and ankle straps, but are on higher heels

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