What To Wear With Wedge Sandals [6 Awesome Ideas]

Everyone loves a great wedge sandal. Did you find a new pair of sandals and need to figure out what to wear with them? In this article, we will discuss just what outfit to pair your new shoes with.

Wedges are very versatile and can be worn as part of a wide variety of outfits. Try pairing your wedges with the following:

  • A great pair of jeans
  • A skirt
  • Dresses
  • Leggings
  • Office attire
  • Shorts and a great top

Continue to read this article for some great outfit and accessory ideas to wear with your brand new wedge sandals! We have even suggested some that are available for purchase.

A woman feet in the chunky wedge sandals, What To Wear With Wedge Sandals [6 Awesome Ideas]

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Woman feet in the chunky sandals

A pair of skinny jeans or even boot cut look great with wedge sandals. You can roll up your jeans, as shown in the photo above, or leave them the way they are. A pair of wedges can dress up any pair of denim pants. Add a nice flowy blouse and cardigan for a completed look. If you prefer, wear a t-shirt. Many pairs of wedge sandals will look perfect dressed up or dressed down.

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Woman in stylish shoes on red background

Are you going out on a date tonight? Maybe it's a girls night of dancing and drinks. Wear those wedges with a cute skirt! Long or short skirts, these sandals are perfect for a night out. Many styles are work appropriate and will make your professional attire. Wearing a wedge also assures you will not be tripping over your heels, as it allows more balance and support.

Take a look at these wedges we found, perfect for any skirt. Various colors of these wedges are available.

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Wedges are perfect for dresses as well as skirts, talked about above. Wear your wedge sandals with your favorite maxi dress. It is the perfect summer look. This outfit idea is perfect for a lunch date and a walk on the beach. Again, this outfit could also be a professional look and make you feel like a million bucks! Many wedge sandals have a comfortable footbed and would be ideal for a day on your feet. Remember, not all wedges are really tall. There are shorter ones for more stability and comfort.

We found some cute, lower wedges for you to wear with that beautiful maxi dress!

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It is time to get ready for a day of grocery shopping and running errands. Who said you could not wear cute wedge sandals with leggings? If you want a casual outfit, throw on those leggings, a t-shirt, and a comfortable pair of wedge sandals. Trust us when we say wedges go with any outfit for any occasion! You also do not have to sacrifice comfort for style!

These wedge sandals we found are breathable, comfortable, and supportive. Perfect for a casual outing day.

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Wedding Gown/ Bridesmaids

Yes, even wedge sandals look great with wedding gowns! With more support in the wedge, you will not have to worry about sinking in the grass while taking your photos. Match your bridesmaid's wedges in different colors so you will all be comfortable. There are so many options and colors available that we are sure you will find a perfect fit for your gown and wedding party.

Take a look at these gorgeous wedding wedges that we found available for purchase.

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Do not be afraid to add some color to your outfit! In the picture above, this lady is wearing cut off jean shorts and bright pink wedge sandals. It goes together perfectly! What a great casual summer outfit with a pop of color to brighten it up. Wedge sandals come in all styles and colors. Wearing wedges with your shorts can elongate your legs, making you taller and feel more confident. Add a great ball cap or sunglasses to complete the look!

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There is nothing like a day by the pool or the ocean. Wear those amazing wedges with a swimsuit and a cover-up to feel super sexy and confident. Find a pair of wedges that are easy to slip on and off. They will make your swimsuit look amazing and still provide you with comfort. Throw on your jean shorts after a day at the beach and wear your wedges out for dinner!

We found the perfect pair of wedge sandals to wear with your swimsuit! These come in a few different styles and colors.

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How should a wedge sandal fit?

When trying on any sandal, make sure you are not wearing socks or stockings. You do not want your toes hanging out of the front of the sandal. Make sure the straps are not too tight. Allow a little wiggle room for your foot. Remember that in the summer heat, your feet will swell a little bit. You also do not want the sandal to be too big, or you will be slipping and sliding around in it.

Do wedges make your legs look thinner?

They can make your legs look thinner. They give the illusion of a longer leg and add height to the wearer.

Are wedges considered business casual?

Wedges can be considered business casual in the professional world. Make sure you take into account your company's dress code. Some places do not allow open toe shoes. If this is the case, there are many wedges available that have a closed toe.

In Closing

Wedge sandals look great with almost any outfit that you may wear: swimsuits, wedding gowns, casual outfits, and business attire. Wedges make your legs look awesome as well. You can find many styles and colors. They come with comfortable footbeds for long days and still look stylish. Pair your wedges with a great clutch and costume jewelry to complete your summer outfit.

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