Can You Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans?

Figuring out how to combine and style denim can be tricky at times. Do you have a denim jacket you've been dying to wear but don't know if it will look good with a pair of jeans? For your convenience, we brought you the answer.

You can certainly wear a denim jacket with your jeans. A good way to do this is choosing either a lighter or darker colored denim jacket, so your outfit has some contrast. Styling-wise, we recommend neutral clothing with denim and having fun with your accessories and footwear.

As we begin, we will cover all things denim and will tag some helpful related products. Whether you want to try denim on denim for the first time or need some new ideas, we've got you covered. With that said, let's get right into this post!

A couple wearing denim jacket and jeans, Can You Wear A Denim Jacket With Jeans?

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How Should You Style A Denim Jacket And Jeans?

When it comes to styling a denim jacket with jeans, let your denim speak for itself. For clothing, we recommend simple shirts and blouses that won't take attention away from your pants or jacket.

For footwear, try a pair of chunky heels, boots, or comfortable sneakers to add some flare to your denim on denim look.

Beautiful woman wearing jeans jacket

Different Shades Of Denim

Our first idea for wearing a denim jacket and jeans is this 90s inspired styling. If you aren't sold on the full denim look, trying a different colored jacket and jeans is an easy way to mix things up.

Another detail to note is the simple crop top, which works well with two-toned denim and goes with everything.

This casual knit top is polyester, spandex, and rayon material has a square neck design and comes in black and white.

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On The Go Sneaker Look

Next, we have another casual idea for styling a denim jacket and jeans. Whether you are out for a day with friends or want to meet someone for coffee, throwing on a pair of simple white sneakers is always a good idea.

We also want to note the fun sunglasses and handbag that tie this outfit together nicely.

These high-top sneakers are canvas material, have a rubber sole, and have great reviews from online customers.

Check these sneakers out on Amazon here.

Perfect For A Night Out

Third, we have a denim jacket and jeans idea for a night out. Going with a pair of chunky black heels and matching them to your top and purse is a great way to create a theme for your outfit.

With that said, if you want to throw in a pattern or two, we also think that will work well with denim.

These Chelsea-style boots are soft suede material, three inches, and come in a few different colors.

See these chunky boots on Amazon here.

Should You Get A Light Or Dark Denim Jacket?

Between the two, we think both light and dark denim are good options to have. Like our suggestion, keeping your jacket slightly darker or lighter than your jeans will break things up and give your outfit a stylish, trendy look.

Recently, lighter, "washed" denim jackets are in, so if you want to follow trends, grab a lighter-colored option.

This light jean jacket is a cotton-polyester blend, has a classic button-up design, and comes in two colors.

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What Color Denim Jacket Is Best?

Most times, a classic navy blue denim jacket is the best option. That said, navy blue denim does have an old-school look, which is not for everyone.

If you want to try a navy blue denim jacket but keep it current, try a lighter pair of jeans and throw in some bright accessories or footwear.

This navy blue denim jacket is cotton and spandex, machine washable, and has a button-down design.

See this jacket on Amazon here.

Do Black Denim Jackets Go With Blue Jeans?

If you want to try a black denim jacket with blue jeans, we think this is a great idea. Although the two might sound like an unlikely pairing, black and blue denim surprisingly go well together.

Styling-wise, we recommend keeping it simple with light-colored clothing and bright accessories. For example, a white t-shirt or blouse with your denim is a good way to unify the two colors without distracting from your outfit.

This white t-shirt is polyester, rayon, and spandex, has a lightweight design, and comes in plenty of colors.

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Can You Wear A Black Denim Jacket With Black Jeans?

If you want to try an all-black denim look, we say go for it! Like regular blue denim, wearing a black jacket and jeans is a great way to create a stylish outfit.

We recommend adding fun patterns like animal print to your black denim and even putting on some red lipstick to make your face pop.

This leopard print blouse is a polyester knit material, has some stretch, and comes in various patterns/colors.

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Do Denim Jackets Look Good On Everyone?

When it comes to denim jackets looking good on everyone, we think this is absolutely true. Regardless of your height or size, denim goes with just about everything and is pretty easy to style.

That said, there are plenty of colors and options for denim, so shop around until you find a jacket that suits you.

Should You Size Up In Denim Jackets?

Considering denim can have a bulkier look, we do not recommend sizing up. Denim, in particular, is a stiff material, so you don't want to have too much of it hanging on your body.

If you want to go for an oversized streetwear look, this is when we think choosing a longer jacket is OK, as long as it fits your shoulders and arms well.

This long denim jacket has a soft fabric, distressed look and comes in a few color options.

Check this jacket out on Amazon here.

Are Denim Jackets Flattering?

Beautiful woman on tattered jeans

Most times, we would agree that denim jackets are flattering. Color plays a huge part in how well denim will look on you, so we suggest sticking with darker colors if you want a slimmer look.

Length-wise, we think cropped denim jackets work best for shorter people, while longer styles look good on taller individuals.

Are Denim Jackets Still Trendy?

From what we found, denim jackets are undeniably a classic style staple. Of course, when it comes to them being trendy, we would say denim jackets are still a good choice.

Whether you go with a more current distressed style or stick with a classic navy blue option, denim jackets never seem to fall out of trend.

To Wrap Things Up

When it comes to wearing a denim jacket with jeans, we think this is a great idea. Style-wise, try to keep your other clothing neutral and have some fun with your footwear and accessories.

Another idea for styling a denim outfit is to choose a slightly lighter or darker jacket than your jeans to add contrast to your look.

An example of this would be a black denim jacket with your jeans or vice versa. Regardless, make sure to choose a denim jacket that fits you well, and don't be afraid to mix and match your denim pieces.

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