What Color Shoes Go With A Red Dress?

It can be agreed that all of us ladies love a bold red dress. Whether you wear yours to an evening cocktail party or a fancy date, you always want to look your best. Shoes are an important part of any outfit, especially when the statement garment is a daring red dress. So, for all of you who are stuck trying to find the perfect shoes to match your dress, you are in luck. We looked into this very topic to provide you a list of the best color shoes to wear with a red dress.

There are many shoe color options to pair with a red dress. The following shoe colors all work with a red dress:

  1. Nude/Beige
  2. Gold
  3. Silver
  4. Black
  5. White
  6. Red

The color you pick ultimately depends on your other accessories and your personal style preferences. 

You probably still have some questions about what shoes to wear with a red dress. Keep reading to learn more about the best shoe colors and styles to compliment a red dress.

A woman wearing a red dress and silver shoes, What Color Shoes Go With A Red Dress?

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The Best Color Shoes For A Red Dress

Red is a beautiful color. It comes in many shades and tones. It doesn't matter what kind of red your dress is; the following shoe colors will all work with it. Whether your go-to red dress is a deep ruby, a vibrant crimson, or a classic candy apple red, you can make any of these colors work. So, let's take a look at each one.

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 1. Nude/Beige Shoes 

A woman wearing a long red dress on a white background

A neutral color, like nude or beige, elegantly complements a fabulous red dress. Make sure to choose a nude tone close to your natural skin color. A heel in this color will elongate your legs by creating an effortless flow from your thigh all the way to the bottom of your foot. While a beige flat or strappy sandal creates a cute daytime or work look to make your red dress more casual.

If you want your dress to be the center of the show, then a nude or beige shoe is perfect for you. This color allows your red dress to speak for itself while subtly making your legs look great.

Jessica Simpson Parisah Pumps 

This textured nude heel pairs great with any red dress. The pattern creates an interesting detail without taking the attention away from your bold dress. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

2. Gold Shoes 

A woman wearing a long red dress while holding a clutch bag on a white background

Metallic gold is always an excellent shoe color to pair with a red dress. The combination of classic red and shiny gold creates a feeling of royalty without being over the top. The best thing about gold and red is that any shade of gold looks stylish with any shade of red. You don't need to spend hours searching for the perfect gold shade to match your favorite dress.

The outfit possibilities are endless. Gold pumps take a red cocktail dress to the next level. While a gold gladiator sandal creates a glamorous daytime look with a flowy red dress. Gold is the color for you if you want to add a touch of sparkle to your look.

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Ellie Shoes Cairo Flats 

Here is a cute gladiator-style sandal for a red dress. These casual flats are a great summer shoe to have. You could dress them up or down to fit almost any occasion. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

3. Silver Shoes 

A tall woman wearing high heeled silver shoes

Silver is another great metallic color to match with a red dress. It is very similar to gold in that it creates a glamorous look inspired by royalty. Silver looks good with any hue of red, so no matter the shade of your dress, a silver shoe will match. A strappy silver stiletto and red dress combination creates a red-carpet-worthy look. While a silver sneaker paired with a skater dress can be worn for running errands.

If you can't decide between silver and gold, let your accessories decide for you. Always pair silver shoes with silver jewelry or purses. It is the same with gold. So, if you know you will wear a silver necklace with your red dress, make sure to match it with silver shoes.

Rocket Dog Women's Sneakers 

These fashionable sneakers are a great way to dress down a red outfit to wear during the day. Whether you are running errands or meeting the girls for a weekend lunch, these sneakers will keep you comfortable and looking good in your red dress. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

4. Black Shoes 

A tall woman wearing a short skirt red dress

A classic black shoe is also a great color to pair with a red dress. You probably already have a stylish black heel, boot, or flat in your closet. You may not even have to go shopping. Black shoes pair best with darker red colors. So if you have a burgundy dress, they are a great option.

The stark contrast between red and black is bold and will get noticed. You may want to save your black shoes for evening looks because they may be a little too much for the day.

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Madden Girl Bella Dress Heel 

Here is a versatile black heel you could wear with almost any dress. They would look super cute for a date night when paired with a red dress. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

5. White Shoes 

A tall beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous red dress, What Color Shoes Go With A Red Dress?

White shoes create a fresh look with any red dress. They are a great choice for the spring and summer seasons. What black shoes can do for nighttime, white shoes can do for daytime. They create an interesting contrast against a bold red dress. Unlike black shoes, they add an element of brightness, not darkness.

Steve Madden Slide Sandals 

Here is a stylish daytime sandal. The crisp white color looks great with any shade of red. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

6. Red Shoes 

A tall beautiful woman wearing a red dress and red high heeled sofas

You can wear red shoes with a red dress. It creates a very classy look. But, you must match the red shade of your dress to the red shade of your shoes. If they are different shades, your outfit may look a little off.

Carolyn Stiletto Heels 

These classic stilettos add a touch of elegance to a red dress. The simple design keeps the focus on your red dress while still looking classy. Click here to see them on Amazon. 

How Do You Accessorize A Red Dress?

When it comes to accessorizing a red dress, you have many options. Depending on your personal style, you may want to add a statement necklace, large earrings, or a designer handbag. Always try to make sure your accessories match each other and that you don't mix metals.

Some women prefer to keep their red dress the focus of their look. If you prefer this style, keep your accessories to a minimum, and choose a shoe color based on the information above. A red dress is bold enough to stand on its own, so don't feel obligated to pile on accessories.

What Color Nail Polish Goes With A Red Dress?

Neutral nails are always best to complement a red dress. They let the dress be the center of attention. However, if you want to try something bolder, make sure to match your dress's undertones with your nail color choice.

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Is A Red Dress Appropriate For A Wedding?

Traditionally, red is not to be worn at weddings. It is thought to be too distracting and will draw attention away from the bride. However, times are changing. If you know the bride and groom well, you should be able to use your best judgment to know if wearing a bold color will offend them. If you barely know the couple getting married, maybe try to find a different color to wear. The cut of the dress may be a more important indicator of if it is wedding appropriate. If it is strapless, short, and tight, you might want to save it for a different occasion.

Find The Perfect Shoe!

Now that you know all about what colors match red dresses, it's time to find the perfect shoe. You'll be confidently rocking that bold red dress in no time!

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