Do Leather Pants Run True To Size?

Figuring out what size to get for your pants can be tricky at times. Do you want to purchase a pair of leather pants but don't know if they run true to size? We have done our research to find you the answer.

Leather pants do run true to size but will stretch as you wear them. When you purchase leather pants, it's important to find a pair that fit you well and aren't loose around your waist or legs. Even if you need to choose a smaller size, we think that it is a good idea as long as your pants are comfortable to wear.

As we begin, we will discuss how leather pants should fit and tag some helpful products. Whether you already have a pair or want to get one, it's essential to find leather pants that properly fit your body.

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How Should Leather Pants Fit?

Typically, leather pants should be snug around your waist and accentuate your hips and thighs. Whether your pants are tight or have a straight-leg design, they mustn't be too long or baggy towards the end.

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Should You Size Up Or Down In Leather Pants?

When it comes to sizing up or down leather pants, we would recommend going down in size. Due to leather stretching as it ages, it is better to have your pants be a little tight at first to slow the stretching process a bit.

With that said, we do not suggest choosing leather pants that are hard to breathe or move around in.

How Much Do Leather Pants Stretch?

Most times, leather pants will stretch out a few inches as you wear them. Of course, stretching will depend on how often you wear your pants and how much you wash them.

Real leather, in particular, holds its shape much longer than faux options, so you don't have to worry as much about your pants if they are genuine material.

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Are Leather Pants Comfortable?

Compared to other materials, leather pants are usually softer and more comfortable to wear. This is because of how thick leather is and how smooth it feels to the touch.

Just be aware that leather traps heat, so you might not want to wear your pants if it's hot outside.

LE CRAZE Genuine Leather Pants

These leather pants have a slim-fit design, are genuine Nappa lambskin, and have premium polyester lining.

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How Do You Break In Leather Pants?

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To break your leather pants in, we recommend getting them wet and wearing them around the house for a minute. Make sure to stretch with them on and move around as much as possible so they won't feel uncomfortable the next time you wear them.

Another way to break in your pants is to rub them down with a leather softener or conditioner to encourage a better fit when you have them on. Regular conditioning is a good idea in general for leather pants and will keep them looking good longer.

Leather Honey Conditioner

This leather conditioner is non-toxic, waterproofs, softens, and repairs leather, and is made in the USA.

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How Often Should I Condition Leather Pants?

Generally, we would suggest conditioning your leather pants a few times per year. Regardless of how often you wash and wear your leather pants, it is always good to keep them moisturized.

One of the benefits of keeping your leather well hydrated is that it will keep its shape longer, thus slowing down the natural stretching process.

Can You Wash Leather Pants?

When it comes to washing your leather pants, you can do this similar to any clothing. We recommend handwashing your leather over using a machine, but make sure it's on a cold water setting if you do use a machine.

Warm water loosens the fibers in your clothing and can lead to stretching and leather damage.

How Often Should You Wash Leather?

Depending on how often you wear your leather, we would say keep washing to a minimum. With that said, spot cleaning your leather is a good way to keep it clean between washes and won't cause stretching.

Try only washing your leather pants when it is necessary, or every few times you wear them.

Can You Get Leather Pants Taken In?

An unrecognizable woman wearing a black shirt and leather pants

If your leather pants don't fit, you can certainly have them tailored. Although real leather is smooth and comfortable to wear, it is not always easy to alter.

Saying that, if your pants are too big, bringing in leather is relatively easy to do and shouldn't cost you more than 50$ as long as the alteration is minimal.

How Can I Make My Leather Pants Waist Smaller?

If your leather pants waist is too big and you can't have them altered, there are ways to do this at home. First, try to spray the waist of your leather pants with warm water and toss them into the dryer on a light setting.

Another way to shrink your pants waist is to have them dry cleaned, which might tighten them a bit.

How Long Should Leather Pants Be?

Generally, leather pants should be long enough to reach your ankles. Considering that leather pants stretch as they age, it is important to choose ones that aren't too long in the first place.

Even if you go with a pair that falls slightly above your ankles, we think that is fine because they will stretch out a bit.

Premium Genuine Lamb Leather Jeans

These premium leather pants have soft nylon lining, five pockets and promise a comfortable fit.

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Should I Size Up In Leather Leggings?

For anyone with leather leggings, we would not recommend sizing up. Like leather pants, leggings also stretch the more you wear them, so we don't think choosing a bigger size will look good.

Even going down a size might be a good idea if you want your leggings to keep their shape longer.

Do Leather Pants Look Good On Everyone?

Regardless of your size or style, we think leather pants will look good on everyone. For the most part, leather pants have a sexy look and do a good job of making your legs look slimmer.

Whether you are tall or short, leather pants are a good choice if you want to spice things up.

Stretchy High-Waisted Skinny Leather Pants

These high-waisted pants are 100% lamb, have an elastic waistband, and promise to be comfortable.

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What Should I Wear With Leather Pants?

We think sweaters, form-fitting tops, heels, and boots are all good choices when styling leather pants. Typically, leather pants have a more high-fashion look, so your other clothing needs to match that energy.

Of course, you can always try a comfortable look with your leather pants, but we still suggest wearing a stylish pair of shoes.

VICHYIE Sleeveless Basic Cami Top

This sleeveless top is polyester and spandex, lightweight, hand wash only, and comes in plenty of color options.

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Milwaukee Leather Women's Black Boots

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Does Faux Leather Fit Like Regular Leather?

Most times, yes, faux leather should fit similar to the real thing. That said, faux leather is much thinner than real, so stretching happens faster than it would with genuine material.

Size-wise, you should probably go down slightly for faux leather pants because they won't keep their shape as long as real ones will.

Is Faux Leather As Good As Real Leather?

Between the two, real leather will always be better quality than a faux option. One of the benefits of wearing faux/vegan leather is that no animals are harmed, so in that respect, they are better.

Although faux leather is not the same as real, your pants should hold out a few years if you choose a thick, high-quality option.

KENDALL + KYLIE Women's Vegan Leather Cropped Tie Waist Pant

This pair of vegan leather pants is polyurethane and polyester material, classic-fit, dry-clean only, and comes in two colors.

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To Wrap Things Up

Whether you have a pair of leather pants or plan to get some, it is essential to know if they run true to size. From what we found, although leather pants will run true to size, they do stretch the more you wear them. Regardless of how careful you are in your leather, it is inevitable your pants will stretch a few inches as time goes on.

When it comes to taking care of leather, we recommend regularly using a conditioner or softener to keep them in good condition. Regardless of how often you wear your leather pants, make sure to wash them in cold water, and don't be afraid to have them altered if they are too big in the waist.

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