Which Finger To Wear Pearl Ring?

Pearl rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry. But deciding which finger to wear your pearl ring on can feel awkward. Whether you are using it as a statement piece of jewelry or just as an accessory, finger placement is key. We have looked into this very topic and found the answer and our best recommendation to give you.

When it comes down to which finger you should be wearing a pearl ring on, it is completely circumstantial. If your pearl ring is acting as an engagement ring, wear it on your ring finger just as you typically would. For non-engagement placement on all genders, wear it on the little finger on your right hand. This is going to be the finger closest to your pinky and is best suited for a more fragile pearl ring. 

Wearing a pearl ring is very stylish and on-trend, but pearl as a material is extremely fragile. As we dive into this very topic, we are going to show you exactly where and how to showcase that beautiful pearl ring. We'll also discuss what pearls symbolize, whether or not you can wear one every day, and more. So be sure to keep reading.

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On Which Finger To Wear Your Pearl Ring

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Pearl rings do tend to have smaller bands and will not fit on larger fingers in most situations. Wearing this ring on your non-dominant hand and on a smaller finger will protect it and be much more comfortable for you.

Or, as we mentioned above, if the pearl ring is your engagement ring, wear it on your left ring finger. In Western countries, the left ring finger is the widely accepted finger for engagement bands. This custom dates back to ancient Rome. The fourth finger on the left hand is said to have a vein that runs straight to the heart, known as the "vein of love."

Clare White Pearl Ring

This ring is a standard pearl style and is made by Clare White. The pearl is between 6 and 7 mm and sits on a carefully-crafted sterling silver band. Pearl rings average between $100 to $500 retail and are a great affordable alternative to diamonds or other gemstones.

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What Does A Pearl Ring Symbolize?

Often referred to as a ring of promise and sincerity, a pearl is a very soft and elegant style of jewelry. Known for symbolizing peace and harmony as well, pearl makes for a great promise ring to the person you love. Typically, when buying a pearl ring, you are planning to give it to someone very important to you. Pearls do come in as a mid-tier cost option for rings but can definitely go up in value depending on the final design of your ring.

Their Meaning

As seen in the image above, stones and earthly materials have a very powerful meaning. They definitely prove to be interesting, too. A cool takeaway from this excerpt is that pearl brings wealth and good luck, which may trigger you to wear it to the casino (just us?). Pearl is also a very healing material and is said to bring peace at tumultuous times, which we are all in need of.

Pearl Promise Ring

This pearl ring is worn as more of a promise ring and incorporates other materials. Pearl is easy to match with other stones and diamonds, making it a great pick for special occasions. Deciding on a pearl promise ring can be a cost-effective and sincere gift to yourself or others.

Pearl Engagement Ring

Pearls make for unique engagement rings. If you don't want a classic diamond, this makes for a great alternative. This specific ring is a larger pearl wrapped with diamonds that work as a frame to the pearl. Nothing says "I Love You" like a beautiful engagement ring.

14K White Gold And Pearl Engagement Ring

This is a simple wedding ring design that incorporates gold and diamonds as well as a cut pearl.

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What Does It Mean When A Woman Wears A Ring On Her Middle Finger?

When a woman decides to wear her ring on her middle finger, it is because she is most likely not married. Wearing your ring on your middle finger symbolizes independence and can be translated as a powerful gesture. When you wear a ring on your middle finger, it allows for more visibility and attention to your jewelry. Many women also decide to showcase a family heirloom or special ring on their middle finger because of its importance.

Did you know that ring placement could symbolize so much? Check out the image below for the symbolism of each finger:

Can You Wear A Pearl Ring Every Day?

Wedding ring used at the wedding ceremony

Wearing a pearl ring every day can seem like a good idea, but most likely is not. Pearl is a very volatile and fragile material that does not age well in daily life. Wearing a pearl to work or school increases the chances of damage and wear to your pearl ring. That is not to say you can never wear it, but it is probably best to choose appropriate and safe environments in which to wear your ring.

It is also said that pearls react very negatively to chemicals and acids, so it is best to steer clear of those. Although pearls are so fragile, you can still maintain their beauty for years to come if you store them safely and clean them with the correct products. Check out the following 3 safe cleaning products for your pearl ring:

Gentle Jewelry Cleaner Solution

This extra-gentle, pearl-friendly cleaner comes from Sparkle Essentials and promises to safely clean pearl jewelry. You want to check the product's ingredients and materials it is intended for before you rub it all over your precious pearl jewelry.

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Ultrasonic Professional Jewelry Cleaner

Our next gentle jewelry cleaning option comes from the company Homblze and promises to gently and safely clean jewelry. This product follows a touchless technology that may end up saving you time and potential damage if done by hand.

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W.J. Hagerty Pearl Clean

This gentle pearl clean from W.J. Hagerty is solely intended to be used on pearls. Solely focusing on pearl jewelry does make this cleanser stand out because it is created to strictly maintain and preserve pearl.

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In Closing

Wearing a pearl ring on the appropriate finger can surprisingly be much more symbolic than we thought. There is not technically a wrong way to wear a pearl ring, but you may end up sending the wrong message depending on your ring placement. Men and women have been wearing pearls forever and with this style only becoming more popular, we do not see the hype dwindling. Whether you are gifting a pearl ring to your mom or your partner, it will make for a truly meaningful gesture.

Remember to be gentle with your pearls and choose the correct cleaner to preserve their timeless beauty. We do not suggest wearing your pearl ring every day as it will be susceptible to daily wear and tear. Try switching up finger placements and wear your ring on special or at least safe occasions.

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